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A Grim Future

What I have to say this morning will sound an awful lot like fear-mongering. As I go over the contents in my own mind I am uncomfortable and uncertain just how accurately my fears correspond to reality. So instead of making wild claims or accusations, which is customary for fear-mongering, I intend simply to put forth my reasonings, beginning with a few central premises and concluding with what I now feel is necessary.

Our politicians have been lying to us. I’m sure they’ve always lied to the people with the intent to keep us in the dark; but today, they are lying to us about things we already know to be true. Just last week President Obama proclaimed that the Gods’ honest truth of the matter was that Social Security was not in crisis. Yesterday we learn that Social Security disability is going bankrupt by the end of next year. Demands will inevitably be made for Congress to pass new funding measures to ensure that Social Security disability doesn’t simply stop functioning. Folk still want to get their money. Yet, these politicians have spent all the money and there isn’t any money left.

I believe we are about to witness decade after decade of various institutions collapsing, demanding more funding from wherever and however. I believe we are going to witness, as we already have, Congress after Congress increasing our federal debt limit and increasing taxes. Now, maybe the federal government will attempt to inoculate itself from controversy, begin putting more pressure on the States, forcing the States to raise taxes. Who knows? What we can be certain of, however, is that our government is demanding more and more money from a weaker, thinner, and less secure economy. Just over 60% of Americans have jobs. Of those 60% percent that have jobs, only about 50% are paying taxes that exceed their subsidies. Our model of wealth redistribution is impossible and will inevitably collapse.

Our politicians refuse to address benefits and entitlements and subsidies because this is their leverage on garnering the votes of poor and middle class. Meanwhile, they are also subsidizing powerful corporate interests all across the country. Everyone with power, or with numbers, or great wealth is lining up for handouts, and there is no end in sight.

It is generally accepted that our governments will not reform themselves and that the majority of citizens and non-citizens living America have no interest in immediate reform. Therefore, the only possible conclusion one can draw is that economic collapse is inevitable.

Therefore, all opposition to our current political establishments should get behind a very simple set of political propositions, that could be the only possible measures to prevent a Greek-style default. 1. End all immigration. We cannot afford the poor we already have. 2. Demand no increase in taxes, increase in spending, or increase in debt. All new spending must be paid for with cuts from the current budget. 3. We’ve got to end the drug war. This will free up inestimable amounts of capital currently spent on the largest prison system in global history. 4. Begin reducing enforcement of all non-essential regulations and laws. 5. End 100% of all corporate subsidies and all tax loopholes for the wealthy elite in this country. 6. Reduce the cost of all local and State governments. Medicaid is going to push most of our states to the breaking point anyway and if we can’t get rid of that, then we’ll have to get rid of a bunch of other programs.

This is what I believe we must fight for, even though our chances of seeing any of these measures ever enacted is slim to none. So in the face of the seeming inevitability of this failure, I suggest that people buy gold, guns, and land. Live near sustainable resources. Stay the hell out of cities. Don’t waste any money that doesn’t absolutely have to be wasted. Outside of that, I’ve hardly any valuable advise to dispense. The fact is, that if the last five years of Barack Obama, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell haven’t been enough to wake the American People from their docile ignorance and apathy, nothing will, until it’s too late. And at that point I will have no compassion for any of them.

This is a negative outlook to be sure and not an excuse for failing to fight every battle before us; but I think it is important to consciously acknowledge the grim future gravitating toward us.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

2 Responses to “A Grim Future”

  1. Robert Shannon

    One’s will to fight is determined by the assessment of whether fight or flight is the correct response. America’s welfare state is slowly lulling it’s citizens into a recognition that their is more advantage to themselves by going along than to stand up and fight. Just yesterday reports circulated in the news of employees in Seattle which has implemented the most progressive minimum wage hikes in the nation now asking their employers to “cut their hours” because the new hourly wage is pushing them out of eligibility of many of the government subsidies they had come to benefit from ????? I suppose the idea of working a part time job in addition to their FT job never occurred to them. I did for 15 years, it never occurred to me that the 5 people I was obligated to support was someone else’s responsibility. Contrast that with todays mindset.

    Steve hits just the right tone with his statement that the ” if last 5 years hasn’t awakened the American people from their apathy ” ….

    Last night after our Education program ended at our KWTP meeting we played a 4:43 clip of what is transpiring in France. It isn’t enough to state that a once beloved and admired culture has slid into sheer madness, it was shown to those in attendance to demonstrate where America is headed.

    Some 60,000 families ( not 60,000 people but families ) fled France in 2010 and 2011. 3 hour workdays are now common with the national government actively encouraging French workers to take afternoon naps…..

    Becoming common practice in France is the kidnapping of company executives when union negotiations are not going their way. Goodyear has a plant in France that they are closing because of this very practice happening to their chief executive , and the French President not only defends this type of behavior, but encourages it with demagoguery , publically telling his citizens with Goodyear’s announcement “good riddens to the rich bastards” . Meanwhile France spirals into the abyss, rampant unemployment and a welfare state that makes Greece look prudent.

    See where this $15 minimum wage story is headed ? Overload the system….that has been their goal all along. It makes it hard to shake peoples apathy and stir them to stand up and fight when the enemy is us. At the national level Alinsky has won. He did so by and with the overt help of pols like this President , but also because we remained silent for far too long.

    Refocus and aim our efforts collectively at the State & local level, where we can take encouragement that the building blocks for the restoration can indeed begin to be put in place. Referendum Reform is one of the goals that should be at the top of our list. Ask yourselves why local and state pols hate the idea ? It puts much control back in the hands of citizens, where our wise Founders always knew it should stay.

    This approach requires some Leadership…..sadly a quality not found in great abundance in the Patriot movement. Lot’s of complainers, lot’s of whiner’s and bellyachers but a vacuum that is allowing what might have been this country’s last chance.

    Bob Shannon

  2. Steven Tucker

    I can’t even find qualified people to run against many of these corrupt politicians, because qualified has come to mean self-financed. And the rich people in this country have realized that it’s a pay to play society and they refuse to risk their wealth fighting a system that essentially allows them to avoid our burdens.

    That’s why I believe we need to go after retiring Doctors and nurses, people who understand the ACA, will have some money and have nothing left to lose from a system which does NOT benefit them financially anymore.

    Small business owners who feel pushed to the brink are also excellent candidates that could be key to shining a light on what’s wrong in this country.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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