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A Letter to America

What is this hold your government has upon you, that you would allow it so much authority in your lives? Do you not believe in freedom? Then how have they convinced you to sacrifice pillar upon pillar of your liberty to the state? Do you not believe in individualism? Then how have your brothers become your keeper, and you theirs? Do you not believe in the Enlightenment, in the embrace of an age of science, philosophy, and reason? Then how have you been taken in by the pagan-worship of the eternally primitive, by fools still frightened by the weather?

Do you not believe in justice, while somehow condoning, sheepishly, thousands upon thousands of tiny injustices every day? Is it right to take wealth, by force, from a man, and give it to his neighbor? Our economy now depends upon the redistribution of wealth, and each citizen has become a slave to every other citizen. At what point do you say, “enough”, and stand firmly upon your principles?

The Government is on the rise. It grows, like a cancer, under each new administration and each new Congress. Regulations never decrease and spending never goes down. Each of you, in the privacy of your own minds, understands the inevitable failure toward which this course will lead. Yet where is the furious desperation to avoid the hell that awaits you? Or do you also secretly hope some one man or woman will arrive on the scene to save you, to right the ship, and lead this government back to sanity?

Does it bother you, living in a Constitutional Republic, where there is no criminal liability for your rulers, as they trample the Constitution upon which all your liberties depend? Do you really believe you can vote your way back to safety? Or do you just hope so? Does our fate really seem that inevitable to you? It didn’t to our founders and framers.

America, your government long ago declared war upon your sovereignty and freedom, and you’ve surrendered ground, acre by acre, day by day, furious that “the will of the people” never quite seems to amount to much, furious that your society constantly bends to the will of a few miscreants and malcontents and parasites and idealists. The tiny mobs rule, while the silent majority makes way, makes room, and gives up ground for the sake of peace. Ah, don’t you think they know just how much you’ll sacrifice for the sake of peace!!!

I just pray that it isn’t everything. They think it is, that you’ll quietly and slowly sacrifice everything, for the sake of peace, until the day you awake to discover that you are nothing more than a slave; and on that day, what will you do? What will you do when all the options are gone? When all the lights of this world are burned out, and all that remains is the black shadow cast by indomitable governments from one round corner of this earth to the next?

We are losing our country, our culture, and our future, one day at a time. Meanwhile, we continue to bend to the incompetence and rhetoric of our Representatives, whose faithful promises are always just a few days away, always just beyond the edge of tomorrow. Why? Why, when you know how this ends? I know that you know, and so I do not understand the nothing I see around me. Honestly, I do not understand you America. It appears you’ve given up or given in, or no longer care. Whatever the reason, I am sorry you feel that way, that you’ve no more fight, no more spunk, no more will to power. I’m sorry that you have decided to let freedom slip from your fingers when first you held it your fists.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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