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You Are My Hero, Cong. Massie. Keep It Up!

The Other Members of Congress Should Have Stayed In Town Until Business Was Done! So Stop Whining!

Those words were my tweet back to the Congressman from Kentucky Thomas H. Massie. There are many reasons for this:

Massie voted against the 2017 Russia sanctions, twitting that the nation did not need another cold war.

Here’s a fascinating and fair article about Massie’s penchant for voting NO (Ron Paul voted NO so often on principle that he was called “Dr. No”.):

Why Massie voted ‘no’

Of 823 votes cast so far this year, Massie voted yes 499 times and he voted no 324 times, according to a Gannett Washington Bureau analysis. The analysis relied on a vote database maintained by the Washington Post.

The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2014 authorized about $552 billion for national defense programs and another $85.8 billion for Afghanistan and other overseas contingency operations. It passed the House on June 14, 2013 by a vote of 315-108.

Why Massie voted no: Among other things, he objected to a provision that preserves the ability of the government to detain indefinitely American citizens suspected of terrorist activity.


The United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 would bolster cooperation between the U.S. and Israel on a number of fronts, including defense, cyber-security, energy and trade. The measure cleared the House by a vote of 410-to-1 on March 5, 2014. The Senate has not taken up the measure yet.

Why Massie voted no: Massie said this bill would have subsidized green energy companies in Israel. He said he wouldn’t support subsidies for American green energy companies, let alone foreign ones.

A $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the federal government for fiscal year 2014. The measure softened across-the-board budget cuts and came after a bitter fiscal fight that sparked a government shutdown. The measure passed the House 359-to-67 on Jan. 15, 2014, and the Senate approved it the next day.

Why Massie voted no: Massie said the bill exceeded agreed-to budget cuts – trading “spending increases in 2014 and 2015 for spending reductions in 2022 and 2023.

Congressman Massie also introduced a bill to abolish the Federal Department of Education:

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie’s bill is only a page long, after merely stating the Department of Education would terminate on Dec. 31, 2018.

Massie believes that policymakers at the state and local levels should be responsible for education policy, instead of a federal agency that’s been in place since 1980.

AMEN! A Federal Department of Ed is not authorized under the enumerated powers of the central government. Massie also is skeptical of climate change (I think climate change is possible and even likely but the solution: World government is unacceptable.) but drives an electric car and has electric power on his ranch – off the grid even – via solar panels:

Yet 47-year-old Massie and his family tread lightly on the earth, perhaps even more so than many self-proclaimed environmentalists. He and his family live in an off-the-grid house topped with 57 solar panels and made with wood and stone from his farm.

Conversely, he does not want government to get in the way. Kentucky power companies had pushed lawmakers in the just-ended legislative session to lower the credit solar users get for selling surplus energy back to the grid. Massie said he would not have supported such a bill, although he explained that it would not have affected his house because it is off the grid; the bill is a state issue; and he had not read the bill in detail.

There are too many state issues debated and legislated at the Federal level. Massie also did this – from the satanic bible (Washington Post) itself:

H. Res. 156, which passed 416 to 1 (with Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, as the sole nay), “condemns [Russian President] Vladimir Putin and his regime for targeting political opponents and covering up the assassination of Boris Nemtsov” and lists steps to be taken by the U.S. government to counter the impunity of those behind the murder. They include supporting the oversight process recently launched at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, preparing a report on the circumstances of the assassination, and sanctioning those responsible under the Magnitsky Act.

Massie voted NO (only one) on the Hong Kong human rights act and I think I would have too with this language from Axios:

The proposal would require annual reviews of Hong Kong’s special status under U.S. law, during which officials would assess how much China has encroached on the city’s autonomy.

I can’t very well say the US should not constitutionally be required to give a report to foreigners and then have us compile a report on a foreign nation.

Massie voted no on the Uighur sanctions act:

Thomas [email protected] I voted no tonight on the UIGHUR Act (sanctions against China) for the same reason I voted no in the Hong Kong bill two weeks ago: When our government meddles in the internal affairs of foreign countries, it invites those governments to meddle in our affairs.

I am concerned about the Uighur situation BUT there might be better ways to solve it than more sanctions that tend to hurt innocents in nations where they have little or no say in their own government, e.g. Iran.

I am not sure I agree with Thomas Massie on abolishing the EPA, although there are environmental laws that need reform. I also am troubled by his efforts against gold medals for people like golfer Jack Nicklaus – I see the issue but it has been established by tradition and it is neither excessive spending nor excessive adulation.

I think it is not unreasonable to require a roll call vote on this bill and the members should have stayed in DC until the job was done: The bill was passed.

Rather than kick Cong. Massie out of the GOP, let’s seek more of his kind. What Congress needs is about 500 more Thomas Massie’s and maybe we could talk about balancing the budget and paying off the national debt.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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  1. Yes, Massie is probably the best Congressman this Country has had since James Madison was a congressmen from Virginia during 1789


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