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A Word on Supervisor Elton Wade Appointing Norm Sulser to the Hanover School Board

When Hanover Supervisor Elton Wade opened his mouth and declared he was appointing Norm Sulser to the Hanover School Board as a reward for helping him (Wade) get elected (again) to the BOS, a righteous firestorm erupted.

This smacks of corruption and good ole boy politics that the citizens oh Hanover County have come to deplore.

Essentially, Wade said this was a quid pro quo.

That was as stupid a comment as I have ever heard from a politician.

And Wade deserves the wrath of Hanover Residents that he is receiving. And his response defending the choice of Norm Sulser shows Wade is completely out of touch with reality and is undermining the faith and trust of the Citizens of Hanover, not to mention the Board of Supervisors.

I take issue with Elton Wade accepting taxpayer money that is far and above the pay scale of a crossing guard. An honorable man would cut his pay to that of a grade 6 position. Wade is taking advantage and he ought to be ashamed of himself for accepting $30,030 a year for such a job. Wade had broken the faith of taxpayers allowing himself to accept that much money for such a position.

And while I personally take issue with the way Elton Wade is taking advantage of Hanover County and recklessly using appointments to reward his supporters, I feel I must speak up in defense of Norm Sulser.

I have known Norm Sulser for several years. He taught both of my children and they both adore him.

Norm probably does not remember but my son was in his Horticulture Class at Lee Davis – I believe Norm was substituting long term for a teacher out on maternity leave. My son had goofed around and found himself needing every class his senior year in order to graduate. As a parent, I worried that failing to graduate with his class would keep him from ever getting his High School Diploma.

My son was teetering between D’s and F’s and in danger of failing his senior year – for Horticulture.

I called Sulser and asked him if there was something my son could do for extra credit, even on the weekends if necessary.

Mr. Sulser assured me he was not going to fail but he was going to work and learn the material.

I thanked Norm and told him that would be our secret.

This educator took a special interest in my son and he passed the class. And he actually learned. My son owes his High School Diploma to Norm Sulser. Plain and simple.

I later got to know Norm while I was working as the Mechanicsville Magisterial District Chairman. Norm works with the High School Government Classes and sends and coordinates students to help man the polls on election day.

Every one of the students I had the pleasure of working with at the polls absolutely loved and respected Norm Sulser. And Norm makes the rounds, bringing snacks and beverages to the students, making sure they are doing what they are supposed to do and he spends time with them all. I have no doubt the money for the snacks and drinks comes out of Norm’s pocket.

I believe Norm Sulser to be a man of outstanding character and probably more qualified than anyone I know to serve on the Hanover School Board. And I am seriously concerned that Hanover County could miss out on appointing a good man and a needed asset that I know will put the student’s interest first because of the stupidity of one Supervisor and the ill advised words he used to announce his appointment.

The process that got us to this point stinks. Elton Wade called me before his last election and assured me this would be his last term. Elton is a nice man that has been doing some things I consider reprehensible with the money we have entrusted him to watch. There lies my contention with Wade.

But Norm Sulser is a good choice no matter how the process worked and I would strongly recommend that he be appointed to the Hanover School Board and I would urge the Board of Supervisors to approve this appointment.

There are areas where I take issue with Elton Wade. This is not one of them.


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