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Conservatives Have No Solutions!

“Conservatives have no solutions” – have you heard this? Maybe you’ve heard it phrased more like, “Well, if you cut Food Stamps, what’s your plan to feed the poor?” “If you don’t support the EPA, what’s your plan for saving the environment?” “Against Tax Increases? Well, what’s your plan for funding the government”?

For most Republicans and for almost all Democrats, the only “plans” and “solutions” that qualify as actual plans and solutions are those which utilize the federal government in a positive and pro-active way. When they hear you talk about “free markets”, they think, “you have no plan!”. The idea that poverty, health care, insurance, home ownership, the stock market, unemployment, and education are necessarily the governments’ problem is a premise that I don’t share, and so I find myself incapable of talking to Republicans and Democrats about the government, as we do not share any basic or fundamental premises.

never-sell-a-liberal-the-same-way-as-a-conservative-02-14-2012-road-signThe Big Government Virginia Republican Bloggers constantly tell you that regulation is not an affront to liberty and that centralized control is a fundamental component of societal efficiency, and not federal infringement on the society as a whole. So, obviously, those of us who do not believe that running the economy, redistributing wealth, and certifying all human activity is the job of the federal government have no language or capacity to compromise with the Republican or Democrat Parties.

I used to believe that the Libertarian Party was the solution, back when I believed that the Libertarian Party was a pro-constitutionalist enterprise. It is not – in fact, they are a counter-Utopian, reactionary, movement that exists as push back against the unconstitutional rule of Democrats and Republicans over the decades; but they themselves do not fully embrace free markets or our Constitutional Republic. They have their own ideals they would like to enforce without constitutional sanction. What we need is a Constitutionalist-Libertarian Party in this country.

I believe that the best thing we can do for the poor and the middle class is to slowly, but steadily, begin contracting the welfare state and the federal bureaucracy, creating a cheaper, less intrusive government, which requires only a small portion of our nations private capital relative to current levels. The federal government does a terrible job at running our country, because they are trying to run everything in our country. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds with our federal and state governments.

And that’s the problem. The solution to most of our nations problems is getting our governments out of the business of trying to solve problems in the first place. The American People are becoming a weaker, more dependent, and less ambitious population. The American People built this country, not the federal government. Our governments are there to protect our borders, police our streets, practice diplomacy with foreign nations, establish a currency, operate our courts and enforce objective constitutional law, to adjudicate between the States, and to operate our Armed Forces – oh, and fine, I’ll throw in our roads too, just because I know people will completely freak out if I don’t mention roads.

Everything else should be left to the States and to the sovereign citizen. I am saying nothing that is not peculiar to the United States Constitution, even it is baffling to the modern American citizen.

A free market is a relatively unregulated market. I want free markets, including free labor markets, and health care markets, and insurance markets, and retail markets. The federal government will have to write laws to prevent new and creative means of force and fraud within a free economy, but that does not mean regulating everything that’s made, sold, or provided.

Don’t any of you want to be free? Are we so insecure as a people that we actually need this government?

To Barack Obama, I say this, you didn’t build America. We did. You can’t take credit for the very thing you’re destroying. We don’t need you. At least, I don’t need him, I can’t really speak for anyone else. Less government is the solution. More government is the problem. If we can’t agree on this than there is nothing to be gained by having policy discussions because we are operating under entirely different fundamental premises.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

5 Responses to “Conservatives Have No Solutions!”

  1. Gary Porter

    Constitutionalist-Libertarian Party? Where do I sign up?

  2. Steven Brodie Tucker

    I’ll let you know when I find it.


    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”

    — Thomas Jefferson

  4. Robert Shannon

    What we see happening is a normal result of the human condition. When you hear the phrase spoken that ” somebody should do something about this” immediately red flags should go up , because you now have the two components for another government solution.

    Someone is complaining about a problem, real or perceived. A crafty politician hears this and proposes a “solution” to the real or perceived problem. This is what pols do.

    Before you know it you have another government program that will in time grow into a government institution, wasting precious resources and causing problems in citizens lives .

    The self reliance Steve refers to is in a sense been replaced by gov’t reliance. The advent of this philosophy may have had it’s roots in attempting to remedy the human suffering as a result of the great depression, but clearly it was accepted by the masses at that time and the slow methodical conversion began. Gov’t saved us ( forget the economic evidence to the contrary) Roosevelt and later LBJ with his Great Society programs began to dramatically shift citizens perception , which led to a outright demand that ” gov’t should fix this” What one generation expects, the next generation demands.

    In theory an easy argument can be made defining what is essential gov’t service and what is non-essential. Setting aside our crafting of solutions , rest assured this is going to right itself. When the economy collapses, and it is inevitable, the attending results will be a slow recognition that our Founders were right all along. The less interference in private citizens affairs, the better. I have often argued that capitalism isn’t perfect, yet their is clear unambiguous evidence that it is the economic system that has served the greatest number for the longer periods of time than any other economic model ever tested. Progressive philosophy is delusional, they falsely believe that given enough control or resources they can “fix ” what ails society and or whatever the economic models failures/deficiency’s are. Failure to accept the truth that any economic model will have these problems falsely leads one to believe their is a ” human fix” , when reality tells us something quite different.

    Liberty to most is a concept, hardly worth the effort to conceptualize when one can’t feed oneself, ( think Maslow pyramid of needs ) It is sadly and tragically only when man loses Liberty that this concept has any tangible value or meaning. I recall vividly when I heard it the first time asked ” what happened before we had all of these gov’t programs” ? People were not dying in masses in the streets—and it is true. When gov’t took over this role, private charity began to diminish,, personal responsibility also began to lesson in it’s practice. Same principle took hold when gov’t became the new “daddy” . Fathers didn’t abandon their responsibilities in the droves they do today, they recognized the terrible position they would leave the mothers and children in, if they simply walked away from their responsibility. Gov’t relieved their conscience of having to face those messy details.

    A re-ordering of societies priorities will occur when the reality demonstrates gov’t can not, should not be involved in, and or serve as the functionaries for providing what we can do much better, much more efficiently for ourselves. The argument that society and the modern economy has become too complex is a bogus one, made by those in the ruling class that gain (and wish to retain ) an advantage by the mechanisms of big gov’t. From the drug industry ( of course advocating citizens should have free or low costs access to their products) to the examples at the local level of agencies advocating that this service or that product is of immeasurable benefit to society at large, when the reality is their often advocating on their own behalves and interests .

    School budgets ? Where does 85% of the money go ? To compensation of the teachers , administrators and other staffing. Often the case in other gov’t functions as well. We know , and have known for 4 decades that out of every $1 spent on “welfare” around .60 is actually spent on administrating the program. It is beyond silly.

    The ” fix” is coming. No system this far out of kilter will go on indefinitely. The pain will be felt for at least a generation, and it will be indeed a lot of pain, much of which could have been avoided had we acted 40 years ago to stop this. The ” baby boomer” generation, of which I belong is about to leave a tragic legacy, one that starkly contrasts with the legacy that was left to us. History will record what we did, or failed to do. Through that prism our generation will not be treated kindly.

    Bob Shannon

  5. Freddy Boisseau says:

    My first suggestion would be to promote the Negative Income tax proposed by Milton Friedman, as a replacement for all the existing welfare programs including the minimum wage. Is it ideal? No. Would I propose it if we did not have the existing welfare system? No. But at least it starts moving people into the mind set that I can improve my life by working, even if it is flipping burgers at some fast food joint.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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