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Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson fan the flames in Ferguson

If you are uncomfortable with truth and honesty when it comes to discussions of race you may want to skip this article. Because I will not mince words. Things will never get better until we can honestly define the issues and the problem. Only then can the debate begin. And it is not popular to be honest in race discussions and it is not politically correct. And the proper liberal thing to do is call those who speak the truth about race… racists. That is what Saul Alinsky has taught liberals to do when the truth is in direct conflict with the left wing agenda and narrative.

And quite frankly, I don’t care what people call me for telling the truth.

So let’s take an honest look at the state of racism in America.

Never waste a crisis is the left wing mantra we hear over and over again. And if you don’t have a convenient crisis, invent one.

Much of the press and the entire Democratic Party would have people believe that nothing has changed since the days when slavery was legal in America. That the 1960’s never left our shores. That white people are all racists and blacks should rise up and fight, loot and riot at every perceived racist action. That it is the right and duty and responsibility of all blacks to do maximum damage in fits of rage whenever a black man dies.

But the outrage is limited only to instances where the deed was perpetrated by a white person upon a black or a Hispanic – brown people. But the media has a hard time when it is a brown person like George Zimmerman accused of killing a black person like Trayvon Martin. In order for the racism narrative to fit, news outfits like CNN decided that Zimmerman was a “white” Hispanic – whatever that is.

And when blacks kill blacks, no one gives a damn. And this is by far the most common scenario for murdered blacks. But President Obama never mentions this. Eric Holder would never investigate a common street killing if two blacks are involved. Or, for that matter, if a white person is killed by a black or brown person. Holder has no interest because it does not perpetuate his agenda. If he really cared he would look into the “Fast and Furious” killings of Federal Border Agents. But he is busy deflecting investigations rather than conducting them.

And Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are nowhere to be seen in black on black murders. There is no money, no news coverage, no agenda and no spark of racism to ignite.

This past Sunday on Meet the Press there was an interesting exchange between Andrea Mitchell and Wall Street Journal Editorial writer (and African-American) Jason Riley. The white people on the panel were obviously all in on how blacks are always victims of cops and the whole world is racist. And when a black man throws the truth in their face, the white people squirmed, uncomfortable with the statistics that discount their liberal theology. And they tried to cut him off and talk over him.

The transcript and the video are below from Newsbusters:

NBC Meet the Press

August 16, 2014

ANDREA MITCHELL: Before we go, I want to ask you about Ferguson because you have written a whole book, “Please stop helping us: How liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed.” What we have seen in Ferguson certainly shows the disengagement between a local police force and the community.

JASON RILEY: You could say that. I don’t want to litigate this in the press. If the officer used excessive force I think he should be prosecuted. But at the same time, let’s not pretend that our morgues and cemeteries are full of young black men because cops are shooting them. The reality is that it’s because other black people are shooting them. And we need to talk about black criminality. Blacks are only 13% of the population. But they’re 50% of homicide victims in this country and 90% of those victims are killed by other black people. We need to talk about that.

MITCHELL: We certainly saw that the blacks were the victims of the looting, as well.

RILEY: The same time, at the same time, the same weekend that this went down in Ferguson, we had 26 shootings in Chicago. But Al Sharpton didn’t head to Chicago. He headed to St. Louis because he has an entirely different agenda, which is to continue to blame whites

MITCHELL: Just to say–well, that is actually not his agenda– because he’s actually there on a peace mission today.

So why do these so called black leaders ignore black on black crime and climb all over the statistically rare instances when a white person kills a black person?

Politics, plain and simple.

And fanning the flames of racism, inciting a mob to riot and burn are effective ways of providing leverage to shake down America and fan the discontent. And it is always the left that is doing the fanning because no matter the issue – the fictitious “war on women” (ironically pushed by the radical left who is in love with radical Muslims who really do have a war on women), racism or anti-gay wars, or whatever discontent the left can possibly fan, because it energized the base to go to the polls. If all were quiet on the liberal fronts, there is no reason for most of these people to bother voting. Hatred and violence are necessary for Democrats to win. they pretend to want peace, but peace is a disaster for Democrats at home.

And at this point, the situation in Ferguson, Mo is playing out just like the OJ murders, the Rodney King saga or the Trayvon Martin killing. Blacks are overwhelmingly convinced that the black person is an innocent victim even before the details come out. And in each of those cases – OJ was acquitted and then convicted in a Civil trial, Rodney King was out of his mind and completely out of control on PCP, Trayvon Martin was on drugs and started the fight and the “innocent” black man and “gentle giant” Michael Brown was a street thug who had just committed a strong arm robbery. And he didn’t know if the cop knew that or not. And this “innocent” kid was the size of an NFL Defensive End.

But the only circumstances blacks even want to consider is race. Anything else is irrelevant to them. And despite the fact that more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated the cop’s story, and the officer suffered an orbital blowout fracture to his eye socket, they still demand “justice” for Brown. With justice being defined as the execution of the cop involved.

And a couple of days ago Obama came out ostensibly to ask for calm. But at the end of his speech, he included a statement that did more to justify criminal activity than persuade blacks to avoid such behavior:

Now part of that process is also looking at our criminal justice system to make sure that it is upholding the basic principle of everybody’s equal before the law.

And — and one of the things that we’ve looked at during the course of where we can make — during the course of investigating where we can make a difference is that there’re patterns that start early.

Young African American and Hispanic boys tend to get suspended from school at much higher rates than other kids, even when they’re in elementary school. They tend to have much more frequent interactions with the criminal justice system at an earlier age.

Sentencing may be different. How trials are conducted may be different.

And so, you know, one of the things that we’ve done is to include Department of Justice in this conversation under the banner of my brother’s keeper to see where can we start working with local communities to inculcate more trust, more confidence in the criminal justice system.

And — and I want to be — I want to be clear about this because sometimes I think there’s confusion around these issues and this dates back for — for decades.

There are young black men that commit crime. And — and — and we can argue about why that happens because of the poverty they were born into or the lack of opportunity or the school systems that failed them or what have you, but if they commit a crime, then they need to be prosecuted because every community has an interest in public safety.

The premise overall is that blacks get in trouble more than whites at every stage of their lives. And his suggestion that we “look at the criminal justice system to make sure that it is upholding the basic principle of everybody’s equal before the law”  shows that Obama’s basic belief is that more blacks get in trouble due to racism than for actual misbehavior. They are suspended more than white’s (which he calls ‘other kids’ but we all know what that means) and they are in trouble with the law more often.

And one of the most racist statement I have heard from Obama is “Sentencing may be different. How trials are conducted may be different.”

Seriously? So we have a black rule book for trials and sentencing now. And another one for whites.

In the last paragraph Obama tries to acknowledge some blacks may actually commit crimes, but poverty made them do it. But this rhetoric is a dog whistle that it is OK to riot and burn and steal because you were held down by “the man”.

Now there is a palpable hatred – not distrust, but hatred – of cops in the black community that you simply don’t find in the white community. Not that there are not white’s that disrespect cops, there are. But the majority of young blacks, when challenged by cops, give them an attitude. It is just what they believe they are supposed to do. Challenge authority.

And as a whole, white’s are more likely to cooperate and, if necessary, trust their day in court. But Obama is telling blacks that you will not get equal justice in court because the courts are racist. Which is absurd. And it gives blacks reason to distrust the system from top to bottom. Because Obama said so. So why cooperate with the cops or the courts?

But the truth is, if you disrespect and challenge the police the situation is much more likely to escalate. And the initial reason for the stop, which may have been very minor and something the cop was willing to overlook now becomes a big deal. And your mouth and actions may add far more serious charges to your damages. So it is far more likely that a traffic stop for a tail light will end in incarceration for someone who challenges authority.

I was recently the victim of racism by a black Virginia State Trooper in a traffic accident in Richmond. I merged off of Interstate 95 onto the exit ramp which is also an entrance ramp. At the end of the entrance ramp is a yield sign indicating that traffic entering the interstate must yield to traffic already on the interstate. I safely merged and the rush hour traffic came to a halt at the bottleneck, so I stopped. And a few seconds later I was struck from behind. The damage was minimal but my upper back and neck were sore. I suggested that we exchange information and move on. But the driver of the car that rear-ended me refused and came belligerent and threatened to drive off. I took a photo of her plates and told her that was not a good idea. And I called the police.

A few minutes later a black Va State Trooper arrived and said we could go if we exchanged information. I agreed to that and stated that is what I suggested before calling the police. The other driver, a black woman, refused. So the cop decided to write us both tickets. I pointed out the yield sign and the fact that she struck me squarely in the rear, but I received a ticket for an improper lane change. The other driver received a ticket for following too close as well as a ticket for her expired driver’s license. The Trooper apologized profusely to the woman for the second ticket and was helpful enough to advise her that if she gets her license renewed before court the ticket will probably be dropped.

I was furious. Both at getting a ticket after being rear-ended and at the Trooper’s obvious bias towards the black lady. Yet I kept my mouth shut, signed the ticket and left.

I later found out that the lady lied about having insurance – it was cancelled.

I went to court in a suit – and I was probably the only non-lawyer in a suit. The Richmond courtroom was packed. My case was called after 3 hours of waiting and I produced a letter from GEICO stating that the woman had no car insurance and a picture the yield sign. The judge asked the cop if he was aware of the yield sign and he said “no”. The judge looked at the Trooper with a stern look and said she was dismissing the case against me.

Now let’s change the race of the situation. If I were black and the cop and the woman who hit me were white, would this have gone down differently? If I were struck from the rear, given a ticket and watched the white cop flirt and advise the white lady on how to get out of the ticket, according to Obama, I am a victim of racism. The cop was willing to let us leave without ticketing anyone if we agreed to exchange information. I agreed, she did not. And we both got tickets.

Now let’s say I called the cop a racist pig. Would the situation be different? You bet it would. I would have ended up in jail instead of hearing “case dismissed” in court.

And for the record, I was not let go by a racist white judge. The judge was black.

So despite Obama, Holder and the race bait duo of Sharpton and Jackson fanning the flames, had Michael Brown simply moved out of the road and onto the sidewalk and said “Yes sir” to the officer, do yo9u think Brown would be dead today? Of course not. And most likely with jail overcrowding it wouyld be unlikely that Brown would have been arrested fo9r walking down the road.

But with the Obama narrative that poverty made him disrespect the cop and his authority and there was no justice in the courts for blacks, Brown had no hesitation in turning on the cop.

So at the end of the day if you buy the “poverty made me do it” line, then it was poverty that killed Michael Brown. Not the cop. Not Brown’s behavior. Not the system.

So blacks brought up in poverty are predisposed to be criminals because of the poverty, not the race or the culture.

But the trouble is, that is simply not true. The one part of America that blows the poverty made me do it argument is Appalachia. If you have never traveled to the western part of Virginia and North Carolina or Eastern Kentucky or East Tennessee then you have never seen real US poverty. 98.5% of the people are white. And before you try to lay claim to the argument that they were never slaves because they are white, think again. The Irish Slave Trade – White Cargo has the facts:

The very word “slave” stems from “Slav,” i.e. a reference to the experience of millions of (white) Slavish people who endured centuries of slavery at the hands of African Muslims, Ottoman Turks and Jews. This, of course, is a most inconvenient truth, for it is a most Politically Incorrect truth. But it is the truth.

Yet the Slavish aren’t the only whites who spent centuries in captivity: Europeans of various backgrounds were enslaved by African Muslims as well. All of this is heavily documented in such neglected pieces of scholarship as Robert Davis’, Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800, and Paul Baepler’s, White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives.

Nor is it just that millions of whites in Europe were made to toil in bondage for hundreds of years. Don Jordan’s, White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America and Michael Hoffman’s, They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America, impeccably establish that whites were enslaved in colonial America as well.
Moreover, these brave authors show that the conditions that whites, including, most tragically, white children, had to endure both in route to the colonies as well as once they arrived were at least as dreadful as those experienced by Africans. *See also Jack Kerwick.

Irish women and children dragged out of their beds and sold into slavery. Eleven-year-old Philip Welch was kidnapped from his own bed in 1654 by order of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England. He and another Irish lad, William Downing, were loaded onto the ship Goodfellow, which by then was already bursting at the seams with Irish women and children destined for slavery in New England.

So the white people in Appalachia have the same background as slaves that inner city blacks have. They are probably more impoverished in Appalachia than any inner city yet violent crimes and murder are far lower. And both hold Church as important parts of their lives.

So that leaves us with only one possible explanations:

Blacks being told that the system is against you and it is impossible to get out by Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton. That poverty, slavery and racism make violent behavior impossible to overcome.

If you build the narrative that blacks are bound to commit violent crimes, repeat it often enough, fan the flames to make it happen and tell the world that the perpetrator is actually the victim, you can create an underclass riot army with the always at the ready threat of looting, burning and murder.

And this is a potential crisis that can be called up at any time to further a leftist agenda. White guilt plays a heavy role in the eventual submission and it is counted on to achieve goals.

But the truth is, blacks are not violent because they are the victims of a racist white society. They are violent because the blacks that are supposed to be leaders manipulate them into thinking they must riot when called upon. No justice no peace.

But if the black community wants justice and peach you will first need to stop playing the game. You can choose to be the victim – or not be the victim. Following those like Obama, Holder, Jackson and Holder who pretend to see racism behind every tree will lead you to more violence, death and destruction.

Obama uses poverty and welfare like a drug. Keeping blacks unemployed and dependent on handouts with no hope of improving your life is slavery, plain and simple. And those who pretend to want to help are your masters.

We need jobs. That is the best answer to break the cycle of poverty and slavery.

And since Obama took office with all of his recovery promises, we have 102 million working age Americans out of work, with the rate for black teens like Michael Brown hovering at 38%. And under Obama Welfare spending has exploded, replacing jobs as the major source of income for many in the minority communities. As Obama tax hikes, EPA mandates, Obamacare mandates and his efforts to destroy coal, oil and nuclear power and other job killing programs explode, jobs disappear. Green Jobs are a myth and have only provided income for well to do and well connected friends. there are no green jobs in the inner city. There are no jobs period.

And in Ferguson MO, what few jobs existed are now smashed in businesses and looted stores. And with each riot, with each store looted, with each item stolen you are tightening the chains of slavery and moving further and further away from freedom.

But don’t blame me. Look in the mirror if you really want to find a solution.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

24 Responses to “Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson fan the flames in Ferguson”

  1. Parker Orfield says:

    Hey Holder,
    Don’t forget your rope when you go to the lynching in Ferguson!

  2. Bob Shannon

    The hypocrisy is blatant and obvious to anyone even remotely interested in the truth. It was okay to release a picture of this young man so long as it was meant to convey that he was this gentle giant, this lovable giant teddy bear, but not this menacing thug who minutes earlier committed two separate crimes, and brutalized an elderly man half his size—-this was attempting to assassinate his character. Please, decide which set of rules we are going to use.

    If this police officer murdered this young man I will be the first juror to sentence him to prison, but let’s stop with the ridiculous caricature that is being peddled, “white cop guns down innocent black youth” It is at the moment unfounded, and at least what we know at this point is that this young man was only moments earlier involved in a potentially violent and aggressive assault against a man ( store owner ) just trying to stop a thief stealing his property.

    Progressives are primarily composed today of labor unions, government employees , gov’t contractors of all sorts, public and higher education, and assorted others who’s continued existence are dependent on a constant steady flow of other taxpayers money.

    Progressive leaders like the President continue to rely on members of society who also fit that bill, dependent on government for their meager existence, willing to trade their liberties for someone else providing their basic needs.

    The internal rationalization for this exists within the parameters of a organized structure creating a dependent mentality, fostering that dependence with a variety of methods, one of which we see clearly on display here. People are fed a steady diet, in schools, in the media, by the self serving poverty pimps who lead them to believe if only the system wasn’t stacked against them, if only the MAN would take his boot off of their necks. Bull Crap. Institutional racism is dead. We will never wipe out human hatred, hatred that exists for all kinds of reasons, but to portray America as some sort of 1960 Jim Crow nation only serves whom ? I think discerning readers know the obvious answer.

    The truth of the matter is as I have so often stated, unless and until we admit that subsidizing illegitimacy leads to more of what you always get when you subsidize anything, including illegitimacy. Single parent households, young people raised in an environment where they have always seen their fellow citizen providing for them, and no responsible role model to pattern themselves after. Phase out the subsidies and return to when a family had to care for a child born out of wedlock. Return to a time when individuals were held accountable for their own actions, and had to suffer the consequences of their own choices.

    I bet you begin to see quite a few more parents ask where Johnny or Susie is at 10 pm. Or continue to provide a cottage industry for the likes of people like Al Sharpton.
    Bob Shannon

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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