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All Republican Hanover BOS Unlikely After November 2015 Election

Republican BOSFour years ago a lot of us were working very hard to elect an “All Republican” Board of Supervisors in Hanover County.

Hanover County is a Republican stronghold, after all, and the task was not impossible. In fact, as it turned out, with the exception of the Mechanicsville District race between incumbent Debbie Winans, an Independent, and Republican Canova Peterson, most of the races were very one-sided in favor of the Republican. Peterson won by a razor thin 75 votes against the Independent. (The results are here.)

But that is unlikely to be the case after November’s election.

Many Hanover residents are disappointed in the way the Republicans have been running the county.

One of the first actions the new “All Republican” Board of Supervisors took was to stack people that either were developers or had strong ties to developers, real estate professionals and others with an interest in eliminating proffers on an advisory board to study the possibility of eliminating proffers and advise the Board.

That is pretty much like asking a group of vegans to decide between steak and veggie platters. The outcome was assured. And, of course, the BOS took the recommendation and eliminated proffers.

And what really angered many in Hanover was the fact that some on the BOS potentially come into a windfall because of their vote. Many see this as a conflict of interest at worse and a betrayal of the trust of the voters at best.

The Times Dispatch reported:

After having been the subject of an inquiry about a conflict of interest from the Hanover Democratic Committee, Wayne Hazzard, who represents the South Anna District on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, recently addressed those accusations.

He was responding to a letter that had submitted by Toni Radler, who serves as vice chair of the county Democrats. Supervisors and County Attorney Sterling E. Rives III were among county officials to receive her letter questioning Hazzard’s role in last year’s vote to remove cash proffers. In the letter, she said it appeared that Hazzard voted on the removal of the cash proffer policy with a conflict of interest.

Radler claimed Hazzard’s company owned subdivision land with proffer assessments of more than $413,000.

“It appears that at least one subdivision with pre-existing proffers is owned by South Anna District supervisor Wayne Hazzard along with James A. ‘Sonny” Hill, the letter from Radler stated.

Hazzard’s response was that there was no subdivision (yet) so all was well and he had not benefited. That excuse was a lot like Bill Clinton’s statement “I never had sex with that woman”. Virginia Right! is looking into this potential conflict and a story should be out in a few days. There were some questions not asked and the right people were not asked the questions that should have been asked. More on that at a future date.

In addition to the Hazzard questions, Republican Supervisor Elton Wade was discovered to have managed to bring in a tidy payday at $41.25 for a school crossing job! A job that is supposed to pay far less.

And the number of high density apartments is blooming, thanks to the elimination of proffers which make apartments far more attractive to developers. And it is hard to find any of the Republican supervisors who are not tied directly or peripherally to the developers. Canover Peterson is an architect and if you check VPAP you will see a who’s who of developers giving money to the board. In addition, Peterson lobbied to weaken the Freedom of Information Act to allow more secrets by the government. Hanover has become overrun with developer’s money and the pace of paving Hanover has picked up.

And as you would expect when you eliminate $56 million in proffers, not only do the apartments bloom, but they come filled with children. And crime is statistically in these high density areas than in other areas of the county.

Now one group, the “Friends” of Hanover Schools, a left wing faux school union that is really friends with Educrats and not the students, are all in with the high growth rate because the schools are losing population rapidly and it has become harder and harder to justify their mantra – money, money, money. Republican Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek (known affectionately on this digital publication as “Angela Kelly Wasserman-Schultz”) is always more than happy to take developer donations. The majority of her donors are developers (have a look). And Google the names that you don’t know and see for yourself.

So Kelly-Wiecek has allied herself with the left leaning School organization who laughingly says “it’s for the kids”. No, it’s “for the money”.  But with enrolement in Hanover Schools dropping like a rock, Kelly has found the “sweet spot” for cash nestled between the left wing money hawks using the schools as a cash cow and the developers who want to pave the county. The developers out of control building aligns quite nicely with the left wing school group desperate to reverse the dropping enrollment trend. A perfect storm.

So how much is the enrollment dropping? A report out today is startling”

Enrollment has been decreasing since a peak in 2006-07, anywhere from a handful to a couple hundred students per year, according to data supplied by David Myers, assistant superintendent of budget and operations. The peak nearly a decade ago was 18,844. The current school year’s enrollment is 17,734, and next year’s is projected at 17,591. That’s a difference of 1,253 students, or an average of about 50 fewer at each of Hanover’s schools compared to the 2006-07 population.

Almost 1,300 fewer students over the last decade. But you wouldn’t know it by the whiners at Friends of Hanover Schools. And I was shocked to see the student to teacher ratio was 12:1. there is one teacher for every 12 students! And this group is fighting to increase spending on the schools, hire more teachers and (mostly) fat cat Educrat Administrators who do nothing to educate the kids. Once those numbers get out there it makes it harder and harder to justify more money. Taxpayers are soaked by these people. And nothing they want will help the education process at all.

NOTE: For the teachers that doubt this ratio and are leaving comments here, on Facebook and other places this has been shared, READ THE ARTICLE TO WHICH I LINKED!!! And for those who are still too lazy and want to dispute the facts, the article published in the Herald Progress states:

The 2014-15 school budget funds 1,441 teachers for 17,734 students, for an overall ratio of 12.3 students per teacher (which doesn’t preclude individual classrooms from having significantly more or fewer students).

Your arguments about class size are irrelevant when discussing wow many teachers are being paid vs. how many students are enrolled.

So when people think back to 4 years ago, what were the headlines? In February 2011 the headline at NBC-12 screamed:

Hanover Co. enjoying million dollar surplus!

And now, after four years under an “All Republican” Board of Supervisors and an economy that has been improving since then, the picture is not so bright. Are we better off now then four years ago?

With the elimination of proffers that have cost the county a reported $56 million, the influx of lower income high density housing, police, fire and all of our county services are suffering. In the Mechanicsville Local:

Phillip Hutchinson, district chief of the Ashland Volunteer Fire Company, said the additional eight positions outlined in this year’s proposal are needed and appreciated, but fall short of the request made by Hanover Fire-EMS Chief Jethro Piland.

“I stand here before you tonight asking for your support for Chief Piland’s request for 12 positions,” Hutchinson said.

The eight proposed new positions are targeted to meet staffing needs at Companies 1 and 3.

“The additional four positions are needed to fill the demands of the citizens as our call volumes continue to grow,” Hutchinson said.

So suffice it to say that there is very little that this “All Republican” board has done that actually improved the lot of the county. And it is clear that we are not better off. Most expect higher taxes as a result of the loss of proffers. We will have to pay as developers and their friends line their pockets. And we have real needs in the services the county is required to provide.

Four years ago Republican Governor Bob McDonnell was begging for a Republican majority in the State Senate and an even larger majority in the House of Delegates. And the voters delivered McDonnell’s wishes. So 2011 was a strong Republican year.

But what happened when McDonnell gained control of both houses? He pushed through the largest tax hike in the history of the C0mmonwealth. And then managed to land a conviction for corruption.

I added the line to Virginia Right!

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

And one result of the tax hike and the corruption was we now have Terry McAuliffe as our governor.

And one of the things that caught my attention was an email from state Senator Walter Stosch who rammed McDonnell’s tax hike through the Senate that he would oppose any tax hike from Terry McAuliffe. And he called him a tax and spend liberal. So suddenly Stosch is anti-tax.

And so it is with a lot of Republicans. When they lose the majority, or at least have some Democrats sharing power, they get Conservative again.

So what if the Hanover Board of Supervisors is no longer all Republican?

What if we had a Democrat or two on the board when Elton Wade’s exorbitant crossing guard salary was exposed. Would Democrats have turned a blind eye to this and other things that go on in Hanover? Would these Democrats have kept quiet as board members potentially vote themselves a financial windfall?

The answer is absolutely not.

We have a two party system. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I am a Republican and I am not advocating the election of Democrats nor will I work for the Democrats. Note: The Hanover County Republican Committee is presently at war with Conservatives and is trying to find reasons to kick as many Conservatives out of the party as possible. This is a disclaimer that I neither support nor advocate for any party other than the Republican Party.

But I think at least two Democrats could win this November as a direct result of the way Republicans act when they have absolute power. And if that serves to bring better government and more honesty and openness to the county, then is that a bad thing? And as I listen to Republicans criticize Hillary for using personal email, knowing that several Republican board members did the same thing, it is hard to tell the Democrats from the Republicans.

But if (or when) my prediction comes true, it will not be because of something I wrote, it will be because of something the Republican BOS did. They failed to live by the Republican Creed, grew arrogant and believed themselves invincible. Well, you’re not. Neither was Bob McDonnell.

But this board of supervisors has given a lot of Republicans incentive to stay home on election day and they have probably energized the Democrats and the ones in between to elect Democrats to at least have some of the two party benefits that tend to keep our elected servants honest.

And if it happens as I predict, Hanover elected Republicans can say “I made this”.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

31 Responses to “All Republican Hanover BOS Unlikely After November 2015 Election”

  1. Steven Tucker

    Why would anyone wilfully elect people to BOS with ties to developers? We can’t just elect republicans. We’ve got to elect principled conservatives.

    • Gene Lefty says:

      I somewhat agree with you.

      But first, tell me this. There is a one of those yellow signs along the road in Mechanicville that implies that the founding fathers preached and practiced “self reliance” rather than a government hand out. Well, how can a slave owner who beats a man with a bull whip to get them to do their dirty work be called “self reliant”? Were the founding fathers not slave owners?

      By the same token, how can a group that manipulates wages to ensure that we still have people who are forced to do the dirty work for a non-livable wage not be called a slave owner? Can one therefore define a Conservative as someone who believes in a wage for the poor, (7.25 hr.) that is non-livable? Nothing but modern day slave owners, heh?

      Isn’t this country now being given to the descendants of those who were beaten with a bullwhip to build it? Say it ain’t so. Are you part of that group that calls themself Conservative, and yet believes in modern day slavery, which is exactly what people who are forced to work for minimum wage are? Modern day slaves.

      I believe that what goes around, eventually comes around. I do not believe for one minute that God is going to let slavery go unpunished. The punishment appears to be that God is going to make those who do not repent, the slaves of those who still believe in slavery. He appears to be slowly making the slave owner the slaves.

      What to do? Repent, and ask for forgiveness. Give up on greed. Enjoy what God has given you, and stop attacking the poor. Or, become a slave. Just who is the slave, the one who pays for government assistance, or the one who receives it? (Welfare, food stamps, etc.)

      Proverbs 14:31. And there are many more similar verses warning about doing wrong to the poor. The day of reckoning is here. Do you not see it?

      Stop attacking the poor, or suffer the consequences.

      • Paul Thiel says:

        It has been a long time since I have read a more uninformed opinion as this from Gene Lefty.How many residents of Hanover County have parents and grandparents who came to the Great United States from England,Ireland,Germany,Poland and dozens of other countries well after the Civil War and had nothing to do with the”Bullwhip”
        and did not condone slavery or engage in it? Are not those same”Founding Fathers” the same ones who said all men are created equal.Stop blaming all that went on after the Civil War on all the great hard working Americans who came here well after the Civil War-which by the way the learned scholar Dr. Walter Williams states that the war and all it’s passions were over the issue of States Rights as how many soldiers on both sides had slaves or were even familiar with the slave mentality. Passion to fight and die arose from an overbearing government forcing itself on everyday citizens.Sound familiar?
        How many good contributing citizens today began working for a minimum wage in many many different businesses? Could this possibly have been an incentive to do whatever it took to get an education and better themselves? Will $10.00 hamburgers sell or $15.00 chickens? Understand the circle pal?
        I appreciate what God has given me and I enjoy giving to the “Truly Poor”

  2. AL Moore says:

    Didn’t you support the reduction of proffers when initially proposed? And where are all these apartments you claim to be popping up?

    • Tom White says:

      No. I never supported eliminating proffers. And I didn’t argue for keeping them either. We were told that other revenue would make up for it. I am not sure anyone favored eliminating over $50 million in revenue. We were supposed to see businesses and jobs rise in Hanover. But the promised offsets never materialized. Just the additional profit in developer’s pockets and donations to politicians. We were duped.

      And you just need to check the papers for the many new apartment complexes approved or in the works. The full impact of that has yet to hit. But it is already starting to negatively impact services.

  3. Sydney Moser says:

    When Cold Harbor Supervisor Elton Wade voted for the 172 Apartment Units at Kings Acres Road in Chickahominy District where Angela Kelly Wasserman Shultz led the approval of these Renter Occupied units over Owner Occupied units in her district , Mr. Wade said his Planning Commissioner Ashley Peace told him to vote for them. One of Chris Peace’s large political donors was apparently an investor in these apartments and called Wade and asked him to vote for them as well.

    Think about that- when you go to vote.

  4. Robert Shannon

    Anyone paying attention the last 4 years should come to the conclusion I have about local elective office. I will no longer support anyone who has spent their entire working lives in the public sector. They have lived in a bubble and think that taxpayers are obligated to hand out pay raises every year, and continue to pay almost the entire costs of their now bloated public sector compensation packages, regardless of what is happening in the real world. Besides their regular vacation they now get 11 paid holidays ( the equivalent of another 2 weeks a year ), paid sick leave, when wages in the private sector have been stagnant at best or falling for the last decade.

    If you support candidates who have or are employed as developers, in the real estate business, contracting business you then get what you deserve. They have and will continue to feather their own nests a well as their benefactors.

    Members of this Hanover Board came to MTP meetings in late 2010 and 2011 and promised to cut spending, reduce the size and scope of Hanovers bloated government and they have done nothing along those lines. Indeed taxes in Hanover are bound to explode with the types of projects that the planning commission is/has been approving and the citizens of Hanover can continue to sit on their hands and open up their wallets or do something about it.

    As for slavery ( and I am not sure how that fits in ) allow me to share some economic facts . Minimum wage is a wage that most people stay at for a abbreviated period of time, not for life. The damage done to youth employment by minimum wages is well documented. Links to minimum wage increases and youth unemployment are well documented, specifically the harm raising it does to employment opportunities for our young inexperienced workers who have to start in low wage jobs in order to gain experience and move on up.

    I worked for $1.60 and hour and later on at $2.15 an hour to get some job/work experience and then move on up the employment and wage scale.I spent no more than 2-3 years in that wage range and after acquiring some work skills began making more money as I went along. Wages are set and should be by the marketplace. Unless and until we reach full employment wages will continue to stagnate, no rule or law forcing employers to pay more will work, so long as their is a imbalance between supply and demand. Wages increase ONLY WHEN EMPLOYERS HAVE TO COMPETE FOR DWINDLING SUPPLIES OF LABORERS. Whether one would like to see “livable wages” is another story. It isn’t rocket science that wages grew steadily throughout U.S. History until the late 60’s early 70’s when the labor unions demands began the long process of inflating wage bases beyond employers ability to pay. Raise the cost for business and what do they do—automate as much as they can. If you have been to Europe in recent years look at the fast food industry there—no workers on the front line, you order your food at a computer terminal. Raise costs ( and wages are a cost ) and business will figure out a way to reduce costs–it’s what businesses are supposed to do.

    If wage increase were the manna from heaven then perhaps someone might explain what happened in Detroit and what is happening in the public sector today with retired prison guards in California collecting pensions over 100 grand. It has led to what has happened in California , and why that state , among others are such financial basket cases. We see school superintendents here in central Virginia being paid $70,000 more a year than we pay the Governor. We have now baskets of Hanover government officials earning 6 figures.

    Government should pave the roads, provide for a national defense and settle disputes among the States. Everything after that was a mistake, and by leading citizens to believe government can or should solve all of societies problems it has only gotten worse. Politicians who make these promises and the citizens who get sucked into believing them are now getting the end results. Perhaps it is just what they deserve.

    Bob Shannon

  5. High School Teacher says:

    The teacher to student ratio is completely false. As a teacher myself, I know of no regular classroom teacher who has less than 25 students in most of their classes. The ratio of 12:1 takes into account teachers, teacher’s aides, administrators, librarians, and school counselors on the “teacher” side of the teacher:student ratio. Not only that, but classes (such as self contained special education classes) with fewer than 5 or 6 students in a classroom get averaged together with regular education classes where there are 25 or more students. So, a special ed class with 5 students would likely have two teachers (one teacher and one aide). Add that to the regular ed class with 1 teacher and 25 students yield 3 teachers and 30 student. Divide that out and we get an average of 10 students to every 1 teacher.
    Like everything else in education these days, it’s a numbers game.

    • Tom White says:

      I added the comment to the article below because some “teachers” are unable to comprehend the difference between student to teacher ratio, which is simple math and classroom size which is a manifestation of poorly used resources. The teacher – student ratio is calculated by dividing the number of students by the number of teachers. If you can’t understand that then you may want to avoid common core:

      NOTE: For the teachers that doubt this ratio and are leaving comments here, on Facebook and other places this has been shared, READ THE ARTICLE TO WHICH I LINKED!!! And for those who are still too lazy and want to dispute the facts, the article published in the Herald Progress states:

      The 2014-15 school budget funds 1,441 teachers for 17,734 students, for an overall ratio of 12.3 students per teacher (which doesn’t preclude individual classrooms from having significantly more or fewer students).

      Your arguments about class size are irrelevant when discussing wow many teachers are being paid vs. how many students are enrolled.
      Tom White recently posted…Our Weasel Of The Week NomineesMy Profile

  6. sydney Moser says:

    The Teachers will all turn out to vote for Chris Peace for Delegate knowing he didn’t go to public school and chooses Private education over Public Education for his own children.

    Here’s an idea- just don’t vote for him in November to send a message to a candidate who is running unopposed and is Fund Raising like he’s running against a well funded Democrat- which he is not.

    The single biggest problem facing Hanover County public schools is the Republican Board of Supervisors which voted to eliminate Proffers fees for their wealthy developer donors and at the same time voted for high density housing in the Hanover County Comprehensive Plan. Mrs. Peace- Wife of Delegate Chris Peace- supported the Mixed Use Zoning allowing 15 unit per acre residential housing along with David Maloney- Hanover County Planning Director who wrote the new standard.

    Tax Increases, redistricting of schools, trailer classrooms, and BONDS for new Schools will all be factors facing the taxpayers as a result of the of the developers and the candidates they elected to the Hanover Republican Board of Supervisors.

    If you are a Teacher- Vote to Change the Board of Supervisors in November.

  7. W. S. Wright

    From my perspective, A. KELLY-WICEK has been the most destructive HA BOS EVER. Vote her O-U-T in November!

  8. Robert Shannon

    It is my intention today to write a letter to the Mech Local detailing the points Peace made in his announcements, along with a close critical look at just who endorsed him.

    Needless to say the 9 years he has been in the G.A what major problems, what I call the big 4 has he attempted to address ?

    What Del Peace has done is very cleverly constructed the persona of “protecting” this class or that class. which lends to the appearance that he is compassionate. Who is FOR domestic abuse ? WHO is for abusing the elderly ? WHO is for abusing the disabled ? WHO doesn’t like apple pie, Mom and puppies.?

    Bob Shannon

  9. Bob McMahan says:

    The proper solution for some of this might be prosecution. If Bob McDonald went to jail for much less serious offences, some of these folks might be incarcerated as well.

  10. sydney Moser says:

    Mr. McMahon:

    In order for the Hanover County Commonwealth’s Attorney to prosecute the “conflicts of interest”in Hanover County, you will need to vote for a new Commonwealth’s Attorney in November. You see the incumbent CA ,Mr. Tripp Chalkley, used to date his campaign manager- Emma Lee Mitchell- who is a developer/ real estate agent in Hanover County. Mrs. Mitchell worked very hard to elect Chalkley and this All Republican Board of Supervisors in 2011. She ran the Proffers Committee which voted to eliminate $52 million in proffers when she owed almost $400,000 in Proffers herself on the Elm Field Subdivision in South Anna where she worked to get Mr. Hazzard elected and worked to defeat John Gordon although she lives in Beaverdam- not South Anna. It was Mr. Hazzard, who along with Mr. Canova Peterson, who initiated the elimination of the $19,500 per home proffer tax so the developers could benefit. Now it is evident the county needed the Proffers Taxes to pay for school improvements. Mrs. Mitchell and her supervisors have been a disaster for Hanover County. Mr. Hazzard also owed proffers on his “investment property.” Where are the conflicts charges from the Commonwealth Attorney? Oh that’s right- they supported Mr. Chalkley in 2007 and 2011.

    Vote Ed Vaughn for Commonwealth’s Attorney June 9th if you want to end Conflicts of Interest in Hanover County.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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