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I do not generally watch creepy shows (which means television is pretty much limited to the Saints, Alabama and the news shows in October!) but my daughter liked this Sleepy Hollow show that just started.  I was ignoring it straightway when the Ichabod Crane character says in response to his arrest something to the effect of you can’t do this – by what authority do you do this thing!  Only God gives us our rights and government cannot take it away!

I said Hmmmm….

Then Crane says, holding a cup of coffee in his hand, something to the effect of “How do you tolerate a ten percent levy on coffee!  We went to war over a two percent tax on tea!”

I jumped up and said:  I like that guy!  (Wait until Crane finds out about the Bloomberg soda ban!  I don’t want to be around for that!)

And Crane is fiercely patriotic:  Loyal to General Washington and all that!  (He’s actually a British subject but is loyal to the Revolution.  I really like this guy!)

So I looked around for a bit of authority in the blogs and found this article at Breitbart:

FOX’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is Ridiculous, Spirited and Tea Party Friendly

Here’s what I hope I see from this show:

Another aspect to the show to love is Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane who is thrust into the future with that famous headless horseman. He’s against tyranny, enslavement and taxes! He’s a wonderful fish out of water and it’ll be great to see the writers contrast him with the politically correct and government heavy twenty first century. Fingers crossed that they don’t mess it up and keep him a fun and stern, freedom-loving “Captain America” to foil with today’s more liberal and/ or fascist populace of Occupy Wall Street, scheming career politicians and war mongers.

Try this from Den of Geek (Thanks fellow geek and super writing!):

However, it is not all hellfire and brimstone. Mison and Beharie’s best chemistry moments still revolve around his fish out of water befuddlements in 21st century life. Take the scene where he looks at the receipt for a donut. Over four dollars, plus an eight percent tax! Ichabod demands to know why Americans are not protesting in the streets over this umbrage. Abbie rolls her eyes and threatens to send him to an asylum, readjusting him back to the show’s plot, but I couldn’t help but wonder how much more interesting it would be for a real colonial revolutionary to go down this rabbit hole. Imagine Ichabod taking his case to the press? He’d be in front of Tea Party rallies by Friday and have his own Fox News show on Monday. Now, THAT would be different. Of course, they’d tar and feather Ichabod when he revealed that he was an Oxford Professor who believes in a secular government…

Some Tea Party people I know prefer a secular government; they are not socially conservative at all.  But they are a minority!  Try this at the Daily Caller:

First, there is his constant talk of liberty. In the first episode, while explaining why he, a Brit, defected to serve under General George Washington, he matter-of-factly notes “the rule of tyranny betrayed the weight of his conscience,” while wearing his revolutionary blue coat and looking like one of the eager, costumed Tea Partiers milling about at a conservative confab.


This liberty-minded view continues in the second episode, which premiered Monday, with a line most often heard from Second Amendment supporters. Ichabod protests, “As a free man, any law that takes away my God-given right serves neither God nor its own design.” God-given rights? Laws infringing on those rights? Ichabod could give the opening speech at an NRA convention.

We’ll see how the writing goes…

[Blogger’s note:  I inadvertently published this in draft before I was ready so I had to pull it!  Now it’s ready!]


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