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Global Trans-Formation: The Real Consequence of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

They call it Obamatrade. That’s their first mistake. This isn’t Obama’s trade deal. This is a six year long endeavor by multinational corporations to break down protectionist trade policies in Asia. As a free trade agreement, from the little information we have, the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) could be anything from a NAFTA-style jobs trade to an EU style sovereignty-killing monstrosity. A lot of people stand to make a lot of money on this partnership, but you can rest assured that the American Worker won’t be among the beneficiaries.

There are a series of serious problems facing Americans with regard to the process through which the Administration and Congress are making these deals and with regard to the content and future consequences inherent.

The TPP subjects the United States to international laws and could be used to sabotage gun rights and a slew of other citizen sovereignty. Unlike NAFTA, the TPP is expected to increase US exports, so we aren’t necessarily looking at turning a trade surplus into a trade deficit, but we are looking at making it much easier to bring in foreign labor on work visa’s to replace more expensive American workers. While we’ve always given fast track authority to our Presidents, giving this authority to President Obama isn’t the same as giving it to Reagan or Clinton – who were mainly interested in empowering the US economy. Giving power to President Obama, given everything we know about his political ideology, is down right crazy.

Obama doesn’t care about spurring the economy, or free trade, or fair trade, or trade of any kind. He is interested in continuing his fundamental transformation of American Culture. This trade agreement will become a vehicle through which President Obama can exercise more trans-formative authority.

This trade deal is going to pass. Boehner and McConnell have seen to that; but once this deal is fully in place, you won’t recognize your country anymore. These agreements will mark the end of capitalism in America and our economy will become fueled by the influence-peddlers, the multi-national corporations, and by the entrenched establishment politicians and bureaucrats who do not believe that there is any human activity that ought not be under their control.

If you want to really understand all the different in’s and out’s associated with this agreement, I’ll post some links below.

Stay Off the Fast Track: Why Trade Promotion Authority Is Wrong for the Trans-Pacific Partnership


The Truth About Fast Track TPA


If you don’t like GOP opposition to TPA and TPP, thank Leadership



Look, this is going to happen. The amount of power and money dependent upon this deal has never before been contemplated. The powerful are consolidating their power, plain and simple. Twenty years from now, when this has all blown up in our face, just remember the names of those Republicans that fought for this and remember the promises they made. Then decide whether or not you want them by your side on election day.




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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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