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A Question of Loyalty

By: Mrs. Elizabeth Powel, homemaker and influential citizen in the community.

A Question of Loyalty: A Question for Bill Janis, former Delegate of the 56th District and current Senate candidate for the 12th District of Virginia.

In recent years there has been a change in the political landscape: more of the average voters today are getting involved in the political process and becoming an intricate part. It used to be that more of those that were inside the party had a larger part in what transpired, this is becoming less the case today.

In light of that, I want to use an analogy to better explain what I am getting at and what my question will be.

Those in the military use a very strong chain of command structure to keep order within the ranks and to accomplish the mission. If a soldier of a unit is given orders from their commanding officer, that soldier is expected to fulfill those orders to the best of his ability. If another commander from another unit comes in and tries to override those orders, the soldier is required to follow the orders from his commanding officer only. This is done to maintain order.

How does that relate to the political process today? Here is how: who are our elected representatives supposed to take orders from, the party bosses or from their constituents? The way our founding fathers originally set up our form of government–and what makes it so unique–was that the people would direct their elected representative to vote for them on the issues. Today, a lot of the time, that is not the case, and the orders are given by those within the party that try to accumulate power instead of listening to the will of the voters. This has evolved to become this way over time. But this is changing.

Here is my question for Bill Janis who is running for the 12th District Senate seat in Virginia:

Why did you NOT show up that day in April of 2004 when you were a Delegate, when there was a very important vote that day? It has since come to light that, because you and some others did not vote, the bill passed that day and your absences resulted in a tax increase. So Bill, why did you stay home that day and miss a key vote? Who gave you the order to do so? Did you consult with your constituents beforehand, or was it the party bosses that told you to stay home that day? The voters of the 12th District need to know before they vote in the upcoming June 9th Republican primary as to why you stayed home that day, so that we all can understand your reasoning for doing so. In Virginia the General Assembly only meets for 45 or 60 days, so it is critical that you be there in order to vote.

As I said, the political landscape has changed, at least in 12th District, and many voters no longer want our elected representatives taking orders from the party bosses. The voters now want and expect their elected representatives to vote in the General Assembly for them on the issues, even when that is different than what the party bosses demand.

So Bill Janis, will you explain to your potential future constituents, why you stayed home that day and are you going to continue to do that in the future? Where is your loyalty, to our constitutional form of government or to the party bosses? That is what many voters in the 12th District want to know before they go to the ballot box on June 9th. Will we have an elected Representative voting for us, or a soldier taking orders from party bosses?


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

14 Responses to “A Question of Loyalty”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Easy answer: the vote was right but psycho-Right wingers would have crucified him in the primary had he actually cast a vote for it.

    Kudos for doing the right thing, Bill Janis – though I would have preferred that you were willing to “go down” for it instead of trying to have it both ways.

  2. Katherine T. says:

    Mr. (TAX) Bill Janis has way too much big gov/big tax slime on him for my liking.

  3. Tom Garrett

    Wow. Just wow. I’ve known Bill for a long time, and “Mr. (tax) Bill Janis” is not something I thought I’d ever hear. (Can anybody show me a tax increase he voted for in ten years? I thought not). This my friends is why people don’t run for office, is it possible that he actually had a family related situation arise that he didn’t wish to explain? Haley says he supported Dave Brat but records show he didn’t actually vote for him in the primary, he says his train was late. I will take him at his word. Meanwhile, Janis, who had two kids in something like the sixth and ninth grade misses a vote, and a conspiracy is afoot. This is shameful.

  4. Anita Hile

    “Four conservative Republicans were absent Wednesday, and there was talk that House Speaker William J. Howell had asked some members to stay away from the meeting, allowing the bill to get to the floor. One of them, Del. Mark L. Cole confirmed that story.

    “Leadership had promised to get the bill to the floor, and I certainly couldn’t support it,” said Cole, R-Fredericksburg. “So I was asked not to attend.”

    Del. John M. O’Bannon III, another absentee, said he didn’t attend because he had another meeting. “That’s just how it worked out,” he said.

    A third member, Del. William R. Janis, R-Goochland, said Wednesday was his son’s ninth birthday and he stayed home to make him waffles for breakfast. Del. Allen L. Louderback, R-Page, also did not make the meeting, although his reason was not immediately clear.”
    Senator Garrett, seriously? Knowing this tax increase bill was coming to the floor, would you have chosen to stay home and make waffles for you child during the part-time legislative session? Give me a break!

  5. Sydney Moser says:

    Senator Garrett-

    Why are you inserting your faux outrage into the 12th District Senate Race?

    Apparently the readers of VA Right are more informed about Former Delegate Janis’ voting record than you are- His absence on a key vote helped Democratic Governor Mark Warner pass the largest tax increase in VA history. But you and Delegates Jimmie Massie and John O’Bannon want to rewrite history or have us Forget it?

    Why aren’t you outraged that FORMER Delegate Janis gave up a safe seat in Henrico so CEO Tom Farrell’s son Peter, an actor, could become a POLITICIAN? That’s the biggest conflict of interest in Virginia-

    and then there is the little issue of Janis running as an Independent for Henrico’s Commonwealth’s Attorney Office in 2011 against the Republican candidate Matt Geary, which resulted in the Demoncrat getting elected and Matt Geary Killing himself after the establishment GOP consultants got through dragging him through the saw mill. Yeah- Janis is a great Republican. He’s part of the Cantor Shadow Government with McGuire Woods and Dominion.

    Let’s get this straight and expose you- Senator Garrett- You are a shill for the establishment- the Cantor Zombies who just can’t let go of his historical defeat. Get over it or the Voters will get over YOU.

  6. Jordan Weeks says:

    Add Henrico Lawyer Eddie Whitlock to the list of Establishment Shills for Janis-

    He’s in the race as a spoiler. Cut this out and tape it to the refrigerator as a reminder of this prediction—–If Janis Wins- Whitlock will become a JUDGE.

    Eddie Whitlock will get a judgeship for his loyalty to the Cantor Establishment GOP as payback for running in the 12th District Senate race to deflect conservative votes so Janis can WIN.

    Wake up People- you are being played like a violin.

  7. Ted Glass says:

    For me and mine it’s Vince Haley ALL THE WAY!

  8. Jose Brock

    What do you all think are the odds that Tom Garrett will reply to the facts that Anita Hile presented above?

  9. anonymous says:

    Mr. Brock-

    Former Delegate Bill Janis donated to Tom Garrett– a whopping $33,000 on 7/15/2011 a few weeks before Bill Janis announced he was running for Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney as an Independent candidate against Matt Geary- the Republican- according to

    That helps to explain why Senator Garrett is now the Water Boy for Bill Janis on Virginia Right.

    Do you think electing Bill Janis to the General Assembly is going to result in ethics reform in VA or diminish the money and influence in politics Virginia?

    The answer is Money. What’s the question?

  10. Tom Garrett

    Simply put, I believe in Bill.

  11. Tom Garrett

    I won’t come on here and attack people, and I won’t come on here and post as a pseudonym, safe behind my computer monitor. Those who only attack others seem to lack positive things to say for their own cause. As for anybody who calls me “establishment”, they have no idea what they are talking about. I’ve only earned top ratings in the entire senate from Tea Party COLA and been at the top every time the American Conservative Union rated the Virginia Senate. It is easy to talk a good game, but I think Ben Franklin put it best when he said “well done is better then well said.” That’s exactly why I stand with Bill.

  12. Bob Matson says:

    I’ve known Bill Janis for almost 15 years, before he was ever elected to any office, before he’d even graduated from law school. Bill is an honest, honorable man, a rock-solid conservative, with a voting record to back it up. Missing a single vote 11 years ago is stretching pretty far…I think missing a primary vote 11 months ago is a bit more relevant.
    Bill’s civic participation goes from his service as a Naval officer, a Delegate, longtime GOP committee member and active GOP supporter. Bill has cast hundreds of solid conservative, pro-gun, pro-life, anti-tax, pro-freedom votes. His opponents have cast none. Compared to a candidate who’s interest in civic involvement began with running for office themselves, I don’t think there’s even a comparison.
    How can a DC-Beltway insider be considered “grassroots”? How can a person who has never supported other candidates, or their own local committee, seek support for their own candidacy? How can a person who has never knocked doors for anyone else, stood at polls for anyone else, worked phone banks for anyone else…how can they turn around and ask others to knock doors, stand polls, man phone banks and donate to their own campaign? Those are questions I want answered.

    And if it comes to missing a vote because I’m having breakfast with my child, or missing a vote because my commute from inside the beltway took too long, I’m having waffles…

    • Mark says:

      So Bob, is politics about who has done the most work for the local committee and then waited their turn to run for office according to the behind the scene power brokers? Or is it for the people to decide who will represent them and not be beholden to the beckon call of the power brokers?

      You ask how can a DC-Beltway insider be considered grassroots? It is because he understand who he is representing and will not be beholden to the power brokers with in the party. There is also “DC-Beltway insider” advising Bill Janis on his campaign as well, Chris LaCivita, how is that considered loyal to the local committee? It is not, it is just someone that is working to advise Bill Janis on his campaign. It is their understanding of what kind of how things should be when they are elected to office and not where they happen to have worked.

      There are at least two times where Bill Janis showed the voters that he is not representing them and instead representing the power brokers. First when he according to his own words, stayed home and made waffles for his sons birthday, during when the General Assembly was in session and he missed a critical vote that allowed for a tax increase to get passed. Next was when he quit as a Delegate, at the behest of the power brokers, to run for run for Commonwealth Attorney for Henrico County because the power brokers could not control who was the actual Republican running in the race.

      I don’t know about you, but I want someone that is going to actually represent me when they vote in the General Assembly. Just because someone does a lot of work for the local committee in order to get their chance to run for public office is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they were creating our form of Government. We have a Democratic Republic and not a who gives the most to a campaign or has the most power in order to get them in office. How does knocking on doors and making phone calls and handing out literature at the polls, qualify someone to run for office? A lot of the time all it really does is show how hard they have worked and how loyal they are to the power brokers, if that is what motivates them. I want our elected officials to represent the interests of the voters, instead of being loyal to the local party and their power brokers.

      Hope you enjoy your waffles with Bill, while the rest of us will be working to keep our Democratic Republic and holding our elected officials accountable to us, the voters.

      • Bob Matson says:

        Mark, obviously an elected official owes their loyalty to their constituents, not to any party. But at the same time, when a candidate runs as member of a party, it’s clearly not too much to ask to show some modicum of support to the party and its other elected officials. Want to run as a Democrat? Be a Democrat. Want to run as a Republican? It’s not too much to ask to actually be a Republican. If someone doesn’t want to do that, they can run as an Independent. And this is a Republican primary we’re talking about.
        I won’t get into the merits or demerits of any particular candidates, I’m confident that everyone who reads this page has pretty much made up their minds already, just as we have. If Mr. Haley wins the nomination, he may well make a great Senator. I don’t know him. Bill is a known quality to me and I know he’ll be outstanding in the Senate. But should he lose, I’ll support whoever our candidate is because my loyalty is to our ideals as an organization, not to any one person.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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