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A Call For Unity: Democrats, We Need Your Help

More than at any other time in modern American history, the future liberty and prosperity of our nation requires American citizens, be they Democrat, Independent, or Republican, to come together in opposition to the United States government.

To the Democrat, Independent, and Republican voters out there, what can I tell you that would wake you up, shake you up, and stir you to action?

I’ll begin with the Independents: I know you believe that your independence entitles you to label yourself as “reasonable” and “intelligent”, not like those crazy partisan people fighting from various positions you deem extreme. You have lost faith in idealists. Good! You have lost faith in the idea that the government really has any connection with the Constitution or citizenry, and you’re right! However, you have let the politicians and the media define, for you, what being a “moderate” means, and you have submitted to this unfortunate slow slide toward tyranny with a thousand benign compromises. You think of the Democrat Party and the Republican Party as two extremes and the mean between the two to be virtue. That is not what is happening out there.

Democrats, for years the Republican Party convinced its’ voters that they were pro-business and that being pro-business meant that they were pro-economy. You yelled and screamed and scolded Republicans for supporting a Wall Street Corporatist agenda and abandoning all tenor and tone of populism. This is how the Republicans lost the Reagan Democrats. Finally, after all these years, Republican voters are beginning to wake up and realize that the Republican Party isn’t pro-economy, they are pro-donor. They don’t care about the mom and pop, the small business, the small farmer, or a single blue or white collar worker. They care about money and power and using their political positions to manufacture wealth for themselves and their families.

Democrats, the Republicans were wrong; but they are waking up and a rebellion has begun. They overthrew Eric Cantor. They are fighting tooth and nail against Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Yet, you bash the grassroots populist movement which seeks to overthrow the Republican Establishment for all the same reasons you oppose them. Why is that?

Democrats, for years you railed against the police state mentality of the Republican Party, demanding broad protections of your privacy and you rejected uniform, pro-war policies without congressional approval or citizen support. Republicans, now, are again waking up and fighting back. Rand Paul, a Republican Senator from Kentucky, has led the charge against NSA overreach and drone warfare.

Ending prohibition has nearly as much Republican support as it does Democrat support. The Republican base hates Wall Street and K-Street and the Military Industrial Complex every bit as much as your Democrat base.

I assure you that Democrat voters and Republican voters have more in common today, in opposition to our government, than they’ve ever had before.

What has happened? Democrats, your Democrat Party is now the party of corporatism and globalist corruption. They are the ones selling out our workers, our jobs, our rights, and our security to foreign countries, foreign industries, and foreign businesses. The Democrats are the ones now rushing cheap labor into this country to replace you. The Democrats are the ones eating and drinking with K Street and Wall Street special interests, and yet, you continue to bash the Republicans for doing what your politicians copied and perfected!

It is time for you to fight and stand up for your principles.

Yes, many Republicans and Democrats will disagree on gay marriage, welfare, and abortion – but while you all continue waging war amongst yourselves over those issues, the Democrat and Republican establishments are selling you out piecemeal. Democrat and Republican alike will find themselves with less prosperity, opportunity, equality, and liberty unless the American Citizen stands up against the Statists running these two powerful political parties.

The Obama Administration sold out your health care to the Insurance Industry, forcing every American to buy their crap products, or face federal fines. I paid mine just a few weeks ago, after your Democrat President made my health care policy illegal and I realized that I cannot afford to purchase an alternative plan. All available plans have high prices and even higher deductibles. What’s the point in paying $4,000 a year for health insurance when I have to cover $6,000 to $12,000 in costs before my insurance even kicks in?

The Obama Administration sold out vital national resources to Vladimir Putin and an aggressive Russian Regime, which has invaded its’ neighbors and stirred unrest throughout Eastern Europe. We have given Putin control over 20% of our Uranium deposits in the United States. A number of Democrats have gotten rich on this treasonous deal – and yes, this deal was treason.

Iran is looking to build nuclear weapons and President Obama wants to free up 50 billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets. Why? Because US Businessmen want access to the Iranian economy. The super rich in the United States will increase their wealth by ending sanctions in Iran. Iran will get a nuke. There will be war in the Middle East as other Middle Eastern nations will be required to match Iran nuke for nuke, just as the US and USSR did during the 1980s. This isn’t because President Obama supports a Muslim Caliphate. It is because President Obama supports these uber-wealthy businessmen who seek to get richer quick.

Obama’s military adventures in Libya have left Libya in shambles and extremism grows. Obama’s experiment with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt led to the death of Christians and a military coup to restore order. China is on the move, threatening the peaceful people of Taiwan. Everywhere there is chaos, disorder, and violence.

Our politicians are in government, not to serve at the pleasure of “the people”, but to enrich themselves and their families at our expense. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t seem to matter. They’ve all sold us out. And while we fight amongst ourselves, they get richer while we get poorer. Are we, as a people, so easily distracted? Are we so lazy that we’ll do nothing?

I want to defeat the Republican Establishment, but I will need every rational, pro-American Democrat and Independent beside me. All establishments must go. The corrupt bureaucrats and politicians in Washington DC must go.

Democrats, join us.

Independents, join us.

The Republicans are waking up to how corrupt their politicians have become. It’s time for you to take a look at your politicians and ask yourselves, are they really looking out for you, or are they merely telling you what you want to hear, and enriching themselves and their families at your expense?

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “A Call For Unity: Democrats, We Need Your Help”

  1. Jodi Hillhouse says:

    If you are serious about this and want unity to defeat the republicans, fight for Bernie Sanders to get the nomination. 45% of the electorate is independent and refuses outright to vote for Hillary. Almost half the democrats are taking the pledge that they will not vote for her, too, not even against Trump.

    Bernie will get all those voters, in the general election, as well as the loyalists that wanted Hillary. Even Paul supporters will vote for him because he was pro-Occupy and he audited the Federal Reserve.

    This is the ONLY way to heal the rift in the party and to get Independents to join you.

    As a bonus, Berners are a tenacious and doggedly enthusiastic bunch. You will have their support in legislative elections, including the usually ignored midterms, instead of continuing to hemorrhage seats.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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