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Baltimore Burns: What’s Wrong With Urban Culture?

The violence in Baltimore and Ferguson have led many to question what’s wrong with “urban culture”; and let’s face it, when we talk about “urban culture”, let’s at least have the courage to admit that we are talking about black culture. “Black Culture” is something that can be seen objectively and first hand, but it also carries with it a stigma and a conspicuous, in your face , level of attention. Why?

I recognize that this is a third-rail conversation and that no one likes talking about this, but I feel compelled to try.

In America, being “black” is a political designation and carries with it considerable consequences on the American political landscape. According to the National Journal, 93% of African-Americans voted Democrat in the 2012 election. The Democrats have no clearly identifiable foreign policy, no economic plans for improving the economy or reducing the debt, no plans for stopping illegal immigration, and no plans for improving education. The Democrat Party doesn’t utilize strategic policy. It identifies “groups” that have “problems” and then make political issues out of their demographics’ dilemmas. Their solution to every problem is money: subsidized housing, subsidized food, subsidized phones, subsidized education, subsidized health care and birth control, subsidized citizenship, and subsidized business.

Who votes Democrat? Well, the most heavily subsidized of course. 60% of 18 to 29 year olds (subsidized college tuition), 71% of Hispanics (subsidized citizenship), 73% of Asians (I don’t know, I’m confused by this), 64% of under-educated Americans (subsidized food, housing, phones, and health care), and 56% of women (abortion and free contraceptives) voted Democrat in 2012.

People that vote Democrat, may vote Democrat because Democrat politicians have the power to give them things they believe they cannot acquire for themselves. If they thought they could get away with it, they may be prone to use force to get what they want, but it is so much easier to just vote for Democrats who employ the corruption in Washington DC in favor of their Balkanized constituency groups. The acceptance of force isn’t philosophical however; it is conditioned.

The problem with the Democrat’s strategy is that money doesn’t change reality. A person with poor financial skills can inherit 20 million dollars or win the Lotto, and no matter how much money they gain, they will lose it, because money cannot purchase fiscal responsibility. No matter how much money we spend on poverty, it cannot fix the conditions that cause it. No matter how much money we spend on health care, doesn’t fix the inherent problems with our government-regulated health care industry. In terms of health care, our government-regulated system has become so awful that the government is now literally forcing you to pay for plans that you, were you free to do so, would refuse to purchase. Has the health care system gotten better? Of course not.

So what is wrong with our inner cities? Decades of Democrat-controlled governments have deluded the people who live there into believing that they are victims, and that the outside world has enough money to steal to improve their unfortunate situations. We pour money into their “schools” that never make it passed the Democrat administrators. We pour money into programs which fail to improve labor participation. We pour money into food and housing, but it never works, and every year we require more money than the year before. Every year the number of poor people grows.

White people in our inner cities are just as badly off, but no one ever puts a camera in their face, or asks them about their victimization and poverty, because white people aren’t a Democratic constituency group. No, its only the black people who are used as props by the media and by the political powers that be. So the poor white people are just as dependent on the system, just as poor, but they’ve never been taught that they are victims, that society is harming them, that they should be angry. Blacks are taught this from the moment that they can be taught.  The Democrat Party sees to that.

This “urban culture” we associate with African-Americans is nothing more than an economic reality created for the political advantage of the Marxists running the Democrat Establishment. If the narratives were different, if poor blacks and poor whites were treated the same, taught the same, and ignored and paid attention to the same, we wouldn’t see a difference. The difference is a manufactured one. There is nothing innate in the genetics of African-Americans that make them more prone to riot than whites or Hispanics. So why the difference? The difference is in the political design!

The problem with Urban Culture is the Democrat Party; it’s the subversive way in which they have been kept dependent on the government, taught to be victims, to be helpless, to be less-than. The reality is, there is nothing less-than about African-Americans. They are equals in our strengths and weaknesses in every way, except that they are perpetually preyed upon by the Democrat Party.

I fear for our Hispanic brothers and sisters, for homosexuals, and for the women who are now being targeted in the same exact way. The Democrat Party is a religious cult, with a great deal of political power, which strips you of your human dignity, your individuality, and your opportunity for their own political gains. They herd you into groups, demand your political obedience, and call you names if you step out of line. Just ask all those “uncle toms”.

All they can offer you is money.

Democrat voters: over the last five decades, has any of this money they’ve thrown at you bettered your life? Are you living in a better house, working a better job, or providing a better life for your family?

The Democrats employed slavery when slavery was stomached by the majority. Then, the Democrat Party employed segregation and Jim Crow when those abominations were foolishly stomached by the majority. Now they are using Welfare and the politics of victimization, which is today, stomached peacefully and silently by the majority! The Democrat Party has preyed upon the most vulnerable members of our society for as long as Democrats have been in existence, just as all totalitarian, power-hungry humans prey upon those whom they believe are too weak or ignorant to resist.

If I could say anything to those living under Democrat Control in our Inner-Cities it would be this: You are human beings, with as much potential as any other human beings alive on Gods’ green earth! You must despise the men and women who tell you that you are victims, less-than, helpless, doomed to failure and poverty forever and ever! Despise the political party which enslaved you, segregated you, and now preys upon the unfortunate disadvantages caused by those policies! There is nothing wrong with you, no reason that you cannot take responsibility for yourselves and embrace the beautiful insecurities of liberty. Rise up! Throw off the shackles of the Democrat Party. Unchain yourselves from governments and bureaucrats and politicians and community organizers and social workers. You are all you need to survive on this earth. You don’t need them. You don’t need Democrat officials.

I am not asking you to quit the Democrats and join the Republicans. God knows, most of the people who vote Republican hate the Republican Party too. It is only the corruption of the Democrat Party which allows this current Republican Party to exist, as a slightly less repulsive alternative to something that is, on the grand historical scale, a much greater evil.

So, what is urban culture? It is a politically designed slavery instituted by Democrat controlled public educators, bureaucrats, and politicians, for the purpose of empowering The Party. Everything else that pertains to it seems genuine, unique, and beautiful. Urban music, art, and religion add to the cultural flavor of the melting pot which is America. It’s this other dimension which troubles me.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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