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Obama’s ‘Metro-sexual’ Apology Seen as Weakness to Radical Islamists

Feminists see the feminization of American males as a good thing. The self-neutered male represents less of a threat to femdom.

And some women like it when a man has a ‘sensitive’ side.

And some find it attractive when men cry.

And the liberal circles in which President Obama hangs see him as the perfect mix of contrition and humility that make their legs wet with, umm, thrill we’ll call it.

And the whole concept of ‘leading from behind’ fits perfectly the image of wussification that Obama has created for himself and for the United States.

America has “evolved” into a nation where sissies are elevated for their sensitivity and, while some still find the “bad boy” persona appealing, the higher minds among us keep trying to convince us that males no longer need to kill dinner and should turn to their inner nurturing instincts that have been recessive for far too long.

I believe that turning men into pansies is devolutionary. It is better to push women to become more assertive. While there are those who may disagree, leading from behind and constantly apologizing is a weak move. Especially on the world stage.

And when you are dealing with a group of people like the Afghanistan Taliban and their ilk, these are people who actually do go out and kill their own dinner. The whole concept of feminization is beyond the grasp of these Stone Age barbarians.

Would that we had a strong, assertive leader who projects authority and masculinity. Like Margaret Thatcher or Ma Barker or any of the strong women of history who understood that the best way to equalize the sexes was to grow a pair.

The Taliban are perfectly happy stoning women to death who try to assert themselves or somehow provoke a man to rape them. And lesser penalties like beating and mutilation are in order for lesser “crimes” like talking back.

In the mindset of these thugs, women are weak and because of this weakness do not deserve respect. They are objects. Property.

And a weak man is seen the same way. The Taliban respect a good ass-thumping but laugh at an apology. This is a sign of weakness and their nature is to exploit weakness.

Have Americans grown so soft as to no longer understand how to deal with a male dominated society?

For many decades a strong America has held things in the balance in the world. Especially in the Macho Middle East! America has been a bully because they had to be. The instant we stop dealing from a position of power and strength, the people of Iran, Afghanistan and various terror groups like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas smell blood. And an apology is like opening a major artery.

The people uprising and killing Americans realize that burning these Korans is not that big of a deal. Only an apology, a show of weakness and fear, could cause this situation.

These people hate us! We advocate a form of government that does not allow them the freedom to repress.


Islam comes complete with it’s own form of government. A Theocracy. And it’s own form of laws – Sharia. It is simply not compatible with Democracy without a massive threat of force hanging over their heads.

Islam can exist under a Democracy, but a Democracy cannot exist under Islam.

For a decade we have been trying to create a Democracy in an Islamic country. They will pretend to make it work as long as we force it down their throats. At the first sign of weakness in our resolve, they push back.

The American form of Democracy was created by Christians and is built around Christian ideals and processes.

Christianity can exist under a Democracy, but a Democracy cannot exist without Christianity. Christianity is the very foundation of Democracy.

Judaism, Buddhism even Atheism can exist under a Democracy. It’s foundation may be Christian, but it is inclusive of religious freedoms. Islam is the definition of religious intolerance.

Believe, convert or die.

So even as Obama works to challenge and  purge Christianity from our form of Democracy, he works to merge Islam with Democracy in Afghanistan.

And as soon as we leave Afghanistan, they will revert to the old ways.

It is absolutely inevitable.

There are no Metro-sexuals in Afghanistan. The weak are rejected or killed.

Obama must stop showing weakness to these people.

It only gets Americans killed!

Trying to create a Democracy under Islam is like putting Lipstick on an Imam.

It simply won’t work.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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