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A Message of Pessimism – and Hope?

I spoke with both the King George and 99th TEA Party’s before the November elections and the Republican resurgence in the Senate. There was a sense that my pessimism regarding the impact of a Republican controlled Congress was somewhat misplaced – and I could tell that there was a great deal of hope that the Republicans in Congress would do something about this lawless and increasingly tyrannical executive branch.

I am never offended when folks are disappointed by more more pessimistic analysis, because I understand the power of hope and the desperation folks feel when looking at what our country has become. “There is no way the people in this country won’t see what’s going on here and demand our government reverse course”, say the eyes and tone of many within the GOP. Unfortunately, the reality is that the Democrats will double down and the Republicans we sent to Congress will continue to do what the Republicans have done for the last 12 years – they will represent the Chamber of Commerce in the Congress.

I want the average Republican voter to pay attention to this Republican Congress (something they should have been doing during President George W. Bush’s administration) and to judge, not the bills proposed or the words spoken “in earnest” on the House and Senate floors, but the vigor with which our representatives fight.

We’ve all seen the lengths to which the Democrat Party will go to see its’ will be done. We have also seen the Republicans pass countless bills, preceded by countless speeches, with no consequence whatever. You see, if the GOP really wants to fight President Obama, they need to propose legislation, then campaign all over the country on behalf of that legislation, demand that Democrats get on board, and demand that the President sign it into law. If the President vetoes a bill, that isn’t the end. That is the beginning of the next fight and you fight until you get the votes you need to overturn that veto.

Alas, this Republican Party is a party that tends to surrender when faced merely with the threat of a veto.

This has to change.

Whether or not it changes is up to the Republican Base – which, let’s face it, has a tendency to accept the very worst from their representatives, satisfied with the gloomy thought that it could always be worse.

If your representatives don’t represent you over the next two years, will you keep voting for them? Or will you get behind primary challengers and throw the bums out of office? If this Republican Congress doesn’t repeal ObamaCare and if they don’t fight hard to win, will you send them back to Congress again? Frankly, I don’t see how we can trust any Republican Congressman or Senator that isn’t making the repeal of ObamaCare a top 3 priority issue.

boehner_bernsteinAnd what about the debt ceiling? In four or five months, we will have again reached yet another debt ceiling, and I believe that you will watch your Congressmen and Senators twist themselves into ungodly shapes to ensure that debt ceiling is raised. Why? Because the super rich and the really poor in this country depend upon our governments unsustainable spending. They are short-sighted interests, with hardly more than tomorrow in mind. If this Republican Party raises the debt ceiling, will you send your Representative and Senator back to Congress in the next election?

How firm is your stance on open borders? Republicans are still talking amnesty. They may try a head fake by offering up a “border security plan”, but remember, they have passed countless border security plans that TO THIS DAY remain unfunded and are of no consequence. If this Republican Party allows Obama’s Executive Amnesty to go forward, will you still vote for Republicans?

The Welfare State is now completely out of control. The Democrats are trying to give away everything imaginable and turn what used to be a hard working American citizen into nothing more than a helpless parasite. We will go bankrupt and our economy will collapse. Will you keep voting for these establishment Republicans up to the point that you lose everything? I don’t understand what we are waiting for?

The media pretends there has been some massive national revolt within the Republican Party, but Mitch McConnell defeated EVERY primary challenge his establishment members faced in the last election. So, what revolt? I don’t know if this is an article with a subtle point or a desperate cry for help, but I would very much like to believe that Republicans are serious about changing the course our country is on, that the TEA Party is real and serious about affecting change, and that the Independents are, as they often say, totally dissatisfied with their government.

Well, OK then. What are you going to do? I just watched the Republican Party give a big thumbs up to the establishment and am now watching the establishment give the middle finger to the conservatives and constitutionalists who comprise the base of the Republican voting bloc.

There is no more time to wait. We’ve long ago crossed the tipping point and are now rearranging chairs on the Titanic. We right the ship now or it won’t matter what rising star takes the reigns of the White House in 2016 – and that is if the Republicans don’t nominate Romney or Jeb or Christie. I want to see some fight – not just bills – not just speeches – but fight. I want them to propose legislation. I want them to campaign on that legislation, to fight for that legislation, to show up at TEA Party meetings and town hall meetings and tell their constituents that this is what we’re doing because this is what must be done to secure the Republic.

Half measures aren’t real measures.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

2 Responses to “A Message of Pessimism – and Hope?”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Perhaps all the evidence justifying Steve’s pessimism is indeed warranted. Has anyone paid attention to how politicians of every stripe rush to the cameras to have their picture included anytime a shovel of dirt is being turned over by other local elected officials when a plant expansion or a new facility is being built ? If some school invites a politician to a “photo op” with a classroom of beaming 5th graders, they have the time and inclination to make sure they are present. I almost laughed aloud a few years ago when I read a letter singing Del Peace’s praises ( conveniently right around election time) for having a new safety gate installed at some railroad crossing, thinking to myself how all of the major issues facing Virginia and this guy is getting a plug for nonsense like this.

    Any elected official , whether it be a member of the G.A or Congress has the ability to have a press conference or Town Hall with any level of frequency they decide on. Their schedules are never too hectic to squeeze in the photo op’s when they present themselves.

    If elected officials were serious about addressing the myriad of issues desperately needing attention they would be in front of the cameras constantly bestowing the benefits to our National and State interests in addressing entitlement reform, Education reform, Illegal Immigration etc etc. A “all out” effort would be underway to educate their constituents about the peril facing us by delaying even another day before we get serious about salvaging our children & grandchildren’s future. They would be brow beating citizens to recognize the need now for sacrifice before it is too late….

    In Congressman Rob Wittman’s last “mailer” before the recent election he highlighted human trafficking as a major concern of Congress. I messaged a sign on 360 near the Essex County line almost mocking Wittman , asking the question –this is Congress idea of our most pressing national problem ? The debt will destroy us. Yet once again Congress and members like Wittman will line up with half baked rationalizations in another few months on just why it is vital to once again raise the national debt ceiling.

    And the band plays on.

    Bob Shannon

  2. Congressmen Wittman, I believe, is in love with his government, with his role in his government, and in the power it gives him. He is so much above the people he represents that I do not believe he sees them or even understands what they are. Look at how angry and annoyed he was at his constituents, who did not want him to bow down before Boehner and the others. Where did we think his power comes from? Us? HA! It comes from Boehner. Not from us, because we’ve made it pretty damn clear that we have no intention of voting him out of office.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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