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When trying to imagine “saving America”, the list of obstacles boggles the mind. Our current statist-model of government benefits the very richest and poorest amongst us through our nations system of wealth redistribution. With one of the worlds largest independent bureaucracies, electoral victories for the freedom movement could consequently result in few effective changes over the short term. Americans are widely uneducated¬† on the goings-on of Washington DC, ignorant of the processes through which they are governed, and unable to connect the dots between federal policies and their real world effects. Headlines drive public opinion, as opposed to substantive arguments and comprehensive understanding of the the issues. The media sides with the federal government. Our schools side with the federal government. The Entertainment industry sides with the federal government. International organizations side with the federal government. Citizens and corporations whose welfare is subsidized by the federal government side with the federal government.

Then you have your freedom movement; a grassroots groundswell of libertarians, constitutionalists, and conservatives who seek to save the nation from a burgeoning culture of corruption, tyranny, and debt. Whether you call us “The Freedom Movement” or “The TEA Party”, we are woefully underfunded and utterly outside of the functional structure upon which our economy and system of government are built.

That our presence is known is a start. That Democrats despise us and Republicans attempt to lie and deceive us means that our presence is considered to be a real threat to the establishment and status quo. What disheartens me is our lack of pace, our lack of growth, our lack of young people, and our lack of power within the political system itself. Real change requires us to literally take over the apparatus and organizational structure of the Republican Party. We must be inside the system, as opposed to outside the system, if we are to be of any impact or lasting consequence.

This is why we so desperately need the Libertarians in this country to join the Constitutionalists and Conservatives in taking over the Republican Party. This is also why Constitutionalists and Conservatives need to embrace Libertarians and to view them as allies, not as political outliers. As a Libertarian myself, I find it difficult to accept some of the politics pushed by conservatives, but I see so clearly the necessity of working together and the obviousness of the common cause we share with all freedom minded Americans.

We must come together. We must retake our local school boards and the seats of our county supervisors. We must come together to support candidates that support liberty, regardless of how they come to that motivation. We must come together to retake the Republican Party structures at the District level, as was done in Virginia’s 7th District by the supporters and activists surrounding Dave Brat’s campaign against Eric Cantor.

And finally, we need to focus our messaging into two campaigns: Liberty and Justice. These are the muses of the American Republic, the children of the great men and women that founded and framed our nation. The current political establishments do not support liberty: every law, tax, and regulation leaves us with a little less liberty than we had before. Even their debt treads upon the fabric of our freedom (especially the freedom of future generations). The current political establishment doesn’t understand what justice is, or was meant to be – equal protection under the law. Each arbitrary law and policy implemented that treats one American differently than another divides this country and puts us at each others throats. It also puts us at the mercy of the arbitrary whims of politicians and presidents, to whom we are now required to lobby if we want favorable treatment within the constipated and twisted sentences of the so-called law of the land. Freedom and Justice are dying in America. Can we save them?

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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