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Youthful Inspiration for the Republican Party

By Michael Couvillion

Who are those with principles in the evolving Republican Party?  The youth!  It is the older generation which finds fascination with grand oratory and great hair.  Please, look only to the recent gathering at CPAC 2011 for the required evidence.  The young, who created record attendance at this conservative event, seek no apologetics; they are interested only in a hard and sometimes painful truth without hypocrisy and contradiction.  After listening in on hundreds of conversations at the conference, and being involved in quite a few as well, it is quite easy for me to consider this distinction of ideas to be outright obvious.


In what way do the youth exhibit principle when older Republicans do not?  They apply the same formula in their interpretation of warfare as they do welfare.  That is principle.  They place as much importance upon how tax presents itself in inflation as it does in income.  That is principle.  They understand the potential dangers of the Patriot Act similar to the way in which they foresee the perils of growing gun control.  That is principle.


“What did you think of this speech or that by this fellow here or there; how well was it delivered and received?” was questioning indicative of the importance of politics placed by the older crowd at CPAC.  “What do you think of monetary policy, the income tax, the department of education, foreign policy, and free market economics?” were topics more explored by the youth.  At 8:00 on Friday night the older folks were devoting time and cake to the distant memory of a deficit building Ronald Reagan in the Delaware Ballroom of the Marriott Wardman, while the youth were not so far away in the Maryland Ballroom exploring grandly profound ideas of true conservatism—the conservation of human liberty and justice.


Jack Hunter, who has a true interest in conserving those things which are most vital to our prosperous coexistence, was there in the Maryland Ballroom from The American Conservative; he spoke in a most recognizable voice about extraordinary ideas which have the capability of inducing a truly positive transformation in this country and beyond.  Only the young people were listening.  They also cheered vehemently as a result of such intellectual stimulation as monetary policy discussion, which the older crowd is only beginning to understand.


The youth may be easily discounted by many as naïve—they could be chalked up as suffering from the ignorance of inexperience.  But, where are the ideas and imagination which might cause positive transformation?  By what evidence might you consider the words of politicians such as Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Tim Pawlenty as anything but empty rhetoric?  This country is in a pain induced by debt, and remedies from the Republican Presidential “contenders” are nowhere to be found.


Upon taking interest in presently youthful principles—which are not at all new if you only seek a less indebted and truly conservative American past—answers may be found.  It is in the interest of the Party, the country, and the people that the meanderingly mindless ideas of the status quo should be dispensed and that principles be placed in the remaining void.  It is not so hard as it may seem; for, the ideas of relentless freedom are those which inspire the most encouraged enthusiasts.  It is necessary, only, to look at those young people from CPAC who have been motivated to unite in an effort to recreate this country by way of their unapologetic reason, logic, and passion.  The solution, now, is in the youth.


2 Responses to “Youthful Inspiration for the Republican Party”

  1. Antonio Maceo says:

    The Conservative movement was co-opted by the neo-cons, who have done nothing, but meddle in the politics of foreign governments and make this country less safe.

    It’s time we END the WARS, End the Dept. of Education and get out Monetary policy back in order. We need to get back to the task of making sure we are the greatest freest ation on this planet. If we do not our grandchildren will be learning to speak Chinese in order to compete in the world market as the U.S. will no longer be #1.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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