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Conservatives Abandon Conservatives For Big Money and Big Fame

Conservatives are tired of losing. Even when they “win” they lose. They give the Republicans the House of Representatives and nothing changes. They give the Republicans the Senate and watch as their own Republican Party works more closely with Obama than with the voters who put them into power in the first place. This long string of disappointments have had a deleterious effect on an already fragile psychology.

Now, faced randtedwith a Republican Primary, conservatives have abandoned the candidates who have been fighting for conservative policies and constitutional principles. Why? Because they are so afraid of losing that they would rather go with unproven, late-to-the-party, outsiders that have scored media attention through pomp, bombast, and controversy. TEA Party conservatives that helped fight to elect Congressman Dave Brat are now staunch supporters of a wealthy corporatist. Eric Cantor has got to be shaking his head, thinking, “these people threw me out of office because of my ties to corporate elitists who were purchasing politicians left and right, and now they are supporting one of the wealthiest corporate elitists in the country who has been utterly forthcoming with the fact that he has been purchasing politicians for years?”.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have been in the trenches, taking on the establishment, facing off with the media, with Wall Street, with K Street, and with all the powers that be, but they are no longer good enough for conservatives. Why? Because they lack Trumps money? Because they aren’t able to be the first female President? Because they don’t campaign in Spanish?

No, what we’re actually witnessing is this: the vast majority of Trump and Fiorina supporters will tell you that they prefer Ted Cruz or even Rand Paul, but don’t think Cruz or Paul will win. We’ve had two debates and no primaries. The ship is still tied to the dock and conservatives are abandoning ship, destroying years of a commitment to principles, objective records, and the desire that their politicians actually do what they say they are going to do. Why? Because they want to win. Winning is everything. It doesn’t matter that Fiorina and Trump were both big Hillary fans. Winning is everything. It doesn’t matter that Trump is the opposite of men like Congressman Dave Brat, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Mike Lee. Winning is everything.

They continue to believe that just one more REPUBLICAN victory, regardless who that Republican actually is, will mean a conservative agenda in Washington D.C.. Of course, it didn’t mean that when they gave the Republicans the House and it didn’t mean that when they gave the Republicans the Senate; but if they just win the White House with a popular and populist candidate, surely then they’ll see some results.

McConnell ran as a conservative and you elected him. Boehner ran as a conservative and you elected him.

I cannot be the only one who stands baffled by conservatives succumbing to these Jedi Mind tricks. Trump and Fiorina are swinging a watch before their faces and dazzling them with sound-bytes and they bite into the hook and cheer as they are reeled into the net.

I have talked to dozens of people over the last few weeks who have told me how much they love Ted Cruz, in particular, but [insert a thousand excuses]. They want to win. If they have to win with Trump, then they’ll win with Trump. If they have to win with Fiorina, they’ll win with Fiorina. And listen to me, because this is true, these same people will be more than willing to win with Bush or Kasich or Christie. That’s not their preference, but they’ll vote for them. This is the lesson the liberal Republicans have learned over the years. Just raise enough money, get your establishment candidate on the ballot, and the conservative base will pull the lever, because they want to win. They learned it with McCain, with Dole, with the Bush’s, and with Romney. Republicans will vote Republican. They want to win. Ironically, they never do.

That the conservatives, and even some libertarians for the love of everything holy, would abandon the only candidates with actual records of fighting for conservative and libertarian and constitutional principles is gut wrenching to watch. It’s typical male behavior. You’re dating a girl for years. She’s loyal, kind, and honest, and you love her. But then some extroverted bombshell walks into the room and smiles at you, plays games with you, entices you, and its just oh so exciting! You realize that you’ve been bored and that your ego hasn’t been fed quite as much as you like. And you cheat on the woman who would have fought for you, who would have been loyal to you, and who would have cared more about your happiness than her own. But you fell for the oldest trick in the book. That bombshell’s interest in you wasn’t about you! It was about her. It was about her making herself feel more beautiful, special, and valuable because she could take a man in love with a good woman and turn him into a slobbering monosyllabic caveman, willing to chase her to the ends of the earth.

Let’s be honest. Deep down you know that supporting Ted Cruz is the right thing to do, or supporting Rand Paul is the right thing to do, but because the media told you they can’t win you’ve hoisted the white flag before the battle even began! What happens when Trump become unpopular? I know exactly what will happen. You’ll abandon him for the new popular kid on the block. Carly maybe? And when you find out that she’s a Clinton-loving corporatist who ran her company into the ground the same way she’ll run America into the ground, you’ll move on to whoever the media tells you to – and then at the end of the day Jeb Bush will still have the most money and the most delegates because you wouldn’t stand together and fight with the real conservatives in the race.

I’m not prophesying here. Conservatives did this in 2012. Just like this. Exactly like this. Conservatives are doing it again.

I’m sorry to be so blunt about this and I’m sorry to call you out, but you’re doing a big thing badly.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

18 Responses to “Conservatives Abandon Conservatives For Big Money and Big Fame”

  1. SandyToes says:

    Excellent points! I’m sick seeing people fawning over Trump just like the left did with Obama!!! The man is a genius salesman and wow, is he doing a great job of selling ocean-front property in Arizona! Fooling you all into thinking he’s a conservative. Look at his past. Look at his associates. Look at his actions. Then wise up. We have amazing conservatives with consistent, time-honored records. Stop it with the eye-candy and do the hard work of getting a real conservative into office.

  2. Paul Thiel says:

    I am all on board for Ted Cruz but would not give the time of day for Jebby! His name and everything about him says SOS-Business as Usual Bush!
    If you want to see Carl Rove and Dana Perino and the same old Bush crowd at Fox just throw in some more $$ for Jebby.
    Like I said before 3 or 4 years from now Boehner and McConnell will still be pulling his strings-illegal immigration will be be worse with no more border security and they will still be calling for the repeal of OBama care. Our children are getting killed with health care coverage with huge increases in premiums, especially if self employed, with deductibles that as Trump says you have to be hit by a Mack Truck before you can meet them. Open markets for Health Care with competition between states wasn’t even bought up at the last debate because huge health insurance conglomerates making giant contributions to Jebby want things to remain the same! Trump is the only candidate that has bought up this issue and they are scared to death of him because he knows their game.
    Wake up folks- we need CHANGE !

  3. Steven Brodie Tucker

    That’s a lie. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have brought up the immigration issue for years.

    • Smith says:

      Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have “brought up the immigration issue”, by claiming we must massively increase immigration. No matter what border security arrives, that’s still a capitulation to the left.

      We need a moratorium on immigration, only the force of a Trump victory in the general election will deliver it.

    • Paul Thiel says:

      You make my point and I agree with Smith-Ted Cruz may be fine on immigration but Rand Paul is not listened to by anyone in his party because of his flaming stance on national defense. With his credibility about all he does is bring it up but nobody listens ! By the way, it has been so long since he has bought up immigration what is his position?
      Besides, I don’t lie-emphasis with some meat to it has come from Trump!
      Have you seen the Newsmax post debate poll results this evening with Trump over 49 percent?

      • Steven Brodie Tucker

        Paul, just to clarify, I very much support Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. In fact, they are the only candidates I actually support. There are other qualified candidates and I mention them, because of I did not, I’d be ignoring them out of bias. I could sit here and write article after article praising Ted Cruz, but then what would be the point in having anyone read them? What I’m trying to do is to refocus, not in what the media or the campaigns are TELLING us to focus on, but rather to focus on those issues we’ve been focused on for years. Primary season is a season of big talk and big ideas, big love and big hate, and it’s been a problem for Republicans in the past. I want to see conservatives keep themselves together amidst all the hoopla and hoi polloi.

  4. Trump Supporter says:

    Club for Growth announces today their plans to spend any amount of Money it takes to Defeat Donald Trump. They support the Industrial War Complex candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

    So when Trump tells America that we have to stop sending jobs and American Plants overseas in order to put 94 million unemployed Americans back to work ( and paying into the Ponzi Schemes called Medicare and Social Security) remember that it is the Chamber candidates ( Jeb and Walker) and the Club for Growth candidates ( Cruz and Rubio) who will continue to support the One World Global Economy and exportation of American Jobs overseas.

    Go Trump!!!!!

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Free Trade is wonderful. I know blue dogs reject it, but I thought most republicans supported it.

      • Trump Supporter says:

        How’s that NAFTA deal working out for America especially Detroit Michigan when all the car manufacturing jobs in America moved to Canada and Mexico?

        Trump talks about the $2.5 Billion dollar Ford Plant moving to Mexico instead of Tennessee?
        Nabisco moving from Chicago to Mexico?

        Oh yes, Mr. Tucker give us more of your Free Trade and Open Borders you LIB TARD.

        • Steven Brodie Tucker

          Free trade is necessary. Donald Trump wants tariffs, just like Hoover. And How’d that work out? You think this country enjoyed the Great Depression? If you force cats to be made in the USA you make them arbitrarily expensive and fewer Americans can afford to buy American Cars. Slap on tariffs to even the playing field and the next thing you know, America can’t export any of our products. Have you even studied this? Have you studied economics, trade, currency? If so, who are these economists you trust that say tariffs are the easy to go? Don’t get me wrong, NAFTA was poorly executed and we gave more than we got, but that doesn’t make protectionism any less awful.

  5. John Whettie says:

    Rafael Edward Cruz known as “Ted” was born to a Cuban born Latino Father and an American Mother in Canada.

    Sound Familiar? Obama was born to a Muslim African father and an American Mother raised by Communists in Hawaii.

    Barack Hussein Obama was known as “Barry” at Occidental College, Columbia and Harvard Law.

    Cruz attended Ivy League Schools like Princeton and Harvard Law, too.

    Raffi Eddie Cruz was elected to the US Senate and wasn’t there a minute before he began to run for president of the United States.

    Sound Familiar? Senator Barack Obama was elected to the Senate in 2004 and immediately began to run for President.

    Neither Obama or Cruz ever passed a single piece of meaningful legislation in the US Senate.

    Raffi Eddie Cruz mesmerizes the Tea Party using Patriotic language like “Freedom” “Liberty” and “the Constitution” yet supported TPA and TPP which gave away America’s Sovereignty FOREVER. He supports the North American Union and the CFR.

    Obama went to Germany and gave a speech of “hope and change” and the fundamental transformation of America. Germany is now taking in a Million Muslims from the Middle East and GERMANY HATES OBAMA FOR HIS ARAB SPRING THAT NOW THREATENS THEIR COUNTRY. Merckel is on the verge of ruin for accepting them.

    Raffi “Eddie” Cruz supports the ONE WORLD Global economy and you are being sucked into his “ACT.”

    Be careful of Raffi “Eddie” Cruz.

    • Cameron Stills says:

      You forgot to add that neither Cruz or Obama ever HELD a job Doing Anything in the private sector.
      Cruz has always held a government job and Obama was a Community Agitator.

      Run away from Ted Cruz as fast as you can. He’s an Actor on a Stage and is not who the Dumb Ass Tea Party Movement thinks he is. He’s a Bilderberger.

      That group loved Sarah Palin, too. Idiots.

  6. robert shannon

    MS Stills comments on the dumb ass TEA Party idiots ?

    Really Ms. Stills ? If it were not for the TEA Party the status quo would have rolled on without interruption, collecting the real dumb asses who walk into a voting booth and pull a lever for anyone with an R next to their names , patting themselves on the back , thinking they achieved something.

    Absent the TEA Party dumb asses you reference this whole long overdue conversation , this rigorous vetting process would never have even gotten off the ground. Thank the TEA Party for stirring the pot and getting the apathy stew at least cooking again.

    Perhaps you might share with the class your own civic involvement, just what specifically have you been doing the last 6 years ? Bellyaching and criticizing others who have worked tirelessly doesn’t count . How have you advanced the cause ? Name for us all of your efforts ?

    Maybe you could start with the local level and tell us about how much work you have done to highlight local spending excesses, or self serving Supervisors advancing their builder/developer pals interests. Maybe you could tell us about your efforts to rein in out of control school spending, or the ongoing bond issues in Hanover that will send homeowners real estate taxes into the stratosphere in the coming decade when the principle on those Bonds come due. Maybe you have been out there on the front lines fighting to get the abusive Land Use Tax exemptions reined in, so homeowners can get a fair break and some equal consideration when tax schemes are clearly favoring the elected officials pals

    If calling people offensive names is the only contribution you can cite, then so be it. At least you have a venue left ( thanks in part to those dumb ass TEA Party folks ) to spew your vitriol .

    Bob Shannon

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Exactly right.

    • Cameron Stills says:

      Mr. Shannon-

      The Tea Party tone deaf to anything but LIBERTY BELLS ringing from Cruz’s neck like a cow bell is rallying behind Rafael Edward Cruz as if someone named Raffi Eddie Cruz would build the wall or bring back jobs from Mexico or deport 11 million illegals and require them to get in line to work legally in this country and pay taxes and SSI benefits.

      That’s what I’m saying. The Tea Party should look at the ACTOR Ted Cruz and remember the ACTOR BARACK OBAMA .

      The Tea Party should support Ben Carson or Rand Paul for the nomination. Oh, but they’d have to put down their Rebel Flags to Support Carson wouldn’t they?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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