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GOP Debates Haven’t Changed A Thing: It’s Still Jeb v. Cruz

Ted Cruz is the most polished and prepared Republican Candidate running for President in the GOP field. Despite being utterly ignored in the debates, his responses and temperament have been flawlessly executed. His campaign is carefully crafted, consistent, and relevant.  His record of fighting for Conservative and Constitutional values and policy is unrivaled amongst his candidate peers. He’s put together a brilliant team, is fund-raising well, has not had any gaffs, and has chosen not to participate in the vitriolic and mean-spirited back and forth we’ve been forced to stomach from the rest of the field. Yet, Republicans voters remain enamored with pomp, bombast, substance-less positioning and rhetoric, media narrative, and emotional appeal.

I recognize we have a great deal of pent up anger and frustration. I recognize we’re all excited by angry candidates like Trump and Fiorina. I recognize the appeal of a Bush campaign unimaginably well-financed. I also understand that these emotions and the gratification of having them mirrored and portrayed by the great actors running for President won’t last forever. Eventually even the media will be curious about what a Trump, Fiorina, Bush, Carson presidency would look like. They’ll start asking questions about policy. They’ll be annoyed by inconsistency, shallow rhetoric, and impractical folly. When that happens, Trump, Fiorina, and Carson will all slowly lose their appeal, and the debate will begin to center around just what kind of Republican Party are Republican voters looking for in the future.

gop-canidates-58ac30f7b098d564Jeb Bush has enough money on hand right now to fight until the bitter end. Rick Perry ran out of money and dropped out of the race. Scott Walker’s donors are desperate for new leadership at the top of his campaign. On October 15th, the fund-raising report deadline just one month away, we’ll get a much better idea regarding the health of these campaigns. While Kasich and Fiorina continue campaigning for Vice President, – Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz will battle it out to see who can raise the most small donor donations. Rand Paul and Scott Walker will need to seriously shake up their campaigns in order to compete come November. I don’t expect to see Jindal, Christie, Graham, Pataki, Gilmore, or Santorum still in the hunt by the end of 2015. Huckabee is still gaining ground with the Christian Right and he’s the only candidate campaigning on the Fair Tax. Like Walker, despite having low polling numbers, he has a strong ground game.

So what are we looking at? I still believe at the end of the day we’re looking at Ted Cruz versus Jeb Bush. We’re looking at the first choice of the Wall Street and K Street, inside the beltway, establishment crowd in Bush. We’re looking at the conservative, constitutional firebrand and face of the freedom movement in Ted Cruz. What kind of Republican Party do the Republican voters want? It’s hard to say. Jeb Bush appears to have some life in him after all and the GOP Establishment and Congressional Leadership slaughtered the TEA Party in the last round of primaries. However, they lost all support from their base in the process, something which should serve the Cruz campaign in the months to come.

Policy matters. Experience matters. Records matter. They always have. We forget that in every primary Republicans become enamored with new names and new faces, but their inexperience always rears its head, and the shiny new gadgets are tossed in the garage or in storage in favor of more reliable instruments.  These debates have been interesting, they’ve been entertaining, and they’ve been lucrative for FOX and CNN. Outside of that, they haven’t changed a thing.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

18 Responses to “GOP Debates Haven’t Changed A Thing: It’s Still Jeb v. Cruz”

  1. Paul Thiel says:

    Trump’s mantra – Make America Great Again- can be contrasted with Jeb Bush’s “Keep America The Same”. With all the special interest money Bush has (including Fox News) if you think anything will change with Jebby at the helm then just stay home! There will not be another mile of border security built and three years from now we will be hearing, well I just met with Boehner and McConnell, and they are working on amnesty and the sanctuary cities are being reviewed and we expect something to be done- the man is a clown and a pawn.

    • Gene Lefty says:

      Jeb said to Trump that his brother, Bush 43′ , ” kept us safe”? Somebody needs to ask him where was he at on 9/11/2001? That is the day about 3000 people died in New York City from a terrorist attack. Bush 43′ has never been held accountable for allowing this country to be destroyed while President.

      That is what I hate about Republican’s. Nothing but lies. Just like all Republican tax increases are wholesome, good, and righteous.

      And you people want to talk about Bengazi?

      • VA Right Mom says:

        Dear Gene Lefty:

        I love you. We are diametrically opposed politically but that is a brilliant comment on George Bush’s incompetence as President. Eight years of that Clown did indeed give us eight years of Obama.

        The near depression and economic collapse under George Bush and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen is another reason to laugh at the Jeb Bush’s comment about his brother keeping us safe.

        Thank you for keeping it “Real” on VA Right. No Bush Oligarchy.

  2. Minute Man says:

    I urge you Ted Cruz Supporters to research his wife Heidi, a Goldman Sachs employee who serves on the Council of Foreign Relations which wrote the blueprint for the North American Union.

    If you wonder who is behind American Jobs moving to Mexico- look no further than Heidi and her crowd.

    Be careful of Ted until you understand fully his platforms.

  3. Trump Cheerleader says:

    Ted Cruz’s Virginia campaign is led by Senator Bill Stanley (R) who is running for re-election in November which means he won’t be doing ANYTHING FOR TED. Chairman in Name ONLY.
    Cynthia Dunbar and Shak Hill will have to carry the water while Stanley takes the credit with the Tea Party.

    In the CNN GOP Debate Wednesday night, Ted Cruz stated as President he would “defend every word of the constititution.

    Funny, Senator Stanley led the Virginia State Senate battle for the Article V Convention of States earlier this year in the GA. Stanley is a shill for the Middle Resolution Pac and their agendas. One of their board members serves as Stanley’s Legislative Aid and delivers the donations.

    Talk about contradictions: You have a Presidential Candidate defending the Constitution and his Virginia Campaign Chair who wants to dismantle it and have Michael Farris rewrite it. LOL

  4. Stand with Rand says:

    Ted Cruz’s crusade to shut down the government FOR THE SECOND TIME now over Planned Parenthood’s $500,000 Abortion Funding is why he can’t be elected in America against a Democrat in November 2016.

  5. Carly For President says:

    Mr. Tucker:

    Have you read anything? Watched TV? Every MEDIA OUTLET IN THE WORLD ( spanning 23 million viewers) declared Carly Fiorina the Winner of the CNN Debate Wednesday night.

    Women Voters do matter.

    Also- Ben Carson is skyrocketing in the polls. Just because you choose to ignore these two candidates doesn’t mean they aren’t significant to everyone else. Get out of the Tea Party Echo Chamber.

    Tucker’s World?

  6. Libertarian BOGO says:

    Mr. Philosophy Degree:

    Read this about your BOY Ted Cruz and his “Angel” Heidi Cruz and what they believe in…..
    Heidi is on the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations.

  7. Do your Research says:

    Find Heidi Cruz\’s name on the link below of historical members of CFR:

  8. Steven Brodie Tucker

    How many names are you going to post under?

    • Do your research says:

      ….as many as it takes until you stop “pontificating and do your research.”

      The idea of the United Nations came from the Americans on The Council of Foreign Relations. How is that working out for America under these One World “Illuminati” Biderberg elitists.

      Read the “Creature from Jekyll Island”

      It’s going to be a long election cycle. Cruz has some serious hurdles to overcome.

  9. Do your Research says:

    CFR: One World Order- Abolish BordersSound familiar?
    TPA and TPP?
    Giving away America’s Sovereignty?

  10. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Cruz is for free trade. All this other talk is nonsense. And if he loses the fringe .00001% of conspiracy theorists and one world government phobics he’ll still be AOK.

  11. robert shannon

    I am amazed at the cowardice of those who post anything without identifying themselves.What the hell are you afraid of. Show some independence and courage and stop this silly nonsense. Stand up for what you believe.

    As for Gene Lefty and his ongoing tirades about republicans —maybe Gene has forgotten Bush ( and everyone who knows me knows I am not a Bush fan ) was in office for about 8 months when these attacks occurred, and that President Clinton passed on at least two occasions to get Bin Laden.

    If the blame is laid anywhere it is at the feet of the myriad of intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies that refused for stupid turf mentalities to share their intelligence info. Well documented and reported after the fact.

    Partisans discredit themselves when their bias is so blatantly worn on their sleeves. Show some independence is accessing blame and maybe, just maybe some people will pay more attention to your point of view.

    Bob ” not hiding from anyone ” Shannon

  12. Camille Beales says:

    Ted Cruz’s FB Page endorsing TPA and TPP which ended America as we know it- gave Away America’s Sovereignty to COMMUNIST CHINA:

  13. David Jackson

    Yes, we can look at experience from Obama, Jimmy Carter, Nixon, Bush 1&2. I don’t know what experience on which you speak. We need someone completly out of the usual political group. Now, when the public really get to know Bush vs Cruz they will come to an epiphany and vote the right candidate. Really. Did you note sny of the politicians I listed? Or perhaps we could list also the many candidates that lost in the final election. Does McCain, Dole, Romney ring a bell? The only candidate that can even come close to the Republican machine is Trump. He can match dollar for dollar with Bush and it will be touch and go even for Trump. If Jeb wins I will be voting for a third party candidate or possibly the Democrat. I did that with Jimmy Carter and that was one of my most productive votes it brought in Reagan. We have to look down the road. This is going to a long fight. The Republican Party as we know it has to go. The economy is sinking here but also around the world. It will take an extremely bold approach to turn things around or we will be in a world wide depression like we have never dreamed. Keep hanging on to the party and see where it leads.
    David Jackson

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      I understand how you feel. I won’t vote for Trump or Bush. Maybe we’ll be voting 3rd party together. 🙂 I just think this idea that Cruz or Paul can’t beat Jeb or Clinton is defeatist and b unreasonable. But we’ll see I guess.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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