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Narrative: Why Democrats Win (Part One)

3004625759_1baf9e1596_q_Democrats-winThe Democrat Party, fueled by the Progressive movement, is masterful in the establishment of narratives in the public psyche. I cannot tell you how many people I know that refuse to vote for Republicans because Republicans only care about rich corporate elitists and hate the little guy. Republicans are all bigots and racists and homophobes. What’s worse, they hate poor people. Republicans are dangerous because of their commitment to Jewish domination of Muslim peoples overseas and their support of Christian Theocracy here at home. Republicans are against education, health care, and science. Republicans want to destroy the environment. Republicans are imperialists that want to impose capitalism on other nations in order to steal their natural resources. The Republican Party is essentially owned by the Military Industrial Complex. HALLIBURTON!

I know, right? Why in the world would anybody vote Republican? They are so EVIL!

All you people reading this that vote Republican, this is who Low-Information Democrats think you are, and they hate you for it. That hatred is significant and essential to the Progressive Movement. Hatred of an enemy creates in the minds of the incensed a commitment to the ends justifying the means. Sure the IRS shouldn’t be targeting specific groups, but these are Tea Party groups and Tea Party groups are racist, anarchistic, and evil. Are we supposed to just let them exist unopposed? Hatred is key. If Republicans aren’t all evil, then there really is no way to justify the terrible abuses of power by the Obama Administration, the Progressive bureaucracy, and the Democrat controlled Senate. Narrative.

Narrative is the weapon The Left uses to castrate¬† centrists. Narrative is the rag they use to gag the opposition. Don’t support capitalism or you hate the environment. Don’t oppose Entitlements or you are a racist that hates the poor, but specifically Hispanics and African-Americans. Don’t oppose the theories of the Big Bang and Global Warming, or you hate science and are an irrational lunatic.

What is the Republican’s answer to the Democrat Narrative?

They don’t seem to have one. And why not? Because the Republican Leadership is run by Corporatists that are solely concerned with their own power and the prosperity and security of companies able to command a constant presence on K Street. They have no political philosophy. They have no real program or platform. They are only interested in themselves and in those that enrich them. But that is not who republicans are. That is not the Republican Base. That does not define Conservatives or Libertarians or Constitutionalists.

We need to consider the importance of our own narrative. We need to define a narrative of Progressives carved in truths so obvious that low-information voters won’t be able to ignore it. We need to paint a picture of the left that regular, average, uneducated Americans can understand. Progressives have taken over our schools and essentially destroyed the collective mind of America. It is rare to run across another person capable of reasoning, of thinking logically, of responding to political stimuli with an objective response. This is the disease for which we must find a cure. I will offer my own, but first, think about who the Left is. Think about what they have done to our country. How would you describe them? How would you define them? Take all those thoughts and cram them into two sentences. Democrats are…. and they aren’t…. what? It’s time to label our enemies and to begin fighting them with their own weapons.

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About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

5 Responses to “Narrative: Why Democrats Win (Part One)”

  1. Gene Lefty says:

    Isn’t this what you are really saying, a Republican Politician has but one constituent, them self?

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    Or, is it two constituents, them self, and money?

    • They represent themselves and those that enrich themselves. They have no political philosophy. They are not “conservative” or “republican” or “libertarian”. They are not constitutionalists. They are professional politicians and bureaucrats.

  3. John says:

    What a load of crap, and I lean right. In your attempt to be partial, you immediately start off with

    ” Progressives have taken over our schools and essentially destroyed the collective mind of America. It is rare to run across another person capable of reasoning, of thinking logically, of responding to political stimuli with an objective response.”

    It’s obvious you don’t work in academia, or possibly have never finished high school or you would be aware or simple psychological trends that have held fast for decades, if not centuries. People tend to be more idealistic in their early years and as they mature they become more pragmatic.

    The democratic party has learned these lessons and uses education to their advantage instead of trying to demonize it.
    I’ll just pick an issue at random to show you what I mean…Climate Change-Every grammar school kid can tell you that when the cave man ruled the planet, we were in an Ice Age. Glaciers covered up to 50% of the earth…so the Earth has been getting warmer…but instead of admitting there might be a bit of logic to the claim, and maybe become the voice of reason in the political debate about the pros or cons of say Cap and Trade, Carbon Credits and all the political fixes suggested that really won’t negate the temperature. The republican party decided to attack the science. And what did they use to attack that science…more science (albeit bad science bought and paid for by corporate elites) So of course they lost all credibility and were labeled “Deniers”…I have no idea if Global warming is fact or fiction…I’m not a scientist, but when some of the same scientists that said cigarettes didn’t cause cancer back in the 70’s were used as the voice of opposition by the republican party, it made me think twice.
    By attacking the science republicans made fools of themselves…they’re politicians, not scientists. They should have stayed in their field of expertise, but they overstepped. Now the Dems own the narrative and anyone against Cap and Trade or any of the ridiculous fixes suggested is simply labeled a “Denier”…Case closed. The sad part is we all lose, because there is no opposition to redistribution of wealth, Cap and Trade, Carbon Credits…all being touted by people flying around in jets with 10 car motorcades telling us we have to pay more, use less, etc., etc. or the planet will fuckin die….
    The republican party is just plain stupid, the dems are masters at ripping the narrative right out from under their noses and spanking them like children…no matter what the issue…the republicans fuck it up…Iraq and Afghanistan…those were such disasters we now have to put up with PC lectures about how Islam is a religion of love…repubs fucked up the narrative when they had control of the situation. Frankly, I have serious doubts about the mental capacity of the rep party leadership…they’re morons who could fuck up a wet dream…Thanks Bush/Cheney


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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