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Americans Increasingly Desperate to Hold Political Representatives Accountable

Our government is out of control. This seems to be a statement bereft of controversy. All the charts, graphs, and statistics appear to bare out this fact.  What no one seems to agree upon is what we ought to do about it.

The most prevalent approach amongst activists, at least within the Republican Party, is to primary their Representatives and to replace them on election day. This is the most obvious Constitutional Method we have for replacing poor representatives. However, this approach is fiercely opposed by established political party structures which control everything from local party apparatus to national fund-raising. One Tea Party candidate after another, with a few exceptions, were beaten by extremely unpopular incumbents. How is “voting them out” a successful strategy when “they” control the entire process?

Gaining steam within the States is another Constitutional method for taking on bad legislators, known as Article V. Article V refers to the two avenues with which the law of the land can be changed in our Republic. The first method is for Congress to pass amendments to the Constitution and to submit them to the States for ratification. The second method is for the States to call their own convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the national Congress, which if ratified by the States, is obligatorily executed by the Federal Government.

The advantage of Article V is that whichever methods is used, it is a Constitutionally protected and philosophically republican process, requiring The States to sign off on the changes. Furthermore, under Article V, the States may use the United States Constitution to protect themselves against an out of control Federal Establishment. However, many republicans fear that a “Convention of The States” could result in amendments which would further erode our individual liberties, and, in truth, there is nothing to stop such a convention, if the States were so inclined, from destroying liberty in America. Though, I must say, I think it is paranoid and hysterical to believe that two thirds of the State Legislatures would pass amendments resulting, not in the limitation of federal powers, but rather in the limitation of personal liberty.

The Third movement, which is more of a question than an actual plan at this point, purports to simply hold our political representatives accountable to the Constitution(s) we already have. The entire Constitutional crisis is a crisis precisely because our elected officials and our unelected bureaucracy are currently acting outside of the Constitution and we, We The People, seem to have no legal recourse against them. This idea, which is the most rational of all the ideas I’ve heard, is simply a demand for a process through which we can hold our elected officials criminally liable for unconstitutional or extra-constitutional acts.

In other words, the problem with our government today is primarily that it does whatever it wants to, without any Constitutional basis for doing whatever it is that it is doing. The Federal Government was assigned certain specific powers under the United States Constitution and the federal government was intended to be limited to those, and only those, powers. Well, we’ve lost this security and liberty as citizens, and the only powers our government seems unable to possess are those powers which specifically contradict liberties guaranteed to the citizens.

Every profession in America has certain standards for which professionals are liable. Doctors and lawyers are liable according to the law and if they break their oaths or act in ways unbecoming of their profession, they can have their licenses revoked. Meanwhile, politicians seem to have no professional liability whatsoever. They have been left to police themselves (which is a joke) and we the people have no recourse against them, save for the ballot box.

Which process do I think is best? Which route should we take?


My God, friends, that we are arguing over the best strategy for saving our liberties and protecting the States from inevitable bankruptcy at the hands of an irresponsible federal government is absurd. We need to be executing every strategy we can think of, simultaneously; if we can’t get our State Legislature to sign on to Article V or if a proposed convention seems not to go far enough, then we need to be at the same time petitioning our State Legislators to pass laws which make them legally liable for their behavior – that makes them accountable to the State Constitution.  If this strategy gains popularity, nationally, then we take it to the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, as we do both of these things, we try to primary every poor representative we can pick off, we actively recruit exciting new candidates, we become smarter and more strategic with when, and to whom, we donate money, and we get involved in these campaigns!

I don’t think our liberty has much time left. I don’t think we should be arguing about the best way to stop our out of control government. Let’s try everything we can, as often as we can, with as much energy as we can muster – because, what’s the alternative? How much time do you really think we have left?

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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  1. Kim Singhas says:

    Readers of VA Right would be well served to go to the link below to learn more about the Article V Convention

  2. Kim Singhas says:

    Carolyn Worssam’s article is a must read for Christian Patriots- well researched and biblically based:

  3. Jose Brock

    Term Limits?

  4. Jack Lee

    SBT for ……… ?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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