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Covert Republican Guerrilla Tactics Have Zero Chance of Success

I’ve heard it said that the secret to breaking the back of the Republican Establishment is to find ourselves an outsider, like Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina, to destroy the RNC from the inside. I’m told that this is how we defeat the GOP establishment once and for all. Smart people have listened to this strategy and have bought in to the idea that a Trump victory will be so humiliating, so destructive to the Republican Establishment that we’ll be able to refashion the GOP into something more conservative and constitutional.

Unfortunately, this strategy cannot do what the people want it to do. Who is the establishment? The establishment is comprised of politicians who’ve put their offices up for sale in Washington D.C. for all comers on Wall Street, K Street, and the Chamber of Commerce. Do you really believe that a Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina presidency is going to get rid of Wall Street, K Street, and the Chamber of Commerce? Powerful, Corporatist lobbying groups aren’t going away folks; and as long as they exist, the For-Sale Republicans will be well funded, well entrenched, and in positions of great power.

trumpfA political outsider isn’t going to change the nature of our Republic from the inside. The best a President can do is to fight the US Congress, refuse to sign bloated bureaucratic bills, refuse to sign legislation that increases the debt, increases the deficit, and increases our taxes. The best a Republican President can do is to use the bully pulpit to win over the American People to common sense conservatism and constitutional republicanism, then let the people pressure Congress for change. We need a Republican President that understands the corruption in Congress and if the choice is between a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul, who’ve been fighting this corruption in our nations’ capital, and Donald Trump who has been taking advantage of this corruption for decades, how could any conservative go with Trump?

Magic does not exist. Wishing something could happen isn’t enough to make it happen. The Republican Crony-Capitalists are here and they are here to stay. No one is going to somehow wave a magic wand and pull the temple walls down upon their heads.

To win, we need to work hard, not hope hard. To win, we need to elect the smartest, best credentialed conservative we can find and get out there and fight for every vote, but we better make sure whoever we’re getting behind has a strong conservative record.

See, I think our problem really is tied directly to how often we’ve fought and failed. Now, tired of the toil and exhausted by defeat, we’re actually willing to burn the entire system down. If we can’t win, then nobody can! Let’s just have a Republican Fire Sale and rebuild. OK. Fine, but keep in mind that the Democrats won’t be affected. The Democrats will only grow stronger as Republicans tear each other apart.

Yes, there is already a civil war in the Republican Party and yes, its a good thing; but it’s only a good thing when we know what it is we’re fighting for! Constitutional conservatism versus establishment cronyism. But now we’re getting desperate. We’re abandoning constitutional conservatism for authoritarian populism.

I understand the desire to hurt the establishment, to embarrass them, and to watch them squirm, but there are serious issues facing this country and a Presidential Election has to be about those issues, and not some strategy for destroying the GOP from within.

Many of you are still undecided. I would like to encourage you to remain resolute in your conservatism. Do not stray from your values for some poorly conceived guerrilla tactic. If you are a conservative, you need to back a conservative. If you are a constitutionalist, then you need to back someone who is a staunch defender of the Constitution, or for the love of god, at least someone who actually knows whats’ in it! There are candidates in the field today who are staunch conservatives and consitutionalists and they deserve your support. You know how awful it feels when no one fights for you… well, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, even Marco Rubio, have been fighting for you in the Senate, against the establishment you so desperately want to see destroyed. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker have been fighting liberal special interests groups for years, and they’ve won battle after battle.

In the lead up to the Reagan Revolution, I believe it was George Will who referred to Reaganites as Kamikaze Conservatives. They weren’t. They were just conservative. A Kamikaze Conservative is a conservative who supports untested, unproven moderate to liberal Democrats/Republicans in pursuit of sinking the ship. That’s a kamikaze conservative. Reagan was simply a conservative who fought for conservative government, nothing more and nothing less, and look at what a difference his leadership made in America!

There are many excellent Republicans running for President today and they all have records and a past. Examine those records. Examine their history. Support whomever you believe to be the most consistent supporter of your values and philosophies, and you won’t be lead down the dock by some random piper.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

20 Responses to “Covert Republican Guerrilla Tactics Have Zero Chance of Success”

  1. Conservative and stinkin' to it says:

    There seem to be many Kamikaze Conservatives in our midst at the moment. But, they’re trying to taking a short-cut — which doesn’t exist. There’s nothing easy about sticking to principles. And, there’s no short cut to doing it right. The most important battles are hard-fought, dirty and difficult.

  2. DjKimgo

    Another dirt bag commentator blowing off excess spit bubbles. Go Trump!!!!!!!!

  3. MM says:

    Sorry ain’t buying any more of this BS.

    If you think conservatives think Carly is a legitimate option, it just shows how unaware you are of what is happening. Then to endorse Marco Rubio??? Pal, you are so far off the mark, it’s laughable.

    I believe the term is a lo-fo.

  4. cali says:

    That ship has sailed and millions of americans have enough allowing these bought and paid for politicians and their establishment to continue telling us how to vote and for whom.
    Trump’s appeal represents exactly that sentiment of fed-up americans of various affiliations and parties – not just conservatives. They have sold us out time and time again – no more!
    This is the movement that can not be stopped; its like an avalanche getting bigger and bigger as it rolls down the mountain!

    If we listen to people like you – we continue to let these *astards win!

  5. Conservative and stinkin' to it says:

    TO MM: You wrote, “If you think conservatives think Carly is a legitimate option, it just shows how unaware you are of what is happening. Then to endorse Marco Rubio??? Pal, you are so far off the mark, it’s laughable.”

    Where in the article is Mr. Tucker suggesting that Carly is a legitimate option? Mr. Tucker starts out saying “I’ve heard it said” and “I’m told that.” These are the conversations going on among conservatives in Hanover County and around the nation right now.

    And, he doesn’t “endorse” Rubio….. he stated, “…well, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, even Marco Rubio, have been fighting for you in the Senate, against the establishment you so desperately want to see destroyed.” Mr. Tucker’s simply making a point that — unlike some of the other candidates — Cruz, Paul and even Rubio at least have some history of actually taking a stand against the establishment.

    Please get your facts right.

    • MM says:

      The old, “I’ve been told” or the never wears out, “sources close to______say” are nothing more then a way for the writer to introduce what he believes and feels. They’re akin to the famous “the check is in the mail and don’t worry, I’ll pull out” That is, lies from the get go. I’m surprised you fell for it, are you 12?

      The again maybe you need to up your reading for comprehension. The only place I see Fiorina touted are on blogs like this, NRO, WS and on most every cable channel-every conservative friend I have spoken with about Fiorina knows she hold positions that are decidedly anti-conservative-in fact her stances on amnesty, the Dream Act and AGW are identical to Obama/Jarrett.

      The fact is they hate Trump-they hate his promise to stop this invasion of illegals and will get behind any flavor of the week that looks like they can bring Trump down a peg or two.

      And if you thinking that lumping the liar and traitor, Rubio in with actual conservatives and then telling me Rubio is fighting for me isn’t an endorsement, then I don’t know what to tell you.

      • Steven Brodie Tucker

        Rubio is awful on immigration, and he passed some bad spending bills in the Florida Congress. I don’t support him for President, but he has one of the better overall voting records in the US Senate. Now, if you want me to ignore facts, you’re out of luck. I doubt I could vote for Fiorina or Trump. They’ve never been a part of the Freedom movement in this country. I support those candidates (Cruz and Paul) who’ve been with us from the beginning. There are other candidates I could vote for, I’d they were nominated. But I don’t support them. That’s an important distinction that you’ve got to allow people to make.

  6. Conservative and stikin' to it says:

    If you follow Tucker’s posts at all, the one thing you know is that he’s no fan of Carly nor Jeb. As for what I and others like me don’t like about Trump — it’s his RECORD. I don’t know how you have faith in a genius salesman who will say whatever it takes to make a deal. Look at the man’s history. Weren’t we the people screaming that people look at Obama’s history? his words? his associates? What have we abandoned all that?

    • MM says:

      This was the first column of his that I’ve read that I’m aware of so I don’t know his track record.

      When he tells me that Rubio is in Congress “fighting for me” it reminds me of that line from Jonsey Wales, “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining” I first heard Rubio years ago on Levin and he was saying all the right things about illegal immigration, he went from 3% to beating Crist-I donated to him little realizing he was a protege of Jeb in the statehouse. The FIRST GD thing he did when he won that Senate was to join the Gang of Eight and demand amnesty. Eff him.

      As for Trump’s record, you’re right, it sux. But I don’t care what he said 10 years or even 2 years ago. RIGHT NOW he is telling us he will build the wall and deport all illegals starting with gang bangers. It is my #1 issue and I believe him. There are a host of other reasons I support him too but this one is far and away the most important.

      What’s our choice? Put another CofC candidate up that won’t beat Hillary? I was a Ted Cruz guy but if you’ve read sundance’s posts at Conservative Treehouse, then you’ll understand why Trump is the only way to break the GOPe’s plan to get a Hillary v Jeb matchup. A matchup that no matter who wins, the CofC wins.

  7. Steven Brodie Tucker

    For whatever reason it’s not allowing me to post the link. Go to the main page of Virginia Right and look for article entitled Debunking Conspiracy Theory.

  8. David Jackson

    There are very few times I disagree with Tucker but this week I’m feeling some disconnect. After reading your first three paragraphs, we should just throw in the towel. Money trumps the conscience of all politicisn with perhaps the exclusion of Cruz and Paul. One reason I am for Trump is he has his own money. And yes I am one of those that wants to see the Republican Party transform itself or emploed. The Democrat Oarty is 100% progressive and the Republican Party at least 80%. The first battle has to be the Republican Party. At this time I’m all in for Trump. I must add one additional note. Immigration is the most important issue we face. One culture going into another never assimilates, never. Look at the American Indian. Have they assimilated? They still live on reservations. At this time all other issues are moot. If immigrants remain there will be no constitution nor any boarders. They are taking jobs, costing us money and getting all the benefits our citizens have paid for. I am for the politician with the strongest immigration policy.
    David Jackson

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Before Trump discovered there was a problem on the border, Ted Cruz has been fighting this issue everyday. I’m not sure why Trump gets the credit now. If Trumps politics really are what you support, support him. He’s just way, way too progressive for me. But again, it’s only the conservatives and Constitutionalists and Libertarians I’m trying to win back. I recognize that the GOP is a big tent and many people don’t fall into these smaller categories.

    • Run Ben Run says:

      Mr. Jackson:

      Please seriously look at Ben Carson’s campaign for president. He is the real deal on the immigration policy you desire.

  9. Trump Supporter says:

    Carly Fiorina destroyed the 401Ks and life savings of thousands of Lucent employees.
    At HP she spied on her employees’ phone calls and hacked their emails.
    They know this.

    She is unelectable. Her former employees HATE HER will not allow her to come close to the nomination.

    DUMP her and move on.

  10. Trey Whalen says:

    The only voters supporting Carly are the GYNO squad voters- the Liberal Republican Women who parade as “pseudo conservatives.”

    Who wants to listen to that MOUTH and look at that FACE for the 4 years?

  11. Minute Man says:

    Mr. Jackson:

    Don’t confuse Mr. Tucker’s “opinion” as fact. He mistakenly thinks he speaks for all the “Constitutionalists and Libertarians’ in America.

    Tuck is the party of “Me, Myself, and I” and does not represent the quiet “revolution” happening in this country against the Ruling Political Class Both Democrat and Republican.

    Believe…… the election of 2016 will change America. People are FED UP.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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