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I’m Done With Trump

It makes no sense for someone who writes for an audience to insult someone their audience supports. However, like Donald Trump, I’m not loyal to one party or any group of financial supporters. Unlike The Donald, I do this for free. Granted, there is probably a reason for that. So I endorse all comments calling me an amateur.

That said, Ladies and Gentlemen, can we please dispense with Donald Trump? He’s not a conservative. He has supported, at one time or another, everything we oppose. He’s also supported everything we’re for. He’s given money to most of the people we support and also given money to most of the people we despise.

I kept an open mind. I intended to keep an open mind for months, because that would be the smart thing to do.

Sure, if detonating the Republican Party explosive prematurely is the smart thing to do, then I’ll count myself out and call it a day.

Donald Trump can package messaging. He can rally the disenfranchised. He can say and do anything, poke his finger in the eye of the establishment, and mock our ridiculous political process. We love it, right? He’s a fighter. He tells it like it is. He says what others won’t say. So I guess he’s just like John Stewart and George Carlin. Why the hell hasn’t the Republican Party ever nominated them?

For the last 6 years we’ve had politicians fighting for their lives in Washington DC. Elected by us to do the People’s business, and thwarted at every turn by a Republican Party bought and paid for. Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Mark Meadows, and Dave Brat. We sent these guys to Washington D.C. and let them loose on the establishment. Scott Walker fought the Unions… and won! They tried to recall him. He won.

But what? We threw a pebble at a mountain and it didn’t come down, and so now we need someone who will pretend to act as angry as we feel? We need low-class politics and pejoratives to make our case to a conservative base that already gave the Republican Party the House of Representatives without Donald Trump; and gave them the Senate without Donald Trump?

That the Establishment is fighting us more ruthlessly than ever isn’t a sign of failure, but of success! We don’t need Donald Trump. We need Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Hell, we even need Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal, and Ben Carson. But we don’t need Donald Trump.

Early on, I tried to explain the Trump appeal, because I thought that the folks that supported him would recognize why they were supporting him. Now… now that he’s proven himself to be an impossible candidate, you still support him, and I want an explanation.

Do I need to speak Trump? OK, then. Damn it, I want an explanation!

donald-trump-obama-ivy-240I want to understand why Trump is better than Ted Cruz. I want to know what Trump has done for the American People that Ted Cruz hasn’t. Where was Trump when Obamacare was moving through Congress? I want to know why Trump is better than Rand Paul. I want to know what Trump has done for the American People that Rand Paul hasn’t. Where was Donald Trump on NSA spying?

I want to know why Trump is better than Ben Carson. When Trump fails, he uses our laws to get out of taking responsibility, by filing for bankruptcy. If Carson fails, people would have died. Trump made money buying off Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.

Ben Carson saved lives.

Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker have fought merciless battles that conservatives support, while Donald Trump played God on a reality TV show.

You are going to ignore all these gentlemen, because of the celebrity and perversity of Donald Trump?

If you’ve read my other articles, you know I know why you love him. You know I’m not mad at you or disrespecting you for loving him.

I just can’t believe that you’d ignore men and women who have been fighting for your positions, desires, philosophies, and values in Congress, while The Donald paraded himself around television so easily, and without second guessing yourselves. What has Donald Trump done for you, besides give voice to your anger? You don’t think these Governors, who refused Medicaid expansion, were taking risks for you? You don’t think these Senators that opposed ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood and threatened to shut down the government, were taking risks for you? All their trials and tribulations meant nothing?


Because Donald Trump can’t be bought?

You think Ted Cruz was bought when he called McConnell a liar?

I’ve heard the rhetoric. Everyone but Donald Trump is for sale.

You think Rand Paul was bought when he opposed NSA spying?

Friends – Please! Are we going to ignore the people who have been fighting day and night for us since the day we raised that Gadsden Flag?

To back Trump?

Look, I get it, I really do. I’m not trying to bash him or call him out. But I’ve been in this fight since 2006 and I never saw him at a rally and I never saw him backing one of our candidates. I never saw him fighting McConnell or Boehner. I saw him buy them off. And as he said, the reason he purchased them was because they were for sale in the first place! I mean, damn it, people, what are you doing? Really?

You are conservatives and libertarians and constitutionalists, and you’ve fought hard! You are going to abandon everyone you helped elect because that guy from Celebrity Apprentice wants to run the country?

I know this is a rant. I know its not a real “blog”. I just hate losing and I hate getting side-tracked by celebrity and media and $!#$!$%!#%$!# FCC Violations.

Take a minute tonight, would you? Look at Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Ben Carson. Even look at the guys who have debated well that I can’t stand. Look at Mike Huckabee. Look at Carly Fiorina. Look at Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker.

I love Sandy Sanders – Hell, look at Jim Gilmore!

Please don’t threaten me with Trump. Not for the Republicans or Libertarians or Independents or Anyone. Stop it. Please. I get why you like him. I get why you are angry. Just consider what I’m saying, please, for a minute or two, and ask yourselves if Trump is really the guy for you.






About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

14 Responses to “I’m Done With Trump”

  1. Rich MEtzger says:

    Trump is the only candidate who, if elected, will grab Boehner and McConnell and slam their heads together and demand action. I think he will be savvy enough to threaten to put their the contents of their conversations on the air, real time, just like the Sunshine Laws were intended, in order to expose the dirty dealings of Congress. Only Trump has the balls to do that. Only Trump. Aure, there is a price relative to decorum, but as a pissed-off American, I say screw decorum and let’s get this country straight. We need a George Patton and Trump is it.

    • Paul Thiel says:

      I totally,agree with Rich Metzger! The man totally knows our country is in deep Do Do specifically because he has so much to lose after watching the country go down the tubes financially! Do you know any businessman who can afford to pay 40 percent interest on borrowed funds? How can the U.S. Continue to do this-they can’t and all the other trash these RHINO’S talk about ” you have to be able to compromise” to get anything done is just the same old same old BS! Look at the effort Dave Brat put into trying to get an amendment to the recent bill giving 2 billion a year for the next 5 years automatically ( 10 Bil ) for research in the medical field. Why if this research has been so effective can it not be evaluated annually and then funded annually? This kind of budgeting is just a small example of why this country is in so much trouble financially and a businessman with Big Nuggets is needed! Go Trump- Make America Great Again! Check out Greece and see how good Socialism works!

  2. Tony says:

    Donald trump is our best option. GOP is run by big lobbiest groups running our candidates as lab rats. They have been sleeping at the wheel for a long time. These candidates are good people but lack the independence of the Lobbiest Group that controls the GOP. This why these lobbiest are working so hard to discredit trump. Trump is not playing by their rules and frustrating them because pouring millions of dollars to the GOP will be a waste. Trump is a unique candidate with a rare commodity that you never see on the presidential stage. People like him are usually setting in the background controlling political candidates as puppets. Donald Trump vast experience running successful businesses and more importantly free from the lobbiest to sway him in any direction is a formula for success. People need to wake up and see his good intentions

  3. SandyToes says:

    STB nails it with this post. Trump is a chameleon and will do whatever is best for Trump. He has no principles. He has no consistency. Yes, he’s voicing the anger we have. I’ll give you that. But, scratch beyond the surface and you got nothin’. He’s playing into the 30-second sound-bite culture we condemn the left for. He’s playing into the “low information crowd” we all despise… And you’re all falling for it. Dig into his past, his record and you’ll thumb your nose at him. Do your own homework, folks. He’s going to derail any chance of getting this country back on track.

  4. Beckwith

    I know who Trump is. Who are you?

    Remember what Dirty Harry said about opinions.

  5. Patriot says:

    Did you watch Rand Paul’s video on Trump?
    he nails it-

    “Ross Perot gave us Bill Clinton and Donald Trump is going to give us Hillary Clinton.”


  6. Kauf Buch says:

    You would do yourself a favor by reading a number of articles on the candidates over at The Conservative Treehouse (AKA The Last Refuge).

    Your opinion is – respectfully said – un/misinformed.

  7. Nathan Gray says:

    Mr. Tucker: THANK YOU! Far too many activists automatically dismiss criticism of Trump as establishment-driven desperation, when Trump fails liberty just as much as Bush. Instead of attacking him personally, you did exactly what we all need to do–you made a rational judgement, using the principles of liberty as your standard. We have several candidates in this field who, if supported, victorious, and held accountable, would be excellent presidents. I could see Paul or Cruz getting far more actually done for liberty than Reagan. I’m not involved in politics to feel good; I’m involved to defend liberty, and it would be irresponsible to waste such an opportunity as we have today to merely express my anger at the current system through a caustic candidacy that makes plenty of noise but offers little substance and less principle.

    As someone only a year out of high school, someone whose future is being crushed by government freed from its limits, I want a president who will take seriously his or her responsibility to restore moral limitations to government. Let’s unleash America, and put the chains back where they belong–D.C.

  8. Steven Tucker

    Nathan. Thank you, sir. Excellent comments. Please reach out of you’d ever want to meet or talk. I’m easy to find.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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