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WTO AGAIN rules AGAINST the UNITED STATES! This time COUNTRY of ORIGIN LAWS! TIME to SAY to the WTO: (Keep it CLEAN, Sandy!) “In the Name of God, GO!”

Thanks again to the Humble Libertarian and the Daily Paul and this article here for this disturbing development, courtesy of the sovereignty-killer World Trade Organization (WTO).  The WTO has ruled that the US could not enforce our country of origin laws lest we be subject to a legal punitive tariff:

The original meat labeling law passed as part of the 2002 farm bill and was expanded in the 2008 farm bill to apply to other foods like fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Canada, Mexico, and several other countries filed a complaint regarding the policy with the WTO in December 2008 calling the popular consumer measure a “disguised” barrier to trade. The organization initially ruled in their favor in November 2011, but the U.S. filed an appeal in March 2012. Today, a WTO  tribunal made up of three trade officials ruled that the U.S. law is a violation of the WTO’s legally binding “Technical Barrier to Trade” agreement. The ruling is final. If the United States does not gut or change the law, the WTO can apply punitive sanctions, usually in the form of tariffs on U.S. exports. The ruling also casts into doubt the WT0-legality of other popular labeling laws.

This is not the first time the WTO has meddled in our internal business.  They ruled against dolphin-safe tuna, and also candy-flavored cigarettes.  The WTO also famously ruled against the so-called Byrd Amendment (This simple law allowed the Federal Government to allocate anti-dumping [imports of a certain item at a unreasonably low price to gain a trade advantage] fines among the victims of the dumping as compensation.) and the spectacle of the EU superintending our legal process to make sure we obeyed the WTO’s mandate.  It’s time to invoke the clause in the WTO that says:  With six months notice we can withdraw from the WTO.

There is no trade purpose in regulating a LABEL (we were not even banning non-dolphin-safe tuna) on a can of tuna.  I might not agree with dolphin-safe but others have a right to say I want to only buy that kind of tuna.  How dare Mexico interfere!  Here’s an excerpt from a summary of the WTO’s decision:

“…the Panel found that Mexico had demonstrated that the US dolphin-safe labelling provisions are more trade-restrictive than necessary to fulfil the legitimate objectives of (i) ensuring that consumers are not misled or deceived about whether tuna products contain tuna that was caught in a manner that adversely affects dolphins  and (ii) contributing to the protection of dolphins, by ensuring that the US market is not used to encourage fishing fleets to catch tuna in a manner that adversely affects dolphins, taking account of the risks non-fulfilment would create. The Panel’s conclusion was based on the following two findings: (i) the findings that the US dolphin-safe labelling provisions only partly address the legitimate objectives pursued by the United States and (ii) the finding that Mexico had provided the panel with a less trade restrictive alternative capable of achieving the same level of protection of the objective pursued by the US dolphin-safe labelling provisions.

So, Mexico is now going to decide the wisdom of our laws?  Or a panel of three on an international agency?  We need to say NO.  This is obvious meddling.

Now it is true we use the WTO too.  So I propose this policy be set down:

1.  We get out of the WTO and refuse to obey ANY edicts that regulate purely domestic matters. (That goes for the NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, too!)

2.  We announce that any WTO tariffs will be met by our own retaliation since we are no longer bound by the WTO.

3.  We dismiss every suit brought by us in the WTO and apologize for bringing them.

4.  We consider referrals to the WTO against us an unfriendly act and pass a law similar to the one concerning the International Criminal Court I blogged on several days ago prohibiting US cooperation with the WTO.

5.  We encourage other nations to get out of the WTO.  We will sign bilateral trade agreements with any nation that seeks it on a basis fair to both nations.

The Constitution must be the Supreme Law of the Land (next to the Bible most dear!) and any international organization or treaty that binds the US to the will of foreigners must be repealed immediately.  Let me say to all the outraged folks out there wringing their hands in frustration:  You could have done something about it:  Ron Paul was on the ballot in your state.  But many were afraid to vote for him:  He’s a kook.  He loves Iran.  He hates Israel.  He can’t win.

Well, now you have a choice:  Be in ignorance about the nation your meat comes from, or fight for your national sovereignty.  Time to say to the WTO what Oliver Cromwell said to the Long Parliament:  “In the name of God, go!”

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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