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Are the Cuccinelli Rule Changes an ‘Incumbent Protection Plan’ for the Republican Party? Or Just Voter Disenfranchisement?

By Kim Singhas

Fellow Patriots:


I urge you to read the blog posted on The Bull Elephant written by Ken Cuccinelli which outlines the controversial rules changes proposed  at the RNC Convention in Cleveland by a minority in the Republican Party.  The Bull Elephant’s Co-Founder Steve Albertson, some of his Conservative Fellowship members, along with some other Virginia delegates  formed an allied front with former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s floor fight  for rules changes  at the convention. Albertson blogged live from the floor of the convention  in case you missed it.


Breitbart called this staged rebellion the end of Cuccinelli’s political career. The floor protest was broadcast LIVE on every network and cable news outlet in America in order to portray a divided Republican Party to millions of Hillary Clinton voters across America. How very patriotic of Constitution loving Senator Mike Lee,  Ken Cuccinelli, and Steve Albertson and their so called  “conservative fellowship.”


As you read the proposed RNC rules changes put forth by this unified  merry band of brothers and sisters, I ask you to focus on these three little words: [rad-hl] incentivizing closed primaries[/rad-hl].


Here is the one paragraph version: We proposed changes in seven subject areas: RNC reforms, incentivizing closed primaries, getting rid of the most rigged parts of our nomination system, clearly addressing how binding will be decided by states in the future (not 2016), spreading out the nomination calendar so more states will matter more and requiring a majority for winner-take-all, changing aspects of the national convention rules to be more transparent and accessible to the grassroots, and changing the delegation allocation formula to be based on GOP performance rather than population.


[New] Rule 14(9) – Bonus Delegates for Closed Primaries
This proposal provides for a 20% bonus for the total number of delegates allocated to states that hold closed primaries/nominations (not including RNC super delegates).  For example, Virginia has 49 delegates – 46 without the three RNC super delegates.  If Virginia closed its nomination process (it used an open primary in 2016), then Virginia would receive 10 more delegates (all fractions are rounded up).

46 x 20% = 9.2

The standard is that all participants in the primaries have to be either registered as a Republican in party registration states, or “deemed Republicans” under state party rules, 30 days prior to the commencement of voting.  There are numerous ways to encourage Republican participation that are being publicly discussed, but the “bonus delegates” approach had the broadest support among delegates of every stripe.

“Benefits include: Encouraging a system within which Republican voters – not Democrats and Unaffiliateds–choose the Republican nominee.”


What? This from Ken Cuccinelli who advocated for Conventions over PRIMARIES in Virginia when conventions favored his run for Governor against Bill Bolling in 2013?  These proposed rules changes provided an  [rad-hl]Incentive for Closed Primaries[/rad-hl]  as Ken was telling his Virginia Delegation that the proposed rules changes strengthened CONVENTIONS?


Truth be told, Ken Cuccinelli is a rabid Cruzer along with many of his Virginia Delegation “screamers” who were advocating for Party Registration and Closed Primaries with the proposed RNC rules changes: the very Rigged System Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters railed against with their populist uprising in the 2016 presidential  primaries against the Establishment operated crony capitalism in both parties which are fueled by Lobbyist Money.


These rules changes are Incumbent Protections for the Political Ruling Class in Washington and  coming as  bill proposals  to Virginia in the next General Assembly session.


If you are an insider,  you see this for what it is:  a contrived  scheme in preparation for a Hillary Clinton- Tim Kaine  victory in November  to set up a Ted Cruz 2020 presidential bid.


Let us have the frank discussion one final time- Ted Cruz’s political career is over. Texas Republicans are working night and day to primary Cruz  in the next election according to one Texas congressman who said that ON THE RECORD.


Cruz violated his oath to support the Republican Nominee and that is a deadly sin in the eyes of the Republican Party fathers. Last week, in an act of retribution, Republicans removed  former Virginia Delegate Dr. Mark Berg, a strident Conservative with a voting record to prove it, from membership and his Chairman’s role in his own Frederick County GOP Committee for not endorsing the man who primaried him in 2015,  Chris Collins,  and who went on to win the seat last November.


Ponder that hypocrisy for a moment in light of Ted Cruz’s “non- endorsement”  of GOP Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. Add John Kasich and Jeb Bush and the entire Bush Dynasty to that equation.


As a result of the failed attempted coup at the RNC convention, Ken Cuccinelli’s acolytes are making the rounds in Virginia attending  the Tea Party and County GOP Committee meetings in  Damage Control Mode attempting  to salvage their “grassroots and conservative” base.  Why? What is Ken Cuccinelli planning to run for in the future? Is he betting on Tim Kaine’s victory to open up a US Senate seat  for a campaign in 2017? Or does he plan to run for Governor, AGAIN?


Well, I am a Virginia grassroots activist. I am a fiscal conservative, a Patriot,  was a College Republican, am a  lifelong Republican voter, and I’m not drinking their Kool Aid. Ken Cuccinelli and his So-Con delegation don’t represent me and failed miserably to represent me at the convention in Cleveland.


I urge you to oppose Voter Registration by Party  and Closed Primaries in Virginia when they come to your local meetings attempting to indoctrinate you.


Closed Primary is code for Voter Disenfranchisement. You can’t ask independent voters to vote in November for your “Republican Candidate” when you didn’t allow them to vote in June in the primary. These are the same people in the “behind the scenes”  Republican Party Leadership who introduced the idea of a loyalty oath to keep Donald Trump voters from participating in the March Primary in Virginia.  If you want to blow up the Republican Party of Virginia once and for all  and insure no Republican will ever be elected in a state wide election again, go ahead and  introduce that bill in the General Assembly in 2017.


Another argument to be made against Closed Primaries can be made at the local level where one party Democrat or Republican may dominate the slate of  Constitutional Officers at the county level. Every single voter in a county, Black or White or Brown,  Democrat or Republican,  Independent or Libertarian in their political ideology, should have the right to vote in a primary election for Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Clerk of the Court, Treasurer, and Commissioner of Revenue or any other elected position even County Supervisor regardless of that candidate’s party.  If the Republicans go down this road of Party Registration in the General Assembly it will backfire on them and brand them the Party of Voter Disenfranchisement and they will never win another statewide election in Virginia.


As a door knocker and phone caller and activist for decades I will share with you what many federal employees, state employees, law enforcement officers, military service voters in all branches, veterans, teachers, and business owners have told me over my many years of campaigning: they will not register to vote by political party because those records are Public and they privately fear retaliation by unions or  the party in control- targeting  their careers, threatening their promotions,  or businesses especially where contracts are involved. I’ve been told this for years and I have lived and worked  all over the country. It is a pervasive fear everywhere and helps explain low voter turnout in Primaries in Virginia. These people don’t vote because they fear the exposure of their names on  public voting records. The average citizen would be surprised to learn that very data is sold in Virginia by the State Board of Elections to potential candidates and those who operate the campaigns.


The Government should fear its people, The People should not fear its government.   But that’s a topic for another day.


Let me remind you that Congressman Dave Brat couldn’t have been elected and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor couldn’t have been defeated in a Closed Republican Primary in June 2014. And that fact,  Ladies and Gentlemen,  is the reason  establishment Republicans who still control the Virginia Republican State Central Committee are lobbying for Closed Primaries. They fear the Grassroots ability to organize to defeat incumbents especially in light of Trump’s victory in Virginia in the presidential primary on March 1st. They never saw that coming. 


Eric Cantor’s defeat was the reason Amnesty for Illegal Aliens was immediately  taken off the table in Washington in 2014. Cantor’s epic defeat rocked Washington to its very core. The hushed voices in the halls of Congress said  “We better start listening to the voters in our district if we want to stay in power,”  a quote from a congressional staffer to me. That was the first shot across the bow in the revolution that has led to Trump’s nomination.


Now it appears they have decided with Trump’s victory that Party Registration and closed primaries are their only salvation to maintain their power and the lobbyist money flowing into leadership’s campaign coffers.


Are you a  Patriot? Does the nation’s $20 trillion dollar debt concern you? What about the ninety four million unemployed Americans who are not contributing payroll deductions to the Ponzi Schemes of Social Security and Medicare projected to go bankrupt in ten years if not sooner?  Did you support Dave Brat and his message of a pending economic catastrophe if action isn’t taken in Washington? Then I urge you to OPPOSE Closed Primaries in Virginia in favor of Open Primaries  and communicate your position in writing and with your phone calls to your state senators and delegates because they support this  “Rigged System” to which  Mr. Trump  alludes.  Party registration and Closed Primaries favor the “insiders” who will profit  from the lucrative campaigns and the Big Money Pacs who will more importantly control the nominees and elected officials.


Look at the members of the State Central Committee? Do they earn their  livings  as campaign consultants and advisors? If so- they must be forced to resign immediately for their conflict of interest promoting Closed Primaries where they earn their living working for candidates in that system for which they are now advocating.


Go into these meetings being staged  with your eyes wide open. The Word “Conservative” coming from the  microphones of these political operatives is meaningless.


You are the Grassroots voters of Virginia. Don’t allow your elected officials and party leaders whether  they be Democrat or Republican to steal your participation in the election process with these Incumbent Protection Insurance Policies.


A very wise Ben Franklin warned us :


“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

18 Responses to “Are the Cuccinelli Rule Changes an ‘Incumbent Protection Plan’ for the Republican Party? Or Just Voter Disenfranchisement?”

  1. lawrence wood says:

    With Donald Trump’s recent primary win here in Virginia and his securing of the Republican national nomination several critical issues within the state political scene have been placed in much clearer focus for the average local Republican base voter. I will only select three out of your excellent commentary to reflect upon. The first as you state is

    “the Word “Conservative” coming from the microphones of these political operatives is meaningless”.

    I encourage everyone to peel away the rhetoric and often false opposition of views, note that these views are never actually underscored by any real acts, policies or political results to the average voter, and look solely at their end goals via the structural management of the voting process. Supposedly such opposing political entities as the ESTABLISHMENT based “Virginia Conservative Network” created after the election loss of Eric Cantor and the “Conservative Fellowship” under the so called CONSERVATIVE wing of Ken Cuccinelli and his state associates have in actual fact the exact SAME end game agenda and that is to manage the primary process so as to better control and direct their preferred selected candidates and their own personal political power bases. When so called opposing roads travel directly to the same exact intersection location you the voter aren’t being offered open choice but just different managed scenery along the way to the same result. The bottom line here is in both of these groups the end goal is NOT about you it is about them!

    The second issue in your commentary I find interesting is your statement that

    “You can’t ask independent voters to vote in November for your “Republican Candidate” when you didn’t allow them to vote in June in the primary. These are the same people in the “behind the scenes” Republican Party Leadership who introduced the idea of a loyalty oath to keep Donald Trump voters from participating in the March Primary in Virginia”

    These individuals wrap themselves in the myth of a willingness to open the Republican party to as wide of a voting audience as possible while engaging in actions to encourage the strictest narrowing of the actual doorway into the association as possible. The plain fact that Republican party membership is shrinking and has been for almost two decades and without a substantial boost from independent and unaffiliated party voters would not put party members in any office except in a few shrinking and scattered pockets of Republicanism across the country just doesn’t penetrate the mindset of these groups. Being the last person in the lifeboat NOT to be rescued is not a goal worth achieving if you wish to live and prosper. The largest growing political affiliation since the turn of the century has been independent or unaffiliated. This group dwarfs the published estimates of formal Republican membership at around 33% of voters and shrinking, while the former group is estimated at 43% and growing on a year to year basis. To restrict access to these individual’s opportunity to participate in the Republican voting process is just not nonsensical but in fact suicidal. But again the issue here is NOT what is good for the party base and Republicanism per say but rather what is good for ME and my political power base wing. Think about this rationally and realize the millennials and their voting impact has not completely arrived yet and won’t until 2036. The strategies they propose are so ill informed, so detrimental to the longevity of the survival of the party, and so motivated by self interest that they should be dismissed out of hand. For those of you that still think these so called conservatives and establishment power brokers are providing a viable path I can only say the third thing in life you can’t beat beside taxes and death is DEMOGRAPHICS.

    The final issue in your commentary and to my the most seminal is

    “We better start listening to the voters in our district if we want to stay in power,” a quote from a congressional staffer to me. That was the first shot across the bow in the revolution that has led to Trump’s nomination.

    The final and in my opinion most fundamental fact that serves as the ultimate rational for these party restricting actions and the focal basis for the anti-Trump actions past and ongoing is that “THEY DON’T TRUST THE VOTING BASE”. They have inverted the logic and purpose of any political party association which is NOT to propose, select and manage the electoral candidate process to present to the voting base “their” best and brightest judgments BUT rather to facilitate the electoral event and assist in the navigation of a winning strategy via a policy platform and other supporting party assets. They have spun the casual arrow around to point at themselves and away from those they are in place to serve, not control or manage or judge but serve. Always keep this in mind when they travel to your districts and gatherings to expound on all they are going to do for YOU and take note they will never ASK you what you want but be very aggressive in telling you what you need!

    Finally if you are called conspiratorial or suffering from paranoid delusions as I have frequently been by these and their fellow travelers spinning their political tales of why their convention actions were all about us the voters and have nothing to do with the nomination of Trump and it’s impact on their power base when they travel to your location to wind this web of deceit just ask this one simple question that I have asked them both pre and post convention and note the result. Is Ken Cuccinelli willing to stand in front of any major media outlet (they will be delighted with the opportunity) to let him make an “in person” on the record statement regarding his endorsement position of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. I have been waiting weeks for even a hint of such an action perhaps you will have better luck, but I doubt it.

    • VA Tech Mom and Dad says:

      Want more proof? the DNC Chairwoman Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz D- FL supported Closed Primaries to elect Hillary and keep Bernie voters from participating in the primary process: Trump is correct the system is definitely rigged against the grassroots.

      “Want proof? Wasserman Schultz long ago publicly voiced her support for closed primaries. One uncovered email relates to how the Democratic Party even reduced polling locations during Rhode Island primaries to dilute support for Hillary’s chief rival, Bernie Sanders.
      And if it took this long for something like this to enter the public limelight, imagine how long it’s been going on — not just among Democrats, but also Republicans.”

    • Kim Singhas says:

      Mr. Wood,

      I appreciate your kind and insightful commentary. You are most definitely a Patriot.

      I am not a writer or a blogger. To my knowledge, I am the first person to expose for the grassroots voters of Virginia what really happened in Cleveland. We are all indebted to Mr. Tom White for this platform to publish the Truth instead of the RPV talking points published on other websites.

      In 2015, following Congressman Dave Brat’s historic victory I asked two of Hanover County’s Establishment GOP representatives Senator Ryan McDougle and my Delegate Hyland “Buddy” Fowler if they supported closed primaries and both told me “Yes.” Both gave an emphatic “YES” in their support for them. No surprise- they were both Cantor Backers.

      So when the Republican strongholds of Hanover and New Kent Counties, Congressman Dave Brat’s best counties in his epic victory over Eric Cantor in June 2014, were GERRYMANDERED out the the 7th District and into the 1st District by Cantor’s political operatives in 2015, I sat back and quietly watched the Republicans go into action.

      When I was called and hassled repeatedly by the grassroots and Tea Party leaders to support Steve Albertson for 1st District, I made one phone call and was told “He’s not grassroots. He’s an operative.”

      So I made the decision to sit on the sidelines and watched them all fall through the TRAP DOOR.

      Ken Cuccinelli is a Benedict Arnold: A traitor to the grassroots now that he is backing Closed Primaries and Party Registration when it served him to support CONVENTIONS and used that position to take over the State Central Committee and vote for a Convention to defeat Bill Bolling in 2013 for the GOP nomination for Governor.

      Now Cuccinelli is supporting the RPV Chairman and the GOP Establishment to support Closed Primaries and Party registration.

      There is a war going on in the Republican Party of Virginia. And for those voters who don’t understand what team they need to be on allow me to spell it out: it is us “the grassroots voters” vs. the Establishment GOP who are owned by the Lobbyists and the PACs and we must fight for our rights to vote in Open Primaries to nominate our elected representatives and NOT HAVE THEM handed to us by the PACs and told to vote for them in November with an R next to their name on the ballot.

      Watch for the bill proposals for 2017 in the Virginia Assembly. They are closing the ranks- incumbent protection now that the GOP is in power.

      Trump’s narrow victory was the last straw for them. Cuccinelli proved it in Cleveland.

  2. Bolling Backer says:

    From the comments section of Cooch’s article on Bull Elephant, Comrade Bureau Chief for Pravda Jeanine Martin said:

    Jeanine Martin Mod Waverly Woods • a day ago
    Did you read the proposals? I can’t see anywhere where they strengthen primaries. It’s all about conventions.

    Is she STUPID or just the Chief of Misinformation for Albertson? What part of “incentivizing closed primaries” did she not understand even with the MATH problem Cooch did for her?

    • Kim Singhas says:

      and to all of those from Hanover County in the Tomato Patch…

      Here’s another Rotten Tomato thrown by Ken Cuccinelli at the convention in Cleveland.

      As Chairman of the Virginia Delegation, and let us not make that mistake again, Ken Cuccinelli selected an Indian American delegate to read the Roll Call and told the Virginia Delegation Mr. Subba Kolla was the first Indian American from Virignia to serve as a National Delegate and was given the distinct honor to read the call. Mr. Kolla barely speaks English and was unintelligible on National TV.


      From the Bull Elephant:

      “Well, we disappointed them. There were no fireworks, and Virginia’s vote was announced by Subba Kolla, the first Indian American to do so in the history of VA.”


      Loudoun Times
      Loudoun County resident Subba Kolla, it turns out, is not the first Indian-America Republican National Convention delegate from Virginia. Kolla on Tuesday served as the ceremonial delegation chairman during the RNC’s formal nominating process. That night, multiple outlets — the Times-Mirror included – reported on word from the Republican Party of Virginia and Republican National Committee officials that Kolla was the Virginia GOP’s first Indian-American delegate to a convention.

  3. Bob Shannon

    Excellent analysis by Kim, not surprising for any of us who know her. She is not only correct in her facts but also in how intricately she understands the behind the scene machinations going on to rub out the unwashed masses and lock down an iron fisted control by party bosses and the PAC’s that have run the party and hence the country for 4 decades, running it into the ground I might add.

    In 2013 when I openly endorsed Rob Sarvis for Governor I was savaged, overnight many people who I had considered my Patriot brothers & sisters turned on me in the most vicious of ways. I stand by today what I did and the reasons for why I did it. After Ken’s hand was caught in Johnnies cookie jar, after Biscuit Run details came to light, the final straw was the Pennsylvania mining company that had their hooks in him. Integrity matters, in that I can at least attempt to sway the mind of an honest man/woman who I may not agree with on every policy matter, but I must know their views/votes are not already bought & paid for by crony pals.

    In 2014 the KWTP invited State Senator Tommy Norment ( a.k.a Dominion Power water boy) to speak at one of our meetings in King William. We taped ( both audio & video ) the entire meeting for a host of reasons. The audience was well prepared and had excellent questions, which as moderator I was focused on getting the Senator to answer.
    I asked him why Virginia had what was described in the Wall St. Journal as some of the most restrictive laws on Citizen referendums anywhere in the country, and would he support Referendum Reform allowing Virginians to have more input on governing matters . This was his response…………. ” Well, if you look around the country Mr. Shannon you will see some really silly examples of why referendums are often bad ideas”
    That single statement reinforces the very point Kim makes, namely that the ” unwashed masses” are too stupid to think and or govern themselves, and only those of us enlightened ones in Richmond should have that power . I responded to the Senator that I could not imagine citizens coming up with anything sillier than some of the nonsense that sprang from the great minds in the G.A.

    The Rule of Law died 2 weeks ago with the 8-0 decision by the Supreme Court overturning Bob McDonnell’s conviction. Make no mistake the circle has been completed. Anyone who continues to hold out hope that a political or legal remedy is still available for us is delusional. It is time for Jefferson’s remedy.

    Bob Shannon King William

  4. Kim Singhas says:

    Thanks Bob-

    I drove to Nelson County yesterday and saw a huge sign in the front yard of a nice home in rural Nelson County ( a Blue one symbolic i guess of Democrat Voters not a Yellow Tea Party sign ) that said


    indicative of the huge Dominion Pac Money being thrown around for that effort.

    Bob- the Democrats have learned the value of SIGNS and I smiled as I drove by and thought of you. But sadly came to the conclusion there is no longer a Democratic Party or a Republican Party in Washington or the Commonwealth of Virginia and every Vote is for Sale and the Lobbyists with the PAC money are running this country and this state.

    The voters are on the verge of losing their voice at the ballot box in Virginia and the Lobbyists who control the Party Insiders will control the nomination process for candidates.

    Thanks for your encouragement. We are trying to save our Republic. As Benjamin Franklin said to Mrs. Powell in Philadelphia when asked if we had a Monarchy or a Republic-

    “A Republic if you can keep it” said Franklin.

  5. Winchester Tea says:

    After Delegate Berg was removed from the Frederick County Republican Committee for his nonendorsement of the Republican candidate for Delegate

    how come RPV Chairman Whitbeck hasn’t removed the #NEVERTRUMP Republicans from the committees- doesn’t he look at FACEBOOK? They are there for him To Take Names and Kick Butt.

    Diana “Roll Call Vote” and Chris “Conscience Intact” Shores should be the very first ones to go.

  6. Rogue GOP Chairman says:

    Because Winchester Tea- Shores is “protected class” by the likes of Ken Cuccinelli, Steve Albertson, and John Whitbeck. Shores is part of the “Conservative Fellowship” run by Albertson. Go ahead and PUKE now.

    The GOP Party Leaders will slate off grassroots conservative voters from serving as delegates to GOP Conventions using any dirty trick such as a FB post, a donation to the Demcratic DogCatcher, or a vote in a Democratic Primary 5 years ago in an effort to remove a BAD delegate, senator or Congressman BUT if one of their own such as Republican Delegate Chris Peace donates to a Democrat in Richmond for Mayor or Endorses Kaine- Clinton on his FB page the Party Insiders circle the wagons to support them.

    “Rules are for Thee but Not for Me” is the Republican Motto in Virginia under RPV Chairman Whitbeck

  7. Trump Backers says:

    If you would like to donate directly to Donald Trump and not give a Penny to the Republican Party of Virginia or the RNC go to:

  8. Mel Saunders says:

    Republicans salivating over Tim Kaine’s US Senate seat for 2017 is another possible reason for closed primaries. They don’t want Shak Hill running again when they have Jimmie Massie waiting in the wings.

  9. mr green jeans says:

    What adjective would best describe the folly going on with the republican party? gladiators, cannibals, …..hummmm children in a circular firing squad?

    At the present course this election will look like the battle of Jericho. Right now the Dems look like the warriors! Old fashion grownup leadership win the day every time.

    Elijah kept looking for the “clouds” and so do I .

  10. Kim Singhas says:

    Mr. Jeans:

    Everyone dies in a Circular Firing Squad the last time I witnessed one.

    These #Never Trump Republicans are going to elect Hillary and America’s Supreme Court will see 4 more Ruth Bader Ginsburg appointments to SCOTUS and James Madison’s Constitution will be destroyed for all eternity.

  11. Kim Singhas says:

    I want to take Cuccinelli supporters on a walk down Memory Lane for the readers in Virginia and tell a story that WAPO called a Made for TV movie:

    Richmond Delegate Joseph Morrisey (D- Henrico) spent the 2015 General Assembly session in a jail cell. read the details in the link above.

    If you were a Republican voter residing in Delegate Morrisey’s heavily Democratic district and were disgusted with your representative, your only option to remove him from office would be to identify a Democrat to primary him and turn out the Republican voters to elect the Democratic Challenger.

    I had a conversation with a highly respected Republican Party father from Henrico County today who shared with me that was exactly what they attempted to do and he served on the campaign staff of the Democrat who challenged Morrisey ( and lost unfortunately).

    As I was listening to this story, I reminded him that under the Proposed Closed Party Primaries in a Ken Cuccinelli dictatorship, he ( the good Republican Party Father) would be thrown off the Henrico GOP Committee for 5 years and all the Republicans who voted for the Democrat in the Primary would likely be banned from running for office or serving as a delegate to state convention or their own local canvas or caucus. They would be barred from membership in their own county committee.

    Whoa! What? Ken actually proposed that? Well if you read the RPV Party Plan that would be a ramification. It’s called fine print.

    Yes Sir. That’s correct Mr. Henrico County Republican Party Father- relative of a Republican Congressional candidate in 2016.

    Under the proposed new rules, strategic patriotic Republican operatives who might consider crossing over to support a primary challenge to a Democrat no one can tolerate a minute longer would mean removal from the Party for 5 years.

    Unintended Consequences? Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t play a game of checkers. He can’t see one move ahead of the one he’s making for himself at the moment.

  12. Sweet Tea and Jesus says:

    Christian Taliban Leader of the Conservative Fellowship Steve Waters ( The Sin Eaters)
    DEFINITELY SUPPORTS CLOSED PRIMARIES and says the Fellowship does, too.

    How’s that working out for ya’ll now Tea Party? The VCN (Cantor’s network) and the Conservative Fellowship Network ( Albertson, Shores, and Waters conclave) all working against you!

  13. Juris Doctored in 78 says:

    FB Posts by Virginia Christian Taliban Leader Steve Waters: and these people run Republican Campaigns and can’t figure out why the GOP is losing in Virginia.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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