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Newt Proves Romney Cannot Beat Obama

Photo by Tom White - CPAC 2011

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has demonstrated why Mitt Romney cannot beat Barack Obama. The victory in South Carolina last night, a thorough trouncing by Newt over Romney and the rest of the field, gave us a glimpse of what is to come should Romney win the Republican nomination.

While the Republican elite will now do their level best to take down Gingrich for daring to bring Romney’s free market capitalism record under critical review, they should really be thanking the former Speaker for demonstrating just how vulnerable Romney will be to these same charges magnified a billion times when Barack Obama and his Occupy lackeys begin their attack.

The Super PAC that backed Newt brought out a few examples of less than successful endeavors by Romney, added a bit of devious spin and reduced Romney into a blathering, stammering blob of ineptitude. And while  the Republican elite who have anointed Romney as “most electable” cry foul because another Republican dared attack their golden boy on Capitalism,  the outcome in South Carolina favoring Newt was achieved without really scratching the surface. Obama’s scorched earth campaign will utterly destroy Romney an wind up in the most lopsided Progressive victory in the history of the country for Obama.

And when you add Romney’s tax issues to the mix, the Democrats should be slobbering all over themselves at the prospect of taking on the “most electable” Romney. Mitt will have his clock cleaned by the Democrats and the Republicans will once again wonder where they went wrong.

And they will never figure it out.

“Romney just needs to do better” in responding to the charges of being a filthy rich pig that feeds at the trough of the poor. But there is no answer for Romney’s success in Obama’s class warfare script. Obama is ready for Romney. He has been preparing for Romney for 3 years and has has the playing field set up to pit Obama and the 99% against Romney and the 1%.  You can see this one coming a mile away.

If Romney is unable to defend his success against charges from others who believe in the free market, he stands absolutely no chance against Obama who has successfully convinced more than half of America that people like Romney are the root cause for their misery and the reason the country is in the mess it is in.

I will say it now because it needs to be said. Romney cannot beat Barack Obama. Not now, not ever.

If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, Barack Obama will win a second term. And if you think his first term was a disaster, just wait until you see what this man who is hell bent on destroying America does with a second term.

If not Romney, then who? Newt? Too much baggage.

Well, that is what we hear. But just this past week, most of that baggage has been tossed directly in Newt’s face and he has managed to turn the tables and, without breaking a sweat, vaporized the first two charges.

First, on Monday night, FoxNews resident liberal Juan Williams tossed the race card at Gingrich. Newt has been calling Obama the “food stamp president” and has suggested that some of the poor lack a work ethic because they have never had to work. Williams attempted to imply that those statements were offensive and racist. Newt’s reply earned him a standing ovation as this clip shows:



Then, on Thursday night CNN moderator John King attempted to use the ex-wife card, and again, Gingrich earned a standing ovation for his reply as you can see in this video below:


So in comparing how Newt deals with his “baggage” compared to how Romney responds to questions about his enormous wealth, reluctance to release his taxes – which he has now said he will do on Tuesday – it is clearly and painfully obvious that Mitt is not prepared to answer the tough questions and constant ads that Obama will run.

Take a look at this example:



There is simply no way Mitt will be elected president. And once we see how much money Romney has made during a recession, and how little he has paid in taxes, it is game over. Mitt Romney does not have what it is going to take to defeat the media and Obama.

On the other hand, Newt Gingrich has a lot of baggage, so we hear. But the ex-wife baggage has already been jettisoned. He has already canceled the left’s race card. So now, the “ethics charges” are the next move that the Republican elite and the left will try to use to beat Newt back down. And there were 84 violations that Newt faced. And they caused him to lose not only his role as Speaker, but prompted his resignation from Congress as well. But of the 84 alleged ethics violations, the ethics committee was unable to find validity for 83 of them. And the one remaining was a question of a tax deduction that was referred to the IRS, who found – a year later – that Newt was entitled to the deduction and there was no violation. So, Newt was hit with 84 accusations, none of which turned out to be valid.

Yes, he resigned in disgrace. But most of that was due to the fact that he was a lightning rod for the left and had become the poster child for corruption due to the 84 ethics violations.

After watching Newt this past week, is there anyone who doubts that the “disgraced” Speaker would not hit that out of the park if it were brought up in the next debate? He lost his job based on 84 false allegations that he ran afoul of the rules. And paid a huge fine for these false allegations to boot.

Or was it another case of liberal media bias? False attacks and a career destroyed based on media lies.

By primary day, Newt could well be both a martyr and a hero for falling on his sword to allow the remaining Republicans to avoid the lightning Newt had drawn.

And that may not be too far from the truth.

Obama has geared up for and spent a lot of money preparing to crush Mitt Romney. They will attempt to destroy any and all who dare rise to the top, but Newt has already proven he can not only survive the liberal onslaught, but he is quite capable of turning the attacks to his advantage.

Listening to Newt Gingrich give his speech following the South Carolina victory, praising the other Republicans and agreeing with the best things people like about each of them, I had a gut feeling start to stir that maybe, just maybe, I could go to the polls in November and vote for the Republican candidate because I truly want to do so, and not simply vote against the worst of the two.

Have a look at the speech and see if you agree.




Newt Gingrich is not against Capitalism. But what he has said about Romney is just a small taste of what is to come from Obama. The fact that Romney does not have the same ability to deal with his weaknesses, and Gingrich does, rises to the heart of the issue as to which candidate can defeat Barack Obama. Forget the polls. Forget the “most electable” mantra. While Romney does better in the polls right now than Gingrich, give them time to catch up. Newt rose to the top and then fell back when Romney started pounding him with negative ads. When Newt fought back, he rose once again, something unprecedented in this race. Mitt is just now beginning to feel the fire. The liberal media has been kind, and they all tell us we should nominate Mitt because he can win.

But the liberal media do not want Republicans to win.

But, hey. They wouldn’t try to convince us that Romney is our best chance because they know Obama can beat him, would they? That would be over the top.



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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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  1. Daryl Carr says:

    Tom, I agree that Mitt Romney is unelectable, I have said that since day one. Mitt Romney has been attacked on his work at Bain Capital because he has made it an issue. Mitt Romney is the one, who proclaims to have created more jobs, and has the business experience to right the economy. That makes his work at Bain relevant.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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