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Can Republicans Nominate a Conservative Candidate? I Don’t Know.

I don’t understand the Republican constituency.

Sometimes I think I do, because I converse with you and I read your articles, your facebook posts, and laugh at the memes and the cartoons posted on your pages. I read articles written by Republicans and published in national newspapers. I listen to talk radio, yet I do not understand Republicans.

Ben Carson announced that he was going to run for President and the Republican collective swooned, then did some research, and quickly backed away. In fact, I can’t remember the last thing I read about Ben Carson. Is he still running?

Everyone decided that Scott Walker was going to run for President. Rush Limbaugh hailed him on his radio show. Scott Walker spoke, apparently in private, of his own ideas for a pathway to citizenship for illegals. Republicans are now clearly backing away from Walker.

Ted Cruz announces his candidacy at Liberty University, but that wasn’t the real story. The real story was that a handful of Rand Paul supporters wore We Stand With Rand T-shirts, and OH MY GOD, IT IS ON! Civil war. Ted Cruz supporters hate Rand Paul supporters and Rand Paul supporters hate Ted Cruz supporters. It’s bedlam. It’s also quite stupid.

Texas-Ted-CruzSo now we wait for Jindal to announce, and I’m sure he’ll be loved for 15 minutes before you discover that he isn’t perfect and then abandon him. You’ll celebrate at the announcement that Rick Perry is going to run, but the first time he speaks in public it’ll be story after story that Republicans don’t want another inarticulate Texan running the GOP.

Rand Paul will announce and be ridiculed for pandering to Democrat constituencies and for being just like his father, even as all his fathers’ people abandon his campaign like rats from a sinking ideologically-based ship. There will be some celebration, also short lived.

Then it’ll be, “Well what about John Bolton?” or whomever else.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush will have been raising millions, putting together a team, uniting Wall Street and K Street, all while receiving praise and adoration in the “conservative” corporatist media. The grassroots Republicans will attack each other, while the Establishment does what it does best, wins primary elections against better, more thoughtful candidates, unable to settle a coalition amongst the conservative ranks.

I am beginning to think that Jeb Bush is going to win the nomination for the Republican Party, but I honestly don’t see me blaming the corporatist swine for his ascendancy. I don’t think it’ll be their fault. I am increasingly concerned that petty infighting amongst the grassroots is going to prevent a single good candidate from overcoming all odds and besting the establishment.

Just something to think about. I know this sounds overly critical and I don’t mean to sound smug, but if nominating a conservative candidate is really what you Republicans want to do, then you need to stop being perfectionists and prepare yourselves to get behind the most electable alternative to Jeb Bush, whether that’s Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz, or Scott Walker, or Bobby Jindal… When it becomes clear that one of these candidates is surging into position, if the entirety of the grassroots do not get behind them, the Establishment will win. Look, if you nominate a conservative or a constitutionalist or a libertarian, I’ll be with you 100% come election time. If you nominate Jeb Bush or anyone of his ilk, I’m voting Libertarian.

I want to prepare you for the possibility that you might have to support a conservative candidate that you only agree with on about 92% to 95% of the issues. The candidate you agree with 99% of the time might not put together the best team, or do well in the debate, or might have slept with a model in Argentina. Stuff happens.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “Can Republicans Nominate a Conservative Candidate? I Don’t Know.”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Steve makes an excellent point about the hacking to pieces that takes place after the love fest ends. It is very important to understand two essential points, given the polarization in politics today and the electorates thirst for real leaders.

    Walker and Jindal have actually run something, a point worth noting since we have witnessed for 6 1/2 years what happens when you turn the executive branch over to a man who has never run a Dairy Queen, let alone anything else of substance. Experience matters. The Presidency can not, must not be somewhere you use “training wheels”. Americans have the sense of avoiding making the same mistake twice and will want someone with experience after watching this fiasco the last 6 years. Foreign policy experience will take center stage as we get closer to the actual election. Look around at the mess this President’s amateurish policy positions have rendered. It will go down , among his numerous blunders as his biggest, for no other reason than the risks, both economically and militarily he has placed this nations security in. Americans will be looking at someone who has some strong backbone ( advantage Walker )

    No one likes wishy washy politicians who change their positions more than a mother of a newborn changes the babies diaper. Consistency , contrary to the popular adage is not the hob gobblins of small minds. Why did such a large cross section of Americans love Reagan ? You knew, agree or disagree what Reagan believed on the big issues. Reagan demonstrated two qualities over and over that served him and the American people very well. He remained steady during a crisis or a political battle, and he often exercised common sense, he stayed away from the intellectual elite that poison a Presidents thinking. Reagan listened to his policy advisors, and then made a decision that incorporated his value system, not someone else’s.

    Walker has battled like no one has, remains a candidate that everyone knows will fight. Using a street fighters mentality ask yourself this one question. Who among all of the candidates has clearly shown he will fight for a principle and knows how to win ? No one else at the moment even comes close.

    My hope is after a few primaries conservatives across America unite behind one of the alternative candidates, at this point advantage Walker. Another Bush or Clinton in the White House should scare conservatives enough to make a wise position move to avoid what Steve warns will happen. Should conservatives not heed this advice–look for Medicare Part E, coming soon to a nation already buried in debt.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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