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A Little Perspective Might Help

We learned yesterday that Donald Trump isn’t who you would want your daughter to bring to dinner with a quiet declaration “  Daddy, I think he’s the one”. We also had reinforced what a conniving lying criminal Hillary Clinton truly is. But I digress.

Imagine if Jack Kennedy, Grover Cleveland or even Slick Willy were running in today’s hyped up political correct world of politics. Kennedy would literally have blown up in the primaries, Cleveland would have had to explain the little Grover’s running around he fathered outside of marriage and Bill Clinton would have had to drop out early just to handle the volume of press releases from women who had been assaulted or propositioned,  not to overlook those whom he had consensual sexual relationships with outside of his own marriage.  These 3 former Presidents would give a whole new meaning to the “ war on women” . The hypocrisy should bother anyone who has listened to the excuses made for Kennedy and Clinton that they just had over-active libidos, or more to the point , that their conduct didn’t affect their ability to do their job. Good son-in-law………..NO, President, YES

It does however give the sniffling little cowards like Jason Chaffetz all the excuse they need to now say “ I can’t support this guy” for fear  the stain of Trump’s school boy shenanigans from becoming affixed to their own political fortunes in this age of everything is offensive to someone. Does anyone remember the 60 Minute piece back during the Clinton administration when a close confidant of Bill’s admitted when asked what he & the President talked about on the golf course ?  His response while he laughed was………… P_ _ _ _ .   Use your imagination. Today the media attacks Trump as if this type of banter among men is something shocking. Apparently some of you have never been inside a locker room.

What Trump has said, regardless of how insensitive his comments are, is as one woman who wrote in to one of the TV news shows this morning “does not affect my personal well being” Hillary’s open admission that she is quite content to sit back and allow the global corporate interests to carve the world into spheres without any concern for borders or impact on our nations sovereignty is indeed another story, or should I say the real story.  The old adage that this woman would sell her mother for another buck comes to mind. The Presidency to her is just a golden opportunity to keep the Clinton Foundations criminal syndicate going another decade for their own personal wealth and that of their friends.  If not for the political manipulation of the Obama Justice Department, the FBI and the State Department, this woman would have been criminally indicted and forced from the race months ago. The criminal culpability of others within the Obama administration was alone in and of itself reason to circle the wagons. It is sadly how it works today within our tainted political power structure. Further evidence that the rule of law in 2016 is what the elitists say it is.

Voters with some gray matter between their ears should not dismiss that Trump isn’t running for Spiritual counselor or even Man of the Year, and ignore the media’s feigned outrage at Trumps stupid comments.  We may end up electing the first woman to the White House that  belongs,  by any measure in the BIG HOUSE  .

Bob Shannon  King William

8 Responses to “A Little Perspective Might Help”

  1. Garrett B. says:

    Spot on Mr. Shannon:

    The Viagra and Cialis commercials on TV during dinner time and family TV shows is more vulgar and offensive to me than any guy talk between Trump and Billy Bush on TV’s Trash Channel. What Trump said after 10 years of Viagra commercials is NOTHING.

    Americans LOVE Very Vulgar Howard Stern. Americans loved Carlin. The list of vulgar comedians is too long to mention here but sold billions as Comedy. Americans purchased 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Gray and it was made into a Hollywood Movie- an S and M shock film that women loved apparently.

    Steve Marriott, Mormon founder of Marriott Hotels has provided very profitable pay per view PORN in his hotels for business men and no one ever complains. In Fact, Mormon Mitt Romney served on the board of directors of Marriott Hotels knowing full well PORN was profitable and did not resign until he ran for president.

    Oh the Faux outrage by the hypocrits on the Right. Lying stealing fornicating Monday thru Saturday and sitting on the front pew of their Baptist, and Evangelical and Mormon Churches on Sundays JUDGING Donald J. Trump.

    We are over it. Hillary is Satan. Don’t they teach the Devil in Sunday School anymore?

    • Southern Baptist Convention for Trump says:

      Those LDS Mormons Mike Lee, Mitt Romney and Jason Chaffetz should be removed from the Republican Party- LDS Marriott profits from PORNOGRAPHY. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

  2. Melanie says:

    Every American should read Gary Byrne’s book “Crisis of Character”.

    Byrne is a former Secret Service Agent and was assigned to Hillary and Bill Clinton while in the White House and said Hillary’s response to a Purple Heart Veteran- a secret service agent- who said “Good Morning, Mam” was greeted with “FUC* You” by the First Lady.

    That’s okay if you are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. But the rest of America’s stomachs are turning.

    And Hillary said Donald is unfit? Where is the Media with this? They are WITH HER.

  3. Deplorable Dentist says:

    Memo to Republicans attempting to elect Hillary over Donald Trump like Shaun Kenney and the Drifty Boys at Bearing Drift and the Christian Taliban like Chris Shores, Steve Waters, Shak Hill, Travis Witt, and Steve Albertson over at Bull Elephant.

    Hillary’s Vulgar Potty Mouth:

  4. Retired Cop says:

    If an African American who ever laughed at black comedian Eddie Murphy undeniably the most vulgar black man to ever walk the face of the earth is offended by Donald Trump and votes for HILLARY then he or she deserves the country Hillary is going to give them: Race Riots and Mayhem in their burning ghettos with no cops to answer their 911 calls for help. That’s Hillary’s America with Loretta Lynch’s justice dept and FBI.

    The hypocrisy is stifling.

    • Hokie Mom says:

      Don’t you find the irony of the Democrats and RINO Republican agenda of Criminal Justice Reform for Blacks while they vote and support Hillary and her Arkancide for POTUS?

      The Justice Dept is SO CORRUPT- Lynch meeting with Bill in Phoenix on a private plane? Hillary deletes 33,000 emails AFTER she receives a subpoena to turn them over and now we find out she’s a crook who sold access for money to the Clinton Foundation?

      Hillary and Bill should go to prison in a TRUMP PRESIDENCY.

  5. Jimmy B. says:

    Obama exposes himself to the press like this on Air Force One

    and the Hillary and the Democrats are screaming about Trump? Rich….


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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