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The Young Turks:  Kwasi Kaerteng, Savid Javid, Louise Bagshawe, Rory Stewart, Steven Baker and the “honorary” YT David Nuttall all voted as follows on the prisoner votes motion:

Yes (against prisoner voting)

Steven Baker

David Nutall

Kwasi Kwarteng

Savid Javid

These did not vote on the motion:

Rory Stewart

Louise Bagshawe

The only reference to a YT in Hansard (think Congressional Record) was a question from David Nuttall to the Attorney General:

Mr David Nuttall (Bury North) (Con): In answer to the Court’s concerns, may I point out that criminals in this country choose of their own free will to commit serious crimes, and they know that, if they are found guilty and sent to prison, they will lose their right to vote?

Here was the Attorney General’s (Dominic Grieve QC MP) response:

The Attorney-General: That is a very good argument, and it might be helpful to me if I ever have to stand up in front of the European Court of Human Rights to explain the reasoning of the United Kingdom Parliament.

I am not sure if this is a legitimate compliment or a touch of sarcasm!

I did not find any reference to my idea that the British courts should be shorn of jurisdiction to hear prisoners’ vote cases.  But there was an intriguing alternative in the debate:

Sir Peter Bottomley: Would it not be best, therefore, to set the penalty at the cost of a bottle of House of Commons Speaker’s whisky, which is £20, and then to limit the legal aid to the sum that could be gained, or the case would be dropped?

Richard Drax: My hon. Friend is much more learned than I am, and he makes an interesting point.

Sir Peter Bottomley is a Tory MP from Worthing West.  Richard Drax is another Tory from South Dorset.  But the oratorical honours for me goes to the very end when Conservative MP Dominic Raab from Esher and Walton was pleading the case for a sovereign Parliament.  You will find it at Hansard at Column 582 for February 10, 2011.  Here are two short excerpts:

The fact is that we face a serious abuse of power-there is no other word for it. I therefore want to put this question to the House: how perverse would a Strasbourg ruling have to be before we, as British lawmakers, stood up for the national interest and our prerogatives as democratic lawmakers? If not now, on prisoner voting, when? I make this prediction: if we do not hold the line here, today, there will be worse to come-far worse-in the years ahead.  *  *  *  It is time that we drew a line in the sand and sent this very clear message back: this House will decide whether prisoners get the vote, and this House makes the laws of the land, because this House is accountable to the British people. I commend the motion to the House.

If not now when?  Sound familiar?  That is a common quote attributed to Robert F. Kennedy.  But according to barrypopik at RedState, it echoes Ronald Reagan!  (The 40th President said, “…if not us, who, if not now, when?” to call for budget cuts.  That is supremely ironic.  However, barrypopik also says President Obama used a similar expression to justify Obamacare!  OOPS!)

Sandy from the former colonies says RAH (or is it HERE!  HERE!) to MP Raab for his elegant and forceful defense of liberty and sovereignty.  (Thanks to ConservativeHome for the tally!)


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