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And Your 2016 Presidential Nominee’s Are….

The history of presidential political theater and the superficiality of the American voter doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence amongst libertarian and constitutional intellectuals for the upcoming 2016 elections.

While the establishments struggle to inspire faith and positive feelings about their Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton campaigns, neither the media nor the public seem responsive to the messages coming from the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. In fact, if we’re sitting around contemplating who has the best chance to win, we would probably do a better job if we considered the size of disgraced Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s biceps or the genuine tenor of Marco Rubio’s fluency in Spanish.

Sometimes elections come down to the most basic and absurd narratives and images – I’m thinking of Bill Clinton playing a saxophone in shades on Arsenio Hall or folks fainting as candidate Obama delivered one of his remarkable speeches in the run up to his immaculation.

cdn-media.nationaljournal.comTherefore it wouldn’t surprise me if the young, in shape, ex-governor of Maryland channeled his best Steve Cropper in a tight short-sleeved shirt on Saturday Night Live, and that such a spectacle wouldn’t win him a majority of Democrat voters. A young, guitar playing governor with a Vladimir Putin bod’ would have much more appeal to the uneducated mob of Democrat voters than a decrepit, perpetually mired in scandal, Hillary Clinton. His youthful and idealistic narrative ought to be more persuasive than the wretched and uninspiring Marxist agendas of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. O’Malley wasn’t born in Hope, but he was born in Washington D.C. the one place with more imagination and less reality than Hollywood, California.

And if we can imagine such a superficial movement on the left, I doubt it would be much of a struggle to imagine it on the right. I have already heard several mainstream Republicans tell me that they support Marco Rubio because he speaks Spanish. They don’t know a single data point regarding his policies, but the Senator is young, speaks well, and can speak in Spanish. For many Republicans, that’s enough. Why? Oh, well, because Republicans are still stuck in the Nixonian thinking that Hispanics should become to the Republican Party what African-Americans became to the Democrats. After all, Nixon didn’t invent the term “Hispanic” for nothing. This is a long ago born Republican dream which has produced no results and has, frankly, disgusted its’ base.

The consultants will tell you what a blessing a Rubio nomination would be, since it would effectively take amnesty off the table for the Democrats. They’ll tell us that if we nominate Rubio and lay down on amnesty, that Rubio will be the best chance for Republicans to pick up Hispanic and “moderate” votes. Oh, and he’s from Florida! The Republicans have to have Florida if they want to win the White House. I can see the narrative being written before my eyes.

Over the next year, we’ll hear a lot of talk and debate about policy and about records, but when it comes to the voting public, records and policy doesn’t get people to the polls – biceps, saxophones, guitars, and a Republican speaking Spanish just might. You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. Your 2016 nominees will be Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Martin O’Malley.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “And Your 2016 Presidential Nominee’s Are….”

  1. Katherine T. says:

    Is Hillary VYING for the Presidency or LYING for the Presidency?

    Who in their right mind would even consider voting for such a pathological LIAR? Almost a bigger liar than Oblamo.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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