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Obama’s Failures in Oil Rig Disaster Reminiscent of Bush’s Katrina Failures

Obama's Katrina

Obama's Katrina

The Federal Government is charged with inspecting and regulating the safety of mining and drilling operations. Recent disasters in both energy industries are indications that the Obama Administration is unable to multitask.

The Administration has allowed our National Security to deteriorate at home and abroad in favor of spreading Obama’s social agenda with Health Care and the takeovers of various industries.

The fact is, there is not one area that anyone can point to and honestly claim that Obama has had a positive effect, other than pushing Socialism on America.

The West Virginia coal mine tragedy proved to have little impact on the environment, but a huge impact on the personal lives of the loved ones of lost miners.

Sadly, the same is not true of the oil rig disaster in the Gulf. And the Katrina Parallels are impossible to miss.

When Katrina passed over New Orleans and the flooding was found to be minimal, and the dams, levees and dikes had held, a great sigh of relief could be heard and the people knew they were very lucky.

As the oil rig exploded, the initial assessments were the same as Katrina – the safety mechanisms worked and there would be no disaster, other than the loss of life.

Then, suddenly, this great fortune vanished and the worse case scenario fears seemed horrible underestimates of the disasters – in Katrina and the oil rig.

Obviously, the Obama Administration did not learn the lessons taught by Katrina.

The Federal Government is in charge of Safety Inspections and Safety Regulations. The Obama Administration failed to immediately send experts to the oil rig disaster, failed to position cleanup equipment, and failed to make sure the drill site was secured against leakage.

And, once again, a disaster of epic proportions is the result of a failure of the federal government to do their job.

One suspects that as Obama pushes to take over more banks and brokerage houses, and bows to special interests on every left wing radical front, that Iran will complete work on a nuclear weapon, and like Katrina and the oil rig disasters, one of worldwide significance will happen.

These incidents are a direct result of the Obama Administration’s focus on the liberal agenda to the detriment of all else.

We can only hope we all survive until 2012 when we have the opportunity to vote out the worst disaster in American history – Barack Obama.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

10 Responses to “Obama’s Failures in Oil Rig Disaster Reminiscent of Bush’s Katrina Failures”

  1. Kelly Rutherford says:

    The big difference in Bush/Katrina and Obama/Oil rig disaster is that Chairman Obama does not have the liberal media with a 24/7 vendetta against him. NBC, Clinton News Network, etc will not pursue this as a failure of anyone in his administration. They will use this to further regulate the oil industry

  2. Tom White says:

    Which is why I operate this blog and write for American Thinker and The Examiner. Somebody must hold Obama accountable for his failures. The Lame Stream Media surely will not.

  3. Jim Smyers says:

    How convenient for the Statists. Never let a crisis go to waste.
    Crisis. Government ‘Solution’.
    Crisis. Government ‘Solution’.
    Crisis. Government ‘Solution’.

    Is it just me?

  4. Bosun says:

    I guess you have never cleaned up a major oil spill on the high seas? Did you ever serve in the military. I spent 27 years in the Coast Guard and worked on a number of major & minor spills, including in Alaska.
    Where was the blow-out preventer on the drill rig? Could it be that Big Oil – Veep Dick’s favorite friend – got that regulation removed as being ‘too expensive.’ Instead of trying to compare Katrina to this oil spill, why don’t you do some investigation into why it happened. Like, did the rig start drilling before or after Obama took office?

    • Tom White says:

      Was I military? Yes. Navy, a “real” branch of service. I was a Nuclear Propulsion Engineer (Electrician’s Mate), so while I am not an oil man, I am familiar with pumping hazardous materials.

      Perhaps you were out at sea and missed the fact that Barack Obama is president, and Dick Cheney has been gone for a while. The Obama Administration is 100% responsible for this leak, and the poor response to the spill. He was unprepared.

      And FYI, the Democratic Congress and Obama made a change in oil rig inspection procedures in December 2009 effective for FY 2010. This is Obama’s Katrina, plain and simple. When the drilling started is irrelevant.

  5. Bosun says:

    Well, squid, I will apologize for my assumption about your career. However, did you ever clean up a hazardous waste spill in the ocean? This may be Obama’s Katrina, but I will reserve my equating it to Katrina until the final tally of people killed and displaced from the spill is released. Then we will talk.
    The last time I looked, the federal FY01 begins in 10/1/09, so I guess we should look to see if the oil rig inspection procedures were weakened or strengthened and how may Rs voted for and against.
    Finally, according to the WSJ Deepwater Horizon, the operator of the rig that blew up and caused the Gulf spill, did not have a seismic-based device that would automatically shut off oil flows at the ocean-floor level. Was that left out of the new regs. or were older rigs exempted? Bosun

    • Tom White says:


      The parallel to Katrina is not the end result, but the initial response. And as I recall, Obama has been president ALL of FY10. HIS Democratic majority in Congress visited the oil rig inspection and safety in December, 2009. The point in mentioning that is that, even if Obama had not looked at oil rig safety and inspections, he would STILL be responsible. Having already visited the issue via legislation, they are not only responsible, they are culpable. If a seismic-based device was not present on the rig, and was required, Obama failed to inspect the rig properly. If such a device was not required, and should have been, Obama and the Democrats are guilty of malfeasance in office by failing to enact adequate safety requirements.

      And even the “in Obama’s pocket” media like the NY Times sees the parallel (and the Boston Herald, Reuters, and others). Not surprisingly, Media Matters and DailyKO’s are spinning in Obama’s favor. No doubt Madcow and Olbermann will follow suit – let me know, will ya, BoBo?

      But to try to count votes cast by Republicans when the Democrats had 100% control of the house and the senate is, well, simply lunacy.

      Bush does not own this, Obama does.

      Obama also said he was not going to visit, something Bush was criticized for NOT doing. Today, Obama decided to change his mind. Now, I am not sure if it is because of the criticism from the media, or the fact that he was caught cheating and Michelle is mad as hell. He is surely moving from one fire to another. Perhaps the Gulf is cooler than the bedroom.

      As to cutoff switches, these are not required. Perhaps an oversight of Obama’s look at inspections last year? And just so you are clear, this rig’s design was approved BY THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION and construction began in Korea in December, 1998. It was delivered a couple weeks after Bush took office in February 2001.

      Now, if you are looking at someone to blame BESIDES Obama, perhaps you should look at Elizabeth Birnbaum. She is a retread from the Clinton Administration that is just a clueless now as she was then. You guessed it: Harvard.

      Don’t they do the coal mine safety thing too?

  6. Oh yeah, if this had happened during Bush’s era, they would be crying foul all over the place and trying to say he blew up the rig so he could kill people, fish, jobs, etc…

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