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Ideals Versus Reality

Why do young people support Marxism and Liberalism, when their every natural instinct opposes submission to authority?

It is important to understand that in the absence of objective experience, the individual grasps for broad ideals within which to believe. The market place for ideals is wide open and hardly any of the people in the ideals-business are selling freedom. Why? Why are Egalitarianism, Environmentalism, and Socialism easier to sell than Freedom?

There are a number of reasons, but the most obvious reason is that when I try to sell you freedom, I’m not actually selling you anything that you don’t already have. You are free. I don’t have a grand, idealistic legislative agenda that will change the world into Utopia; no political plan brilliantly designed as a bulwark against the natural inequalities and inequities that exist as de facto staples of reality for every living creature on planet earth. I cannot play on your fears and frustrations with life and nature. I can only tell you that I hold your life and  your freedom in the highest respect, and that I believe that your government should exist to protect your life and property from acts of force and fraud. I cannot sell you a government that is going to cure poverty, or autism, or greed. I cannot offer to save the planet, or General Motors, or Detroit. I cannot promise that on your behalf, by democratic fiat, that a government of free people would be able to plan society. A government of free people can do none of these things. I cannot promise to take money from here and give it there, because 51% of the people prefer there to here. I cannot promise to people in California who hate Coal, that I can stop people in West Virginia from mining for it. In fact, I have to tell the people in California, “I’m sorry, you don’t have any right to the lives and property of people in West Virginia”.

So if what people really want is a controlled, structured, inorganic society, then what I am trying to sell them when I sell them freedom, is nothing.  If people want to control each other and force each other to obey one another, then freedom is exactly what people reject.

But do people in America really want to force each other to obey each other? Is that really how they want to be treated? Or is this simply a reality within which they find themselves; and therefore feel compelled to pick a side in an inevitable battle between conservative and liberal activists? No one has offered them a chance to be for or against freedom. They are too weighed down with a thousand other choices. For or Against gay marriage, global warming, abortion, poverty, social justice, equality, fairness, and so forth and so on. When government is constantly picking winners and losers and there is no liberty to speak of, our fellow citizens don’t see a choice. They don’t see freedom as an option.

Modern Man believes that freedom is a vacuum waiting to be filled by their political, religious, and cultural enemies. Please, read that sentence again. It is this belief that must be overcome when we attempt to spread our Freedom Movement. This fact is why there will never be peace between Israel and Palestine, between Sunni and Shi’ite, between “liberal” and “conservative”.

Why is it that the Tea Party alone seems immune from this fear that freedom is chaos? What other beliefs does the Tea Party have that make them so damn certain that freedom works?

The answer is the United States Constitution, Federalism (as a form of government), and republicanism as the American form of Federalism. At the base of the Constitution, federalism, and republicanism are three ideas: The Rule of Law, Individual Rights, and Private Property. We need to argue for these three things first and foremost. We must be intolerant of every infringement of these three core principles. We must guard these principles as absolute and uncompromisable; because without the rule of law, without individual rights that no government can take from us, and without private property, we cannot be free. These are things to believe in and to argue for.

Young people should be approached with this:

Freedom under a Constitution that constrains government and gives sovereignty to the individual doesn’t create chaos. What creates chaos is a government that can pick winners and losers; for a government that can pick winners and losers is a government for sale. It is the kind of government that is necessary for us to control, so that it won’t choose to control us. It is a government that requires incalculable amounts of treasure to influence the decisions of our rulers and their bureaucracy, because there is no constraint on what that government can do. Yes, this unconstrained government is “great” when people like you control it, but it is “terrible” when people that hate you control it. We are Americans. We should not be competing with each other to control the weapons of government in order to protect ourselves from one another. We are Americans. We should have a government that is constrained by a nonnegotiable rule of law that protects our sovereignty, as citizens; not our politicians as rulers. We should be equal under the law. There should be no arbitrary laws that position citizens against citizens, where one benefits at the expense of the other. There should be no arbitrary avenue for majorities to rule over the minorities. This is America, after all. We are a nation of minorities, EQUAL UNDER THE LAW.

We must stop trying to rule one another; and be free. If your only argument is that nature, that reality, isn’t fair and that we need governments to combat this, then I must ask you: What Government on this earth is more powerful than nature? What government has the power to change reality? I think we are living in a society that believes that its “ideals” are more powerful than the laws of nature, and the suffering this causes is inestimable. This error is what must be addressed through freedom, through a Constitutional Government that protects our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Period. End of story.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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