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Zen and the Art of Mob Justice: Eric Holder

A day before terrorists stormed the undefended and unfunded walls of an American Embassy in Libya, apologies were made in Egypt with regard to a hateful video, which no one had seen, nor cared to see, as a pretext for… well… whatever might happen that night or the following day on September 11th.

Today, if there were a video message to convince both communities and law enforcement agencies that cooling current tensions could successfully be done during a growing threat of social tension – this video from Attorney General Eric Holder is the message furthest from.


The genius here, if you’ve failed to grasp it, is that he hasn’t actually said anything, though he meant to say a great deal. He hopes those who side with him understand what he means, while he hopes that those who would be horrified by intentions miss it all.

Logicians, Political Science majors, and Law Students… please, watch this video again and take notes. We know this video was put out purposefully and timely ahead of a grand jury announcement regarding the death of an unarmed black teenager gunned down by some white cop. So, the responsibility for civility, leading toward the breaking dawn of some calm before the storm is… all on law enforcement.

Remember, all citizens who are peacefully protesting, that have registered legally to hold protests, that are showing up anonymously to legally registered demonstrations, the people that have trained to fight the police (including training against tear gas attacks), the murders and racists who are calling for the murder of white cops, racists calling for the murder of whites, and anti-capitalist racists looking to target white businesses, are all labeled under the term “protesters”.

While law enforcement must prioritize “planning and preparation, from evaluating protocols and training, to choosing the appropriate equipment and uniforms”, the protesters are serving to bring “vital interests to the attention of the public at large”. Really?

Peaceful protests like the ones about to take place in Ferguson, Missouri, “have the potential to spark a sustained and positive national dialogue, to provide momentum to a necessary conversations, and to bring about critical reform”. REALLY?

When a police officer is violently attacked in his police car and he defends himself, it is important to remember that it is the responsibility of the police officer, and every other police officer that looks like him (if the officer is white) to “reform”.

What are these “vital conversations” and important subject matters that our Attorney General fears may be tarnished by violent protesters?

I’ve watched this video a dozen times – and I am certain that this man is deliberately saying nothing; and yet he draws a comparison between possible “peaceful” protests in Ferguson to the Civil Rights Movement. Any violence is likely the fault of police failing to properly choose the “appropriate equipment and uniforms”. He wants us to believe that there is some deep and important impetus behind the chaos certain to ensue – yet, he never says what that impetus actually is. So what is he actually saying? Most police are good and most protesters are good and the issues behind current tensions are good, so don’t anyone do anything bad… I suppose, is the meaning, of our AG’s message to America.

Frankly, there are not enough drugs available in this country to blur the reality staring us in the face. We are about to witness acts of force against innocent Americans in the honor of a cause no higher than that of mob-justice and insanity, and the highest administrator of the integrity of our laws issues this message? Please, tell me our country expects better. Tell me that no one else has seen this video and that ignorance is the cause of our apathy.

If there is violence in Ferguson – I lay responsibility in the lap of the men who lit the damn fuse in the first place. I blame President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, and the tax-fraud Al Sharpton. Just remember that this was the diplomatic message of our government. This was the best they could offer to cool the tempers of an intemperate mob.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

3 Responses to “Zen and the Art of Mob Justice: Eric Holder”

  1. Gene Lefty says:

    “The Hitchhiker”

    No, no, no, George Bush 43′ “lit the damn fuse in the first place”, by running this country into the groud like never before. Turned our economy into a vast and vacant wilderness. A waste land where the buzzards circled what was once America before Bush 43′ burnt it down. Burnt down the middle-class to, clean down to the ground.

    And then, when all seemed just about to be lost, along comes a “hitchhiker”. A political “hitchhiker” by the name of Barrack Hussein Obama who needed a ride up the mountain to the top. A “hitchhiker” like never seen before.

    So the American people who are desperate and lost in that economic wilderness that Bush 43” created, seeing this man all dressed in “hope and change”, slam on the brakes hard, open the drivers door wide, and say, “Please Hussein”, don’t ride in the back, “you take the wheel”! We will ride in the back, while you lead us on a journey out of the wilderness. A journey of “hope and change”!

    “John Boy” Tucker, you can’t write a lick. Is Tom getting a government subsidy to let you play with his word processor? What’s the pay out here?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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