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The Rubes of the Republican Party

Brian Schoenaman, of Bearing Drift, has just published an amazing defense of McConnell and Boehner entitled, Tired of Being Lied to? Blame Yourself. I really don’t feel like quoting his article, but I recommend that everyone read it (and read the comments!). I’m not necessarilly trying to drive Bearing Drift traffic, but at the end of the day, if you don’t know your enemy, you’ll never defeat them. Know your enemy.

The ultra-condensed version of his admittedly well-written piece is this: that if conservatives were stupid enough to believe that giving the Republican Party the House of Represenatives and a less than 60 Senator majority in the Senate was going to result in any action whatever while Obama remains in the White House, that’s a them problem. They drank the koolaid and thought that a Republican Congress actually could do something to defeat the Obama Agenda. Like children, conservatives deluded themselves into buying into the rhetoric of dishonest and disreputible politicians like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, and have no one but themselves to blame for their current disappointment.

So, here is my question – why are any of us voting for Republicans?

The country is infected with a cancer and the Republican Party is a Party of BandAid’s. Honestly, what’s the point?

I think the most important thing to take away from the Schoenaman piece is this – that conservatives and constitutionalists really are foolish for thinking that this Republican Party will ever represent or fight for them. Not only won’t they represent you, but they are laughing at you. They think you are all a gaggle of overly-emotional rubes who, regardless of how they treat you, will vote for their candidates anyway.

How many of us voted for McCain? I did. How many of us voted for Romney? I did.

That’s all they know and that’s all they care about. They think we’ll vote for whichever Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, K-Street Republican they nominate to represent the Republican Party. Unless I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, Jeb Bush will pick Kasich to serve as VP so that the stellar, enlightened, folk in Ohio, who have given us John Boehner will show up en masse for Bush in November. They have no doubt in their minds that we won’t show up too, because that’s what we’ve always done. We’ve always felt that things are so bad and that the Democrats are so dangerous, that we’d vote for any Republican, no matter how much we hate them. We have. But……

I’m out.

I’m done.

McCain is running around calling conservatives “Crazies” and Romney is spending all his time figuring out how to get rid of Mike Lee.

I know it seems like if the Democrats keep the White House for four more years, the country is done; but George W. Bush held the White House for 8 years and the Democrat Agenda moved foward anyway. The economy collapsed and the Democrats won the Congress. Only Democrats can accomplish legislation without a 60 Senator majority.

Your Republican Party despises you. Frankly, I am wondering how in hell we can wake up in the morning and respect ourselves if we cast another vote for one of their establishment pawns. I know I can’t.

How about you?

Every time we cast a vote for a Republican, we’re casting a vote for this guy. Mississippi. Remember? I do.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

35 Responses to “The Rubes of the Republican Party”

  1. The Derecho says:

    First time I can recall a Hokie actually getting something right.

  2. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Hokies are always right! 🙂

    • The Derecho says:

      Except when it comes to graduates from the engineering school engaging in highway design and their differentiation between women and bovine breeding stock.

  3. Tom White says:

    Schoenaman is a prime example of what is wrong with the Republican Party. He is as Progressive and liberal as Obama and yet somehow thinks he is a Republican. He is the embodiment of the cuckold Republican class that is as clueless as they are smug. Nothing of value comes out of his mouth – or off his keyboard. HE is the perfect example to point to to let your kids know to do the opposite. A waste of good air.
    Tom White recently posted…The Rubes of the Republican PartyMy Profile

    • Paul Thiel says:

      I agree with Tom White. Schoenaman is as Republican as Obama and has no “nuggets” to stand up against him just like Boehner and McConnell!

    • Brian Schoeneman

      Glad to see that I’m still living rent free in your head, Tom “I hate everyone who’s not” White.

      I’m a Republican, always have been, always will be. What I’m not is a racist, a rube or fool.

      • Tom White says:

        Sorry, Brian. You are no Republican. You are as Liberal as the day is long. And everyone knows you are a rube and fool. Not sure why you think racist is in play. And everyone knows you are as wrong as you are opinionated. I generally like people until they give me a reason not to. And you gave me a reason not to.
        Tom White recently posted…Our Watcher’s Council Nominations – Pieces In Our Time EditionMy Profile

        • Brian Schoeneman

          The reason I have you not to was because I don’t like nativists and racists, and I think they’re going to kill our party.

          You are one of them. You’re using the same language as the worst racists I’ve seen in a long time. So I’m glad you’ve walked away from the Republican party and I hope you stay out for good.

          As for my politics, I’m a Republican and always have been. I’m no liberal, and my record demonstrates that.

          • Tom White says:

            I don’t like nativists or racists either. And I am particularly offended by asshats like you that throw those words around as if you knew what they mean. You apparently don’t know the meaning of the words. I have always supported legal immigration. I DO NOT support illegal entry into this country. Get your facts straight before you start calling someone nativist or racist. And I do not support amnesty for those who ignored our laws. They need to get in line like everyone else. Legally. We are a nation of laws and if we allow people to break our laws, the country cannot survive. The whole idea of amnesty and this asinine name calling you and your ilk hide behind is a plot to enslave the illegal population and exploit them for cheap labor for your buddies at the Chamber of Commerce. Anyone that uses the terms nativist or racist in the context you do are themselves racists and slave masters. But of course your motive might not be exploitation of illegals, you might be in line with your pals Obama and Reid who are working to exploit the votes of illegals to further subvert the country.

            Pussies like you are the type that spit on our Vietnam Vets and undermine our nation at every turn. I have no doubt that you would have been right beside Kerry protesting. At least Kerry managed to serve this country in the military so cowards like you are free to spew your bullshit.

            And I truly despise Progressive cowards who pretend to be Republicans like you. Three time loser. How much do you pay people to be your friend? Because you have absolutely no heart and no soul.

            I feel sorry for you. You probably have a mental condition because of your ungainly and awkward Big Bird-like appearance. Have you thought about mental help? You truly need it. I should cut you some slack because of your issues, but I won’t.

            I would bet my bottom dollar you play World of Warcraft. I have seen that cause your mental condition. You lose touch with reality. Grow up, dipstick.
            Tom White recently posted…What is the Republican Party? And What is Our Place in that Party?My Profile

          • Brian Schoeneman

            I know what those words mean, Tom. You, apparently, seem willing to use words you don’t understand.

            Take the klan robes off and start talking sense.

            You can’t even keep your own talking points straight. I’m the liberal union thug, not the Chamber of Commerce acolyte, right?

            As for the rest – there are a lot of people laughing at you. Can you hear them?

          • Rivahmitch says:

            So that means that as a “Republican” you believe in nothing except electing candidates who stand for nothing.

        • Paul Thiel says:

          Tom, I was thinking the same thing-how in the heck did he stretch your comments into racism. He surely is a flaming liberal as these are tactics the liberal left always uses! Take the focus off the real issues -but clowns like him have no clue why a Donald Trump is resonating and why Republicans dominated the 2014 elections ! RHINOS think they won because they were moving towards the middle but little did they realize they didn’t go far enough and Trump is illustrating this frustration. Real conservative Republicans want real change not lip service. This country is being overrun by illegals and if we wait on Boehner or McConnell to get on with securing the borders there will fifty million illegals in this country! Real change is not coming with this bunch running the party and attitudes like Shoenemans.

      • Rivahmitch says:

        If you’re a “Republican”, then, in spite of 55 years of campaigning and voting for candidates with R denoting their party, I guess we’ve reached the final parting of the ways. Your “Republican” Party hasn’t won an election since Nixon and, without conservative support it’s unlikely to ever do so again. Frankly, you’re just Jimmy C, Barry Hussein & Hillary Lite. Wanting to raise the temperature of the globalist fascist/communist cabal water just a lottle ,mre slowly so the dumb frogs won’t notice.

      • Brian, one of things that your piece accomplished was to serve as an honest line of demarcation between the ruling class and the Republican Base. It has helped me to refocus my attention, not on the Republican Party, but on those within the Republican Party who actually support my legislative agenda. I intend to see to it that anyone who opposes our agenda does not recieve our money our support. This is a lesson you guys don’t need to be taught, as you refuse to support any of our candidates, refuse to show up to vote, or support their bills once elected. Your strategy is the correct strategy and we’ve all been fools for trying to support the party at large, while trying to change it from the inside. So, learning from your success (not politically or personally) but the success of the Republican Leadership, I am called for the same “hold the line” mentality from the Republican Grassroots – to only support our candidates and to attempt to primary all of yours. Deluding ourselves into thinking that the Republican Party represents us is foolish, as you say. It’s time to wise up and stop supporting your side of the party completely, as you have done to us.

        • Brian Schoeneman

          When you start talking about the “ruling class” and the like, you’ve already bought into the lies again.

          I’m a Republican, and I support the Republicans who represent me. I’ve never voted for a Democrat, and I won’t start doing that any time soon. But I can tell the difference between those who are trying to accomplish something and those who are pretending to do so and spending most of their time preening or throwing red meat to people.

          That’s the fundamental difference between me and folks like Tom. I want to see accomplishments. I want to see incremental moving of the ball and solving of problems. I don’t expect overnight success, and I know the limitations these guys have to work with. I recognize that sometimes the best we can get is not losing, or even losing less than we would have lost otherwise. It requires you to think and understand the process as well as the policy, and it also means recognizing that a lot of what you see and hear are political BS. Learning how to cut through it isn’t easy. Many never do.

          The Republican Party is a vehicle for supporting candidates. That’s it. No more, no less. We are Republicans if we support Republican candidates. That’s why Tom is not a Republican, and I am.

          I’m glad that you’re going to start focusing on candidates, because that’s what you should have been doing all along.

          • I don’t believe you aren’t a Republican. In my latest piece I try to take an open view of the Republican Party and to create some perspective for people like myself with regard to where we fall within the Republican Party and what our role actually is.


            On my side of the aisle, there is a lot of frustration with PACs like Middle Resolution trying to find ways to unite the party to and find compromise we can all agree to. I have constantly supported them in their efforts. I’ve written articles about Compromise and I don’t take a hard line against it. Yet, there is no reason for the TEA Party or the grassroots to believe that compromise would mean anything more than we give up our agenda and you implent yours. That’s not motivation. There is no wiggle room here.

            Shaun and I have gone back on forth on this – and I think we both agree that there really is no room for middle ground. Each faction has to fight the other. My side hates this beceause we tend to lose. We’re underfunded and Bearing Drift loves articles about how much money your guys are bringing. In fact, you love money so much, Shaun has even praised Ted Cruz and his staff because of their small donation success. You guys are totally consistent. So am I. I’m not a hypocrite when it comes to agenda or legislation or what we’re trying to accomplish.

            And what really upset me was that you intimated that we have bought into the Republican Party as a certain vehicle for success. That’s not true. We just wanted them to fight. You won’t even fight.

            So it has to become about a caucus of ours, within the party, fighting for control over the party. We’re so horribly outnumbered that sometimes it feels impossible, but Reagan won. Coolidge won. Goldwater got close. We have our moments. And still, to this day, only Reagan swept the entire country.

            I just wish there was a way for us to coexist. I sort of get that we can’t. I say sort of, because I think that if we both thought long term, we’d realize that we can’t build anything solid without some kind of coliation. But that isn’t going to happen. The Leadership openly mocks us and wages war against us. So, war it is. I’m a libertarian committed to the Republican Party. Why? Because I know the LP is a joke. I wouldn’t rail against the Republican Party if the Republican Party wasn’t a serious player.

            I don’t know. I get what you’re doing. We’ve just got to start doing the same and with the same discpline.

          • Brian Schoeneman

            Steven, you’re coming at this from exactly the wrong point of view. We aren’t diametrically opposed. Your agenda isn’t that different from mine. You guys tend to obsess about money, and you shouldn’t, because money isn’t what drives 99% of the people in politics. The ones who are driven by it usually end up in orange jumpsuits.

            Of course there’s a way to coexist. But part of it begins with everybody recognizing that we’re on the same team and that we generally want the same things. My biggest issues aren’t with what the Tea Party or libertarians want, it’s how they try to get there. You want to see fighting for fighting’s sake. I want to win. And sometimes the best way to win is by not fighting.

            You guys don’t get mocked because of what you want to do, you get mocked because of how you go about doing it. Villifying Boehner, McConnell and the rest – that doesn’t win you guys any friends.

          • Rivahmitch says:

            A little history for you, junior. In 1964, after we had won the nomination for Goldwater, many Rockefeller Repug supporters refused to allow those of us campaigning for Barry to use their headquarters to campaign so we established our own. Personally, I realized after Kennedy was shot that while he was probably beatable (at least in my area) his ghost wasn’t. Never-the-less, the refusal by RINOs (excuse me… Rockefeller Repugs)to allow us to use your “Republican Headquarters” to campaign for the Republican Presidential candidate leaves a bad taste to this day. We don’t have the same goals at all. You want to win to chalk up a victory, we want to win so that we can see government restricted to it’s Constitutionally enumerated powers and reduced to a manageable scale. You and your ilk don’t care how much it grows as long as you’re in control (or at least have influence) and can retain a presence at the public trough. You support the NWO of global governance which negates the basic precepts of rights belonging to individuals who in turn may or may not choose to trust a government with some limited powers.

            I’ve heard that “we’re all on the same side BS” before, usually when it’s election time and you want our votes, campaing efforts and money and we’ve frequently been stupid enough to fall for it. Then, recall that after the most recent “Republican” victories”, the McConnell’s and Boehners go ahead and purge conservatives from positions of power and even (think MS last) use our contributions to recruit Democommies to vote for RINO candidates in Republican primaries. No Brian, there is, at best, only very tenuous and minimal common ground and we’re NOT fundamentally “on the same side”.

          • Brian, can you really not understand our objection to McConnell and Boehner’s leadership? Do you really believe that we can continue to support leadership when we see nothing in support of our agenda? You say we’re not really that different in what we want, but what we want is movement and we want to see demonstrations of those principles. When I look at McConnell and Boehner, I don’t see patience, I see objection. I cannot help but to beleive that they object to our agenda. What legislative strategies am I missing? Why do they deserve our trust despite appearences?

          • Brian Schoeneman

            The only objection that I’m seeing from you guys about Boehner and McConnell is that they either aren’t fighting hard enough – which goes to my point about knowing how to fight the right way – or that they’re “capitulating” to Obama, which there’s just no evidence of – and that’s you guys swallowing the lies from those who want to spin you up for their own gain.

            The Planned Parenthood issue is a perfect example – I kept seeing people complaining about why McConnell wouldn’t let Mike Lee put his amendment regarding Planned Parenthood defunding on the highway bill. The reason wasn’t that he doesn’t support defunding Planned Parenthood – something we all support – but that he wanted it done the right way, and not randomly on a piece of legislation that needed to pass quickly and was already controversial enough with the Ex-Im addition. Plus, because of Ex-Im on the bill, you’d be forcing a bad vote for every Republican Senator – they vote for the bill, and they just voted for Ex-Im Bank. They vote against it, and they just voted to fund Planned Parenthood. It was not the right vehicle, and that’s why he did it.

            Instead, he’s giving the issue to Rand Paul and two other Senators to work on, and that will raise their profile and it’s a reward to Rand who has been focused on this issue for a while now. McConnell gets no credit for working all this out, just grief because he didn’t let Mike Lee do what he wanted to without thinking.

            Boehner gets the same grief. There’s a lot going on with these issues and when people don’t take the time to think them through and instead just start going with whatever feeds their confirmation biases, it hurts everybody.

  4. Gene Lefty says:

    I did not vote for Clinton, Bush, Romney, or McCain.

  5. Rivahmitch says:

    There’s limited truth in the Bearing Drift article in that we’ve frequently voted for candidates we knew wouldn’t produce a beneficial result. This may be the election where it changes.

    Since I cast my first vote for Nixon (against Humphrey) while in Vietnam, I’ve voted (sometimes holding my nose) for and supported Republicans my entire adult life. Before that, I campaigned for Nixon in 60 and Goldwater in ’64) before I was old enough to vote. I’m no longer willing to vote for the (slightly) lesser of two evils. Should the little shrub or Kasich or any other RINO receive the nomination. I’ll either sit out the Presidential race or vote 3rd party. Hopefully, we’ve reached the point where if the Democommies win and push any further (and, BTW, they’re just moving faster in the same direction that the Bushes and the old Rockefeller Republicans (aka RINOs) have taken the country) the middle class will finally understand that the ultimate goal of the globalist scum in both parties is the total destruction of individual rights, liberties and property and a real revolution (1775 reprise) will occur.

    AS Churchill said, “… because it’s better to die than to live as slaves”. It’s time for Jeffersons famous “tree of liberty” to be “refreshed”. It’s a frightening thought but not as frightening as the brave new world order you folks are trying to establish.

  6. Also, Brian, I’ll say this: I’m a libertarian and I’ve never felt represented or hopeful. I’ve made a life of it. I don’t get discouraged by failure, I get focused by it.

  7. Patriot says:


    Congressman Dave Brat told a group of Conservative Heritage Foundation Sentinels recently in Richmond that there is only one Party in Washington.
    There is no Republican Party or Democratic Party- just the tax and spend party and every single vote is attached to MONEY and donors. Their goal is to stay in office. Look no further than the Export Import Bank. (Boeing’s Bank)

    If Boehner and McConnell stay in power, this country will be GREECE in one decade according to Brat, an economist. In exactly one decade, all federal revenue will be spent on entitlement obligations. There will be no money for the military and that’s bad news for a state like Virginia dependent on the Industrial War Complex Military spending.

    Continued support of the establishment Republican ruling class in Washington is Suicide for America.

    Mr. Tucker and Mr. White are correct, Sir
    With all due respect.

    • Brian Schoeneman

      Do you not see anything self serving in what Brat told you? Do you think he was right because he was saying what you’ve been saying or do you think he was right because he laid out a convincing argument with data to support his position?

      • Paul Thiel says:

        Shoenemans, do you not know we already borrow over forty percent on every dollar we spend? When do your liberal Rhinos want to reign in spending and what is their plan other than lip service? Go along to get along is not a plan! We could literally fire or eliminate 50 percent of the Federal Government and not miss a beat!

        • Brian Schoeneman

          The term is RINO, Paul. A rhino is an animal. The rest of what you said is nonsense that you should know is not true. Stop buying the lies, educate yourself and start acting like a responsible Republican, not some name calling fool like Tom.

          • Paul Thiel says:

            There is no name calling in pointing out the debt where we pay over 40 percent interest on our borrowed money. You need to get educated Pal ! I am an accountant and ran my own business with over 25 million in sales and nearly one hundred employees. That might not be educated to you because you more than likely live off someone else’s Tit !

  8. Tom White says:

    I will tell you guys, BS has guzzled the progressive Kool-aid. (And damn if he doesn’t have the right initials to boot.) There is not one bit of difference in arguing with BS or arguing with an Obama liberal. His smug holier than thou self righteous snobbery is like a religion to him. He is one of the cuckold Republicans, completely neutered and absolutely incapable of reason when it comes to his ruinous thoughts and rantings. There is not one single word in the Republican creed that he understands or believes. He is a big government progressive liberal pretending to be a Republican. The voters have told him 3 times to go away when he unsuccessfully ran for office. So he is a 3 time loser. Pretty much sums it up.
    Tom White recently posted…What is the Republican Party? And What is Our Place in that Party?My Profile

  9. Brian Schoeneman

    Twice, Tom. You can’t even get basic facts right. Why should anybody listen to anything you have to say? And you keep using a term that everybody recognizes was coined by and is used almost exclusively by white supremacists.

    When you put your name on a ballot, let me know and you can show us all how to get elected.

  10. Stephen Lee

    I’ve never been a big fan of shallow people like BS (Brian Schoeneman) who try to use the race card against people like Tom White with absolutely no proof whatsoever, who can somehow ignore an $18,000,000,000,000 debt, and are totally unable to wean themselves off the “R” even when the R does not follow any of the Republican creed whatsoever.

  11. Victoria Brown says:

    Mr. Lefty,

    Based on your comments above that you didn’t vote for Bill Clinton, hopefully you will have enough sense to NOT vote for Billary either.

    BTW, did you vote for Obama? and/or


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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