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#BlackLivesMatter: Libertarian Movement Fades as 2016 GOP Primary Approaches

#BlackLivesMatter, Cuba, and Marijuana have created further divisions between the Libertarian wing and the rest of the Republican Party. The media has picked up on and promoted the Cuba debate between Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, while propagating countless articles asking the question, “Is Rand Paul a ‘civil rights leader'”? The racial issue seems to be the more serious division, as Libertarians side with the protesters against the perception of an overly aggressive Police State.

While I agree with my fellow Libertarians on Cuba and Prohibition, I am slightly disturbed by their embrace, not of the violence and rhetoric, but of the premises propagated by the protesters with regard to recently publicized police action.  Could I be completely wrong in suspecting a political strategy, a ploy, to draw more African-Americans into the good graces of the libertarian-wing? If so, is this kind of pandering acceptable, advisable, or politically credible? Or will it backfire horribly?

If the only “trick” we’ve learned to appeal to the black vote involves undermining our police departments, then I don’t want any part in this particular strategy. Do I think it is insane that we risk the lives of our officers enforcing a myriad of psychotic laws imposed for the purposes of protecting corporate interests and local, state, and federal tax revenue? Of course I do; but we cannot blame individual police officers for enforcing the law. That is their job, after all, and they are not to blame for the disgraceful litany of laws presented to them for enforcement.

The real crime, as I see it, is that our police officers are having to come into violent confrontations with citizens over noise violations and tobacco distribution. The Michael Brown situation aside (you can’t attack police officers and expect to live), the rest of these violent interactions seem to be the inevitable result of irresponsible legislation – yet, the libertarian wing, sensing a chance to appeal to blacks, ignore the obviousness of a logical angle, and instead appeal to emotional proclivities excited by a theatrical media.

This is not going to improve the reputation and standing of the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. I suggest that so long as police officers are obligated to enforce the law, that we address the laws we pass which bring police officers into violent confrontation with fellow, non-violent, citizens.

Cuba, however, is an entirely different matter. A disastrous implementation of a new foreign policy aside, the embargo of Cuba is one of the most hypocritical and emotional policies this country has continued to embrace. We trade with the Saudi’s, Russians, Chinese, and Venezuelans, but apparently, only Cuba is worthy of an all out embargo? It doesn’t take much intelligence to recognize that this embargo is the result of an emotional and prideful over-reaction to a frightening failure of American and Russian leadership resulting in an event known as The Bay of Pigs.

Cuba, compared to a hundred other countries we trade with, is not a threat to the United States, but yet we continue to elevate its’ importance through an embargo which has failed to: I. Defeat Communism in Cuba. II. Remove the Castro Regime. III. Improve the prospects of liberty in Cuba. It’s a stupid embargo with almost no discernible benefits. President Obama, however, has gone about this in the most despicable way, without consulting Congress or the American People; therefore, Libertarians should support the end of the embargo without supporting the manner in which it has come about, or at least, with which it appears to be coming about.

Finally, the prohibition of illegal drugs is a losing issue for the Republican Party, and libertarians should continue opposing laws which makes criminals out of non-violent non-fraudulent citizens.

The only way to defeat the Democrats and Corporatists in this country is to join together all the conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, and blue-dog democrats against establishments that represent the interests of federal and state governments and their national and international corporate sponsors. As we approach 2016, Libertarians need to be careful just how passionately they seek to fight the rest of the Republican Party. Libertarians make up about 2% of the US population. We need allies. Therefore, we need to be tactful, principled, and remarkably unpolitical. That we’re finally getting media attention shouldn’t go to our heads. After all, long term policy changes should be our primary goal – not scoring short lived political victories.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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