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No Tears for the Christians

As we watch the Egyptians, Jordanians, and Saudis defy the American and Iranian regimes in the Near East, and as we witness the bloodiest age of a barbaric civil war between Sunni and Shi’ite caliphates, and even as we stand dumbfounded before a resurgence of  antisemitism spreading like wildfire across Europe and the United States, it is easy to lose sight of something far more tragic.

Christians are facing Islam’s Final Solution in the Near East and Africa. Christians are fleeing for their lives and those who do not flee are often killed. According to Newsweek, “These latest horrors build on the prejudice, discrimination and oppression that over the past few decades have steadily reduced the proportion of Christians in the Middle East from around 20 percent at the start of the 20th century to around 5 percent now”.

I do find it frightening that in 6 years, Israel has gone from a US ally to a US enemy and that President Barack Hussein Obama ordered the release of highly classified documents describing in great detail Israel’s national nuclear capabilities (likely another concession to our Iranian allies), but despite Israel’s increasingly precarious position, the plight of Christians is far more devastating, as they have no Israel of their own to protect them.

ISIS6Almost as deafening as the American Regime’s silence regarding the cleansing of Christians in the Near East and Africa, is the silence coming from American Christian churches. Jews from around the world help Israel protect itself, with various contributions and in various other ways. Muslims in every country give charitable donations to their factional militias fighting in their civil wars. Weapons, laundered and legal money, international organization – the Jews and the Muslims have established these institutional securities. The Christians overseas are being given next to nothing.

Why aren’t we arming them? Not our government, I mean, Christians. Why aren’t we figuring out ways to help them defend themselves? The Sons of Liberty International seem to have the right idea. They are sending ex-soldiers to train Christians on how to defend themselves, but as far as I can tell, they are still following all international laws and are unable to arm Christian resistance fighters. I am surprised that there is no illegal international mission to arm Christians overseas (surely if we can smuggle Bibles into Kenya and Nigeria, we can smuggle arms). I am even more surprised that we haven’t figured out some legal means of getting military style weapons to Christians in Africa. Like the Kurds in Iraq, there are Christians who want to fight.

If we have resigned ourselves to watching them slaughtered, then at the very least we could attempt to see this become a fair fight. I never want to consider illegal actions, even for the purest of motives, but I am struck that these terrorist organizations are growing in power precisely because of their illegal funds and illegal weapons. Are Christians supposed to just stand around and die, simply because Christians are, by nature, law-abiding? Maybe this is correct, certainly it is Biblical, but it seems terribly unfair.

I read the news everyday and every article is about Barack Hussein Obama, about Israel, about the Sunni and Shi’ite caliphates, and about the raging fires of war spreading from nation to nation half a world away. What I do not read are stories about the Christians perishing pointlessly, voicelessly amidst the endless violence. Are there no tears for the Christians?

Posted at, Robert Lee writes a touching piece on the subject, which is worth reading. It seems like more and more people are slowly waking up to the reality that what is happening in the Middle East isn’t merely a war between Muslims, or of an Israel less secure, but a widespread creeping genocide of Christians.


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