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How Bill Janis Lost my Support in the Virginia Senate Race (VA-12)

I have known Bill Janis for several years and I always held him in the highest regard. Most VMI grads, I have found, have a moral compass that guides them without compromise throughout their life. And when you add that to the fact that Janis and I are both Navy Vets, we have a natural alignment built on common ground.

So when Janis called me last year to meet him for breakfast, I was pretty sure what the topic would be. The Virginia Senate race. Janis lives in Walter Stosch’s district and I was excited to have someone challenge Stosch, whom I believe to be one of the worst Republican Senators Virginia has ever suffered.

And before Janis could tell me what was on his mind, I told him I would support him 100% in his effort to defeat Walter Stosch.

Subsequently, Stosch (thankfully!) decided to retire. And that changed the entire dynamics of the race. And several other contenders entered the fray. And while it was a whole new ballgame,  I planned to support Bill Janis. The others in the race were all interesting and each brought something to the table.

But I knew Bill Janis and that counted for a lot.

And I try to be as fair as possible in Republican Primary challenges. I do my best to post Press Releases from all candidates and try to help get the word out for events and things of note. My goal is for the voters to be notified of opportunities to see the candidates and make their decision.

I don’t always endorse in primaries, but when I do it is because one candidate is so good that I feel it is important to let people that read this site know that.

And Bill Janis had my support and endorsement right out of the gate, and he lost it before he reached the finish line.

Janis will tell you in a heartbeat that people often see him as aggressive and that is his nature. And I don’t have a problem with that at all. I don’t want to help send a wallflower in to represent me.

Going in, Janis had some baggage that should concern every Conservative. He has used Ray Allen as a consultant in the past. Allen promised to bankrupt the Republican Party of Virginia after he lost Eric Cantor’s primary race last year. And Janis’ wife worked for Cantor / Allen on the financial end of things. And I attended the first 7th District meeting after Fred Gruber won the Chairmanship and watches as Janis’ wife made funds available to “close out the books” and within minutes, Allen and his ilk voted to take that money from the 7th District and give it away to the National Republican Party. The way that was set up was brilliant. It at first appeared that some funds would be flowing to the 7th District, so that vote sailed through. And the check had not even been written before Ray Allen took the money.

Suffice it to say that anyone that has any dealings with Ray Allen from now on will never see my support. And I will do whatever I can to work against anyone using Allen. (And I haven’t even mentioned slating yet!)

So I asked Bill Janis about his long relationship with Allen and Janis told me he was not going to use him. Troubling, but I can live with that.

And the other baggage involving Janis was his entry into the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney race as an Independent against a Republican. It essentially split the Republican vote and allowed a Democrat to win. And as soon as she took office, she fired all of the Republican Assistant CA’s so Janis also cost a number of people their jobs. And they were replaced by Democrats.

And some other issues have come to my attention. One of the most troubling is Janis failure to show up for a committee meeting where they were to vote on an increase in the Sales Tax. The best place to kill a tax hike is in committee.

In 2004, Mark Warner, Democrat, was governor. He wanted to increase taxes. No shock there. He had enough Republican defectors in the House – 17 or 18 – but the bill was stalled in committee. The committee voted 12-9 to table the bill, which effectively kills it. However, it was resurrected the next day and voted on again. This time it passed because four Republicans were strangely absent. It passed 10-8.

One of the four was Bill Janis. According to newspaper reports:

Del. William R. Janis, R-Goochland, said Wednesday was his son’s ninth birthday and he stayed home to make him waffles for breakfast.

And he missed a vote that could have stopped a tax hike.

And yes, children are important. But Bill Janis let down the people of his district and the Conservatives in Virginia. And we are all financially poorer because Bill was a no show.

My family struggled when I was young and my Dad barely made enough to make ends meet. He started digging holes for telephone poles with post hole diggers and then managed to move to the “line” department at VEPCO (now Dominion Power). He spent his whole day climbing poles with spikes strapped to his legs. And his shins were raw for years. He moved to the Service Department and became a “trouble shooter” which was a far easier job. My Dad learned his work ethic as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne and was as tough as they come. And he worked every holiday he could possibly work because it paid double time and a half. He traded shifts with other guys and gladly took Christmas every year. But what I learned from him is you honor your obligations. So every Christmas we got up around 3:00 AM to open presents and went to work when it was all over. The point is, you make your obligations work.

The newspaper report continues:

“I don’t know whether they took a walk or not,” said Del. Harry J. Parrish, the committee chairman. “They weren’t here.”

Howell, asked if he had given a directive to some members, replied, “I wouldn’t say it was a directive.”

All four later showed up for the floor session, an on-again, off-again affair with most activity taking place behind closed doors, as has been the case during much of this special session on the budget stalemate.

My Dad would have managed to get up early and make breakfast and still keep his obligation. Speaker Howell’s statement tells me a lot. He wouldn’t call it a “directive” but he didn’t deny telling the 4 to miss the vote.

And Bill Janis still does not have the guts to be honest and admit he intentionally missed the vote. And this is what you get with a 10 year legislator. Someone who is willing to miss a vote because the Speaker asked them to do so. And in missing the vote, we are all paying higher taxes. So while Bill Janis makes a big deal out of never voting to raise taxes, he also failed to show up and prevent the hike because he put Party ahead of the people he represents.

And this is not a unique case. This is what happens in legislative bodies. They miss votes, amend bills to death, or take a voice vote so no one knows how they voted. It gets hard to tell the grifters from the politicians. And it leads to famous statements like “It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.” And “I voted for the bill before I voted against it”. And in listening to Bill Janis tonight at a debate, he failed to address the missed vote despite being asked and tried to downplay the significance.

It is hard to respect someone who would agree to avoid a vote, but it happens all the time. John Boehner punishes those who vote against him as does Speaker Howell. And to Janis, after 10 years he can somehow seem to justify this type of deception in his mind. Personally, I think he needs to go back to VMI for a refresher course in the Honor Code.

Once I read the details of this sorry “Waffle” episode, I have to say, Bill Janis broke my faith in him. Trust is something one must earn. And Janis proved to me at tonight’s debate that he has no remorse for this. And worse, you have to parse his words carefully. He said he has never voted to raise taxes. And I suppose that is true. But he failed to vote to kill higher taxes as well. HE is comfortable crafting his words carefully. And while it may be true he has not voted to raise taxes, he is surely responsible for the 2004 tax hike.

I am not comfortable with this type of deception.

And to add to this problem with Janis, he twice demanded that I not print stories that I considered newsworthy. And that is something that is guaranteed to lose my support. I feel like Bill Janis assumes he can take advantage of our friendship. I think he should ask around. My support is not for sale and is only given to those who deserve it.

Bill, you had it and lost it. And you missed your opportunity tonight at the debate to own it. And you weaseled.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

31 Responses to “How Bill Janis Lost my Support in the Virginia Senate Race (VA-12)”

  1. Janine Woods

    Wow, I missed this event tonight. I’m at home, not feeling well. Now, I wished that I would have taken my sniffles to see what happened tonight. I was not aware of the information in this article. It’s very interesting that he tried to prevent you from writing this article. I believe in free speech, especially a free press.

    I’m curious how the other candidates did.

  2. Ron Hedlund

    Thank you, Tom. Know that Bill has walked on other bills like Constitutional Carry.

    I have other issues with his ability to tell the truth and manipulate facts.

    Jimmie Massie’s endorsement of Bill casts serious doubt on Jimmie’s judgement. Jimmie should stay out of this primary. First he was in the bag for Cantor. Now Janis. Not good for his relationship ship with the grassroots. He has j ust shot himself in the foot.

  3. Robert Shannon

    Readers owe Tm White a heartfelt Thank you for exposing the duplicity that unfortunately is so common among politicians of both political parties.

    Tom nailed it , in pointing out the 10 years Janis had been in politics. Even after a single term or two a elected official gets caught up in either the money trap or the moving up the ladder trap ( better pay the party bosses mind )The money or the party bosses didn’t send any candidate to victory, the voters do. As such their tendency to lose touch with their constituents and fall into that trap ( the two mentioned earlier ) is easy to understand.

    How do we fix this ? Did anyone notice the defeat of the proposed sales tax increase in Michigan ? The proposed defeat of a .01 increase in the state sales tax and some other additions to Michigan’s gasoline taxes were defeated by REFERENDUM BALLOT, something that Virginians need greater access to. It allowed voters , not the Michigan legislature to make the decision to raise or not raise taxes. This is a much more effective manner to rein in the tax and spend crowd, comprised of both political parties .

    If the silly throngs that crowd the G.A every January with their grab bags of legislative wish lists were to actually get their collective heads out of the sand, and form a coalition demanding REFERENDUM REFORM be passed in Virginia, then many of these tax increases along with the ability to CAP LOCAL SPENDING AND FUTURE TAX INCREASES would be in Virginian’s hands.

    Politicians are humans with all of the human failures unfortunately . Put more control in the hands of the voters taking it away from legislators and we all win. Refuse, until we get term limits sending back any elected official who has already served two or more terms in office. That alone would stop a great deal of these types of abuses that Tom chronicles in todays writing.

    Bob Shannon

  4. Dianna Taylor says:

    I attended the candidate forum last night and all I can say about the Bill Janis – Eddie Whitlock Abbott and Costello Routine of “Who’s on First” is that it is undeniable that Eddie Whitlock is in the campaign as a spoiler for the establishment Henrico GOP candidate Bill Janis. They both made fools of themselves fawning over one another. Janis told the audience he had been sending clients to Eddie for years. The quid pro quo- exposed. They both admired one another’s loyalty to the Henrico GOP so much that even John Fredericks, the moderator, started laughing at them and poking fun at their love fest.

    It was obvious that Bill Janis will not be elected to Richmond to represent the voters – the constituents of the 12th District- but would represent the lobbyists and Republican Leadership. He and Whitlock talked about how they had worked together for years to elect the Party Insiders in Henrico County. Thanks for the Catholic Confession, guys. Clearly they planned their questions together- Both were “Too Prepared” for each others softball questions to the other one- what a joke. It was so transparent. Eddie Whitlock came off looking like a Rodeo Clown and Bill Janis had his typical Hateful, Nasty, Mean Putin Look on his face all night. He looked like he could cut your throat and walk away- cold blooded- ruthless- not an ounce of warmth all night – not one smile – not one kind gesture. Blood Sport- he’s not one of us- he’s from Chicago- South Side and it was evident. He’s no statesman.

    Need more evidence? Look no further than the $33,000 donation he made to State Senator Tom Garrett weeks before Janis announced his campaign as an INDEPENDENT against a Republican for the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney position. What is that? Buying an endorsement? Seriously? What is that $33,000 for unless it is buying an endorsement? That’s business as usual in the GA- money flowing through the General Assembly – Lobbyists and the transfer of donations to keep the Eric Cantor- McGuire Woods Consulting and Dominion Special Interests in POWER in Henrico and Richmond. Thanks to the many years of Eddie Whitlock and Bill Janis – by their own admission last night.

    Thanks to John Fredericks and Tom White for exposing this last night. Every one in the room SAW it left knowing what they had to do- Make sure Bill Janis is never elected to public office again.

    • Janine Woods

      Thank you so much for sharing. I was not aware of anything that you said.

      I can see what you mean about Mr. Janis’ demeanor. I was at a recent women’s group event where Mr. Janis was an invited guest. When he was asked about running as an Independent, he was not kind with his response. Now, it all makes sense.

  5. Camilla Harris says:

    The best statement of the night was given by Vince Haley who is running a “We the People Govern” campaign when he said that the candidate elected to the GA must represent the constituents- not the Lobbyists or Republican Party Leadership.

    After 34 years of Walter Stosch who hasn’t returned phone calls in years from voters in his district and actually told voters in a town hall in Rockville that the Lobbyists played a crucial role in the GA, Haley is a breath of fresh air and after seeing a real statesman in action last night for the first time – he has my vote. Haley is thoughtful and principled.

    Haley pledged to term limit himself to 2 terms. Good- then he can run for Governor or US Senate. He is without a doubt one of the most impressive candidates to run in years in the greater Richmond area. He’s in a league of his own. No one else was even close.

  6. Alfred Graham says:

    Mr. Janis attempted and failed miserably to paint Mr. Haley into a corner on “term limits.”

    Mr. Haley said he pledged to “Term Limit”himself to 2 terms. Mr. Janis made an A__S out of himself by trying to tell the audience Mr. Haley was a flip flopper on this issue and Mr. Haley said repeatedly that he took a pledge to Term Limit himself and finally when Bulldog Janis wouldn’t let it go, Mr. Haley asked Janis- Would you pledge to term limit yourself? Mr. Janis said “NO.”

    Janis was a jerk ALL NIGHT LONG in this CANDIDATE FORUM and this was just one example of what we witnessed.

  7. Jessica Thurmond says:

    Mr. Haley was clearly better prepared on the issues of taxation. He led the initiative on the topic last night and has made it one of his campaign platforms to gradually phase out the VA state income tax citing other states who have taken this approach and who are reaping tremendous economic development and small business investment in their states as a result of solid conservative leadership. Job creation is the real reward- bringing opportunity to Virginians.

    Janis and Whitlock jumped on it like it was some impossible feat which demonstrates their lack of ideas but both attempted to pledge to return tax surpluses to the taxpayers when elected. Like that would ever happen in Virginia. Rainy Day Slush Funds prevail in Virginia. Whitlock looked really bad on this issue. He implied he would single handedly eliminate all bad spending programs and reap huge savings. LOL- the other commenters are right- those two were definitely working together all night. There was a “meeting” before the Meeting.

    It is an obvious strategy on Janis’ part- let Whitlock peel away a certain number of votes and in a 4 way race- Janis the establishment candidate wins.

    This election is one of the most important elections in VA- the Winner will be the next Senator. There is no democrat in the race…. yet in the very Republican District.

    If you want business as usual- you’ll get it with the Whitlock- Janis team. If you want real conservative leadership- Haley is your candidate. He’s the real deal on cutting spending and lowering taxes and has Big ideas on job creation.

    Get off the couch and go knock doors and make phone calls for Vince Haley- time is running out.

  8. Ron Hedlund

    Even an undecided told me last night that he now knew who he was NOT voting for. Bill was just being Bill. H3 can’t help himself.

    Here is another tidbit: one of Bill’s endorsers advised him to reconsider running against Vince Haley and his grassroots supporters.

    A Janis campaign in meltdown mode will get nasty. Be prepared for it. Please get your friends, family and neighbors engaged.

  9. Bill Rutter says:

    Where have you people been for 15 years?

    Bill Janis always looks like he wants to put his fist through someone or some wall. Last night was no exception- very angry man with issues.

    When he was at the GA for a decade he was a total bully of staff and other legislators.

    He’s no team player- it’s his way or the highway.

  10. CarolynW

    Tom White great job on exposing Bill Janis. I believe others will fall as stated above but for now don’t forget the secret meeting held at the Double Tree Inn at the Koger Center January 17, 2015. Read article here and pay close attention to who is in the picture with Eric Cantor,, Cantor, Comstock launch mainstream organization for reclaiming the elephant, or the Washington Post article, Virginia politics Cantor speaks to Virginia Republicans about how to win elections again. Remember this was an invitation-only event. Fred Gruber from the 7th District wasn’t invited nor was Congressman Dave Brat?? This event sponsored by the Virginia Conservative Network featured a who’s who of establishment Republicans in the mold of Cantor. Wasn’t Eric Cantor defeated because he was more concerned about Party Politics and winning at any cost than his constituents?Is Bill Janis interested in serving the people of the 12th District or is he interested in serving the Establishments Party Politics and the interest of Eric Cantor??

  11. Missy Corwin says:

    Mr. R-

    We’ve been here- quietly enduring their power until last year when we handed them the most historical political defeat this country has seen in decades. We are no longer paralyzed by fear or by their retributions since Ivan Eric Cantor was defeated along with his MOB bosses.

    We are taking our counties and our state back from the Mafia like control of the General Assembly.
    Ethics Reform in Virginia is possible- we need a conservative majority-

    Join us—- join the grassroots organizations and the Tea Party.

    Missy Corwin

  12. Green Jeans says:


    You are so right. Last night, Mr. Janis tried to paint Mr. Haley as a Washington insider because he was a researcher/consultant for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Mr. Janis kept referring to him erroneously as a Beltway insider.

    What a crock- Eric Cantor was the ultimate Washington Insider- couldn’t find his way to his office in Henrico in years to meet with his constituents. Janis didn’t have a problem with Cantor and his money when it was being funneled to Richmond for the party hacks to spread around in the GA- they all loved that Washington Lobbyist Money- so much so they voted to send it all back to Washington when GOP Party Boss Linwood Cobb was defeated in May 2014- they bankrupted the 7th District so Fred Gruber couldn’t organize the grassroots. Janis and his WIFE who was the treasurer of the 7th District under Linwood Cobb- were part of that dirty procedure.

    Don’t let anyone forget where Janis came from, who brought him to the party, kept him there, and wants him back on their leash- Ivan the Terrible.

  13. Gene Lefty says:

    Great article Tom!

    What is funny about it however, is how your dad and Bill Janis both worked for the same company! What a coinsidence?

    Your dad climbed up something for his paycheck, Bill Janis “sucked up” to something for his????

    I wouldn’t vote for Bill Janis for dog catcher. The big government, big spending, tax increase bunch like Sandy are where his support lies. Along with those who will loan you their Ferrari.

  14. Carla Simpson says:

    Ms. Woods-

    If you want a real lesson in Richmond Politics here is your Primer:

    Mr. Janis’s wife Roseann was the long time treasurer of the 7th District GOP Committee- she also worked for Ray Allen- her husband’s best Friend ( BFF) who was Congressman Eric Cantor’s long time political consultant ( RAY ALLEN is the one who ran those nasty ad campaigns against Dave Brat calling him a liberal college professor)

    Roseann also worked under Lynwood Cobb- the former
    7th District Chair under Cantor before Fred Gruber defeated him in May 2014. Kristi Way- Cantor’s chief of staff was also on the 7th District Committee

    Now do you see that if elected- Bill Janis wll not represent you? But will represent the Dominion Power Lobby ( remember former Delegate Janis gave up his safe Republican Seat to Peter Farrell son of Dominion CEO Tom Farrell so he could become the biggest conflict of interest in VA History)
    and the other special interests.



  15. CarolynW

    Oh, you are forgetting to add Dr. John O’Bannon to that list of Delegates who was asked not to attend the Sub-commiittee meeting when Virginia got that big increase as well as Mark Cole, Delegate in Fredericksburg. Isn’t there some kind of conflict that John O’Bannon is a Delegate in the General Assembly and his wife, Pat, is a supervisor on the Board of Henrico County??? The establishment has a good game going on here. A hard culling in the State and local government is in order. This is where voters have the most control.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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