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Caroline County Endorsements: Trying to Build a Better Caroline County

Caroline County Politics is complicated. The Republican Party in Caroline County is controlled by a single family. As I look at the ballots in the county, almost every conservative is running as an Independent. Why do they run as independents? Because Jeff Sili and his family rule the Caroline County Republican Party with a self-interested Iron-Fist. There is no Republican Party in Caroline County. There’s only Jeff Sili, who is currently running for re-election for County Supervisor in the Bowling Green District and his friends. Every other conservative in the county that has refused to kiss the ring has been run off or kicked out of the party. Hence all the good, conservative folks running as Independents. As I’ve reached out to local officials and candidates to request information as a voter, I was astonished to discover that no one on the ballot in my district was running as a Republican. Something is very, very wrong in Caroline County.

I am aware that there is not much of an online social media presence in Caroline County, there is no Republican Party outreach, no mailers, no pamphlets, and no grassroots. Apparently the Republican Party in Caroline County is busy with other things. I also know that the majority of our readers here at Virginia Right live in Henrico, Hanover, Spotsylvania and King George. Surely some of you must know some disenfranchised, unrepresented, marginalized, principled conservatives in Caroline County that you can reach out to. Reach out to them and share these endorsements.

The Bowling Green District for County Board of Supervisors:

Jeff Sili, one of only two residents of Caroline County allowed to run as Republican, and ruler of the Republican Party in Caroline County, is running for reelection against Wayne Brooks. Jeff Sili, the Eric Cantor of Caroline County, has banished all those who wish to have a say in the local Republican Party and who do not agree with him, from the table of discussion. When Congressman Rob Wittman came to Caroline County to meet with the Board of Supervisors, Jeff Sili could not be bothered to show up. Congressman Wittman, with whom I’ve had many disagreements, but who has been an outstanding Congressman over the last year, deserves to at least be graced with the presence of the prince of Caroline County.

Sadly, Jeff Sili isn’t representing the Bowling Green district on the Board of Supervisors, nor is he representing Republicans in Caroline County’s Republican Party. He’s representing himself and himself alone.

That’s why I endorse Wayne Brooks for County Supervisor in the Bowling Green District. Wayne is a great friend to the community, a stanch supporter of commerce and tourism in Caroline County, and committed to reducing our county debt without raising taxes. Wayne Brooks also understands the profound importance of Fort A.P Hill in Caroline County, and is looking for innovative ways to create a more profitable relationship between the County at large and Fort AP Hill.

It should also be noted that the only way for Caroline County to boast of a Republican Party that would be respected by her peers in neighboring counties, is to remove Jeff Sili as Supervisor and as Emperor of the Caroline County Republican Party.

The Madison District for County Board of Supervisors:

I am proud to endorse Wayne Acors for Supervisor. Wayne Acors is my Supervisor and he has done an amazing job turning Ladysmith, Virginia into a marvelous up-scale residential area. While Wayne Acors has been wildly successful at brining residential development to the West-End of Caroline County (the most beautiful end of Caroline County), he’s no longer looking to expand residential development. One of Wayne Acors’ best qualities has been his ability to form a realistic vision for the future of the county. Uncontrolled rapid development. while good for developers, isn’t what Wayne is after. Wayne will oppose future residential sub-division housing, as current developments retain enough free lots to accommodate future residents. Wayne Acors is open to the construction of some kind of retirement village, however, so that elderly residents of Caroline County won’t have to leave their friends and families in the county for more urban and more overly-developed areas at a great distance from their relative here.

Wayne Acors is being challenged in this election. Clay Forehand is a longtime safety professional with a great vision for the county. He has run a great campaign and should be considered a respected up and comer in our community. However, in the Madison District, we are currently reaping the benefits of years of thoughtful and strategic planing secured for us by Wayne Acors. We need to let Wayne finish the job. Wayne isn’t going to be here forever and he is most certainly not trying to hang on longer than he should. He’s looking for just one more term to finish the incredible work he’s done over the last two decades. I have no doubt that Clay Forehand is a good candidate and a great member of our community, but the fact is that he’s only been in the County for four years and he has not been involved in the fruit our region of the county is currently enjoying.

I am grateful that I live in the Madison District, with two outstanding candidates running to represent me, but let Wayne Acors finish the job he started. He’s done immense and wonderful things for the Madison District and we need to see these current projects through to the end. Wayne Acors is the man to see us across the finish line.

The Caroline County Sheriffs Race:

I moved to Caroline County for a reason. It’s an outstanding place to live. It’s safe, rural, clean, friendly, and growing. Nothing pleases me more than the fact that we have three honorable men running for Sheriff in Caroline County, all running honorable and respectable campaigns. I’m so used to the mean-spirited, cutthroat narratives of Washington and Richmond politics that its refreshing to witness a race between acting Sheriff Tony Lippa, Chris Wooldirdge, and Charles Garnett. Sheriff Tony Lippa has done a great job as Sheriff and I endorse him for re-election. Sheriff Lippa is accessible and accountable and active in the community. I love loving in Caroline County and I feel safe and secure.

Chris Wooldridge isn’t a bad challenger. He’s young, with fresh ideas and a great vision for the county. I have no doubt that he’d make an excellent Sheriff. I just don’t think this year was the right time to run. Sheriff Tony Lippa is wildly popular in the county, well-respected, and there is very little to complain about. I just can’t see changing direction when there is no reason for a change. That doesn’t mean that Chris Wooldridge wouldn’t make a great Sheriff or that he shouldn’t run again in the future. In fact, when Tony Lippa is ready to hang up his spurs, I’ll be delighted to support Chris for Sheriff. I just don’t see any reason to abandon a good thing for another good thing.

I hope that Caroline County will reelect Sheriff Tony Lippa and I hope that Chris Wooldridge stays in our community and considers running again in the future.

Mostly, I’m hoping for a strong Republican Party in Caroline County. The days of single families ruling over a county are gone. Caroline County is one of the last holdouts, but it is ready for a change. I look forward to a day when conservatives in Caroline County can run as the Republicans they are! Please, reach out to your friends and family in my county and let them know that we are ready to unleash our potential. For Board of Supervisors, VOTE Wayne ACORS and Wayne BROOKS, and Sheriff Tony Lippa for Sheriff!


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

10 Responses to “Caroline County Endorsements: Trying to Build a Better Caroline County”

  1. Kyle Hasty says:

    When Mr. Wayne Hazzard announced his candidacy for Supervisor in Hanover County, he was asked to resign his position from the executive committee of the Hanover Republican Committee. He served as Magisterial District chairman for his district.

    You might consider asking for a General Counsel Ruling from the RPV on Mr. Sili’s tyrannical rule of the GOP Committee in Caroline County as both chairman and elected official.

  2. Elise Castillo says:

    This article telegraphs the real dirt on the Caroline County GOP committee which was exposed by a conservative young man who attempted to run for Chairman of the GOP Committee 2 years ago as a challenger to Sili and was targeted and harassed by Sili and local law enforcement.

    The mistake you made here is endorsing people who are part of the problem. Rather than serve as a Republican Apologist you should do your research on the history of the party in your NEWLY adopted county. You aren\’t qualified to endorse as a NEWBIE.

    Voters need to vote for the candidate- not the Party in this election Tuesday.

  3. Steven Brodie Tucker

    No one I endorsed is a part of the Caroline Republican Party. I have spent a great deal of time and energy talking with our representatives and with folks who live in Caroline. Again, my main desire is to see the Republican Party opened up in Caroline to all Republicans.

  4. I am the only true conservative in the Supervisor race. I do not believe that the government should deny property owners the right to maximize the value of their property. There is a small group of people that want property owners to subsidize their life style.

  5. Steven Brodie Tucker

    That’s definitely a tough race your in against Nancy Long. Do you have a feel for how the race is going?

  6. Clay Forehad says:

    I have issue with this obviously… I wonder why I was not consulted for my views and vision, dispite the opportunity to contact me being readily available. I\’m curious what it is that Wayne Acors \”Needs to Finish\” that he hasn\’t had time to finish in 28 years. My assumption is that this site would promote conservative candidates that, if not republican, are at least similar to a conservative in some fashion. Conservatives don\’t fund things without a method to pay for them. Conservatives don\’t turn away any and all businesses for years… which he was a part of… and which is why we have a very narrow, citizen-based, tax base. Wayne has been at the core of all they things that YOU! say are screwed up in Caroline. He is \’hands-off\’ to expectations for law enforcement, \’hands-off\’ of schools, and puts such a heavy coat of sugar on every issue that he talks about that you can\’t actually trust anything that he says as being completely true. I\’ve lived here 6 years… not 4… I have 2 kids in the school system (and 2 more there soon)that desperately needs help and which has decayed under Wayne\’s watchful and wasteful eye. Half the stuff he is talking about, Fire/EMS benefits, Retirement community, etc, he took right from my PUBLISHED document on Development. I\’ve been listening to him for years and those have never come from his lips. I\’m sure by him reading it, he felt 10 IQ points smarter. You really got dupped… sorry to say it. I just hope that your endorsement here doesn\’t prolong, by 4 years, the change of course that this county desperately needs. Vote \”Forehand for Supervisor\”… or you get the same old B.S. you have gotten for years now.

  7. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Clay, my impression of our board of supervisors comes directly from residents of the county, not from anything a politician has told me. I think you will find that my skepticism is generally of the highest order. I do agree with you on almost every major negative in the county, they are facts and not the sort of things reasonable people will disagree on. But what about all the great things about Caroline Country? We’ve both moved to the country and probably for similar reasons. Especially the Ladysmith area. It’s a great place to live. And Wayne has been in charge for nearly 3 decades and of all the regions in our county ours really is one of the nicest (in my own selfish opinion).

    So, I find it difficult to only focus on the negatives. Yes there have been blunders by the board. And we both agree that we need some serious thought toward modernization in the county.

    Which is why so many residents think so highly of you. Myself included. And if you win, I think you’ll do a great job.

    However, let’s not pretend like our district isn’t great. I love our area in Caroline and think it’s a great place to live and that didn’t happen randomly.

    I absolutely wish you the best and I think whoever wins tomorrow, the Madison district will be in good hands. I also look forward to working with Caroline residents to hold our board of supervisors and local governments accountable.

  8. I can appreciate the focus on the positive here and I do appreciate your thoughtful response… No Doubt, there are many great things about this County and it\’s people… But I also believe that we must highlight the issues of the day if we want anything done about them… I.e. Schools, money matters, Businesses coming, fire/EMS, etc. Perhaps I just see \”what could have been\” more acutely than others… Call it a character flaw on my part! Look forward to chatting more at the polls on the big day.

  9. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Seeing what could and should be certainly isn’t a flaw. We need that, especially in Caroline. I don’t interpret slow progress as a flaw in leadership, but Caroline Residents should look to the future and not merely the past, which is what I’ve addressed. I don’t know if now is the turning point or not, but tomorrow, Caroline Residents have the opportunity to vocalize their wishes. I’ve reached out to everyone in my tiny sphere of influence to vote. And there is a great deal of civil disagreement.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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