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Free Speech Backfires On Liberals as Obama Effigy Found in GA

Bush Efigy - who cares? Obama Efigy - Secret Service Investigates

Bush Efigy - who cares? Obama Efigy - Secret Service Investigates

From CBS News:

The Secret Service is investigating after an effigy of President Obama was found hanging in the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter.
It was a disturbing reminder of another era, reports Tara Mergener of CBS News affiliate WALB-TV; a large black doll hanging by a noose from a building on main street.
It appeared right in front of a red white and blue sign that says, “Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter our 39th president. According to a witness, the effigy had President Obama’s name on it.

One has to wonder exactly what the Secret Service is investigating.

In a CBS report in 2004:

The founder of an American ice-cream chain known for its liberal politics is sending a huge effigy of George W. Bush on a trailer around the United States, showing the U.S. president with his pants on fire.

Ben Cohen, who co-founded Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, told a Seattle newspaper that he’s exercising his right to freedom of speech to expose what he sees as Bush’s untruths during a presidential election year.

And the White House take on this (in 2004) in that article:

A White House spokesman would not comment on the effigy, other than to say that Bush supports free speech and believes most Americans support his policies.

Yet all the liberal news media are wringing their hands when it is Obama in effigy.

That reminds me of the flag burning fad years ago. Those of us that found desecration of our flag or our president offensive were told by the liberals to STFU – it is protected free speech.

We warned them that this was a slippery slope. It will happen to you some day and you won’t like it.

True dat.

As the ACLU says:

Free expression and the right to dissent are among the core principles which the American flag represents. The First Amendment must be protected most when it comes to unpopular speech. Failure to do so fails the very notion of freedom of expression. Our democracy is strong because we tolerate all peaceful forms of expression, no matter how uncomfortable they make us feel, or how much we disagree. If we take away the right to dissent — no matter how unpopular — what freedom will be sacrificed next?

So for CBS, MSNBC and the rest, shouldn’t you be hounding the Secret Service for violating the free speech rights by investigating?

Apparently now you understand why this is offensive.

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