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My Personal Struggle with Senator Ted Cruz

Every morning I wake up with the desire to write one article: I Endorse Rand Paul for President. Every morning I want to pull that trigger. Rand Paul is the closest thing this country has ever had to a Constitutional Libertarian. I am a Constitutional Libertarian.

Every morning, I’m stopped from writing that article, because of Ted Cruz. I don’t agree with Cruz as often as I agree with Rand Paul. Though I find them both far more important to the national debate and to the value of the Republican Party than I do folks like Donald Trump – the Johnny Come Lately.

I want you to watch Ted Cruz’s Speech on the floor of the United States Senate.


ted-cruzI’m not withdrawing my support from Rand Paul. I am merely saying this: that I want a man like this to be President of the United States. I feel the way I felt when I watched Rand Paul filibuster the NSA. I’m saying that I have a decision to make. I think we all do. These are two great men who have been fighting tooth and nail against the Republican Establishment, despite all the hate and lies and media stories issued against them. They haven’t compromised. They represent you and I every day in a parliament devoid of any consideration of our lives and liberty. Both these men deserve our support, but only one of them can win.

I think it is a shame that all we can talk about is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, though I fully understand the reasons for both.

Listen and watch this speech. This is leadership. This is greatness. This is something we desperately need in Congress.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

7 Responses to “My Personal Struggle with Senator Ted Cruz”


    For me & mine it’s a no brainer; CRUZ 2016!

    He’s raised more $$ than any other candidate. Now, if we can get him in front of enough people he can make it happen. This man is one brilliant HONEST leader that fully understands & wants to abide by the Constitution.

    When I watched the 20 minute video you posted I felt like I was watching a powerful State of the Union address.

    Pray for Ted Cruz, he might just be America’s last hope.

  2. Steven Tucker

    I won’t endorse anyone until after the first debate. But right now it seems obvious: Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

  3. VA Right Mom says:

    Perhaps you shouldn’t endorse after the first debate.

    That’s the problem sometimes with VA Right endorsements when made too early. The crap comes out and then you all are hesitant to walk back your endorsements ( Sandy) and Tom to some extent.

    Wait- we have plenty of time. But sounds like it will be Ted Cruz or Rand Paul for you and that’s a good bet your readers will echo.

    There’s no rush. Rand Paul is the real leader of the polls. The GOP polls miss it because they poll likely Republican voters and Rand has a cult following of people not polled such as independents and Libertarians and people who would never allow themselves to be polled known as “off the grid” voters.

  4. James Willis

    Steven, might I suggest that you read Cruz’s book A Time For Truth if you have not already. I think you might find it enlightening.

  5. Robert Shannon

    Both the reference to Cruz’s book and the mention of his video ( which indeed was brilliant ) goes directly to the heart of what Americans yearn for. A pol who will speak honestly , not so much about the problems, they are well documented but about the solutions, and the need to understand one cold hard truth. America isn’t getting out of this logjam of a mess without a clear and concise understanding that ” we all are going to give something up” People are sick of pols who ramble on and on , saying nothing. Repeating clever campaign slogans isn’t going to work this time around. Their is a hunger for a leader, a real leader who can strike in Americans heart a chord that say’s…..I intend to wreck the China cabinet” the corrupt system ,the inefficient broken monster that is destroying any chance our children and grandchildren have of a decent future. Which candidate demonstrates they are not simply running for President for the sake of adding that achievement to their personal bio will surface ? The republicrats nominate another Dole, McCain or Romney they will flame out and surely open the door for the republican parties funeral procession.

    Trump has had the response to his litany of verbal missives because of …… His money, his notoriety , his bombasting style ????? Perhaps it is a little of all of those but that does not explain precisely what is happening. His best line , the one that is stuck in citizens ears and minds is ” politicians are all talk no action” 6 simple words, repeated over and over and even the most politically ignorant disinterested apathetic person understands CLARITY AND TRUTH. Those 6 words and his repeating them over and over are not just simple catch phrases, but strike at the very heart of what Americans intuitively know and understand, politicians are for the most part big windbags.

    Cruz indeed has a compelling story, but Paul can reach young voters, Paul can bridge the Independents who are disgusted with both parties, the folks who want government out of their personal lives, who want the genie put back in the bottle. Voters with concerns over his non-interventionist stands on national security—that is his Achilles heel, but one that will be easily overcome against a Clinton who has no core philosophy about anything.

    Paul has in my opinion the best chances in a national race against the empty suit that Hillary Clinton is. Republicans will set aside their concerns and vote for Paul, Libertarians will be energized, viewing Paul as ” one of their own” and Paul’s visible work as a doctor providing free care will warm the hearts of many female voters who may be tempted to jump onboard the ” first woman train” but then recall first isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

    Pauls announcement sometime back was in my opinion one of the very best political speeches I have heard in my lifetime, some might go so far as to call it inspirational. Now if he incorporates some of Trumps best lines……

    Bob Shannon

  6. Go Rand Go says:

    Mr. Shannon-

    Glad you love Rand Paul like the rest of us.

    He or Ted Cruz would be a great GOP nominee. But I agree with you, Rand is more electable because all those Ron Paul Nation voters are sitting out there silently, not being polled, waiting for the primary so they can go and STOP the Bush Oligarchy and its third term as elitist Industrial War complex fascists. This will be their victory much like defeating Eric Cantor last year was our victory.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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