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Policy is No Longer the Policy of Politicians

Policy, is no longer the policy of our politicians. Their “policy” is to let the unelected bureaucracy write the laws and make the rules, the expediency and convenience of which is not lost on the men and women who must actually illicit our votes. Congress, instead of pursuing a foreign policy, or an economic policy, or an energy policy, is in the business of promoting good feelings amongst large demographics, loosely defined by race, economic class, and political temperament. This strategy, while devastating to the country and to the world at large, is effective for Republican and Democrat establishments. It used to be that it was the American People who lacked a clear understanding of the specifics and complications of federal policies. Now, I’m not entirely sure that “The People” are any less ignorant than their elected officials.

However, when a problem becomes too big for the bureaucracy, or too complicated (such as the case of illegal immigrants living freely within US borders) Congress is forced to act. They don’t want to pass laws that are too specific, neither in terms of the laws’ goals or the laws’ execution. Again, the laws that are passed are intended to be umbrella permission slips for the bureaucratic agencies to go to work (however they see fit). After all, these days, the bureaucracy is the government.

The biggest experiment with this was the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, if you will; and that has been a complete disaster. But now, with so many contradictory and unconstitutional laws on the books, the bureaucracy is certain to find cover somewhere, and the President has given them carte blanche, in this our Presidents’ “Year of Action”. The EPA, the IRS, the FCC, the ATF, the BLM, and HUD are all running wild without any congressional oversight. The only people paying attention are the people being punished by this utterly lawless federal government.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is tyranny. It’s the weirdest form of tyranny ever witnessed by Man. The edicts don’t all come from President Obama, who simply wants to golf, party with Jay-Z, and destroy the coal industry. He doesn’t have time to dictate the destruction of every single annoying life in this country that he was elected to rule. No, he just tells the bureaucrats to govern.

You’d think this would be impossible, that Congress would revolt, and that justice would somehow be done. Except, the Justice Department is very much in charge of ensuring that no such thing occurs. Eric Holder’s job is to ensure that no one in the bureaucracy is held to account. In this, he has been profoundly successful. I think many of us have the wrong idea about how we are being governed and who is to blame. There is no evil dictator or mastermind behind the decline of America. The decline of America is the inevitable consequence of ten thousand unintelligent little masterminds meddling mindlessly in our lives, our businesses, and our properties. All this is made possible by our post-constitutional government.

There shall be no revolt, so long as the Chamber of Commerce props up the Establishment Republicans and the radical Marxist-Left props up the Democrats. Remember, while all this chaos is taking place, while we struggle to pay our mortgages and hang on to our jobs, to send our kids to college, and save for retirement, the rich and powerful are becoming even more rich and powerful, and all at our expense. You’d think the poor would be with us, but we’re too busy struggling with the bureaucracy and the red tape to afford buying off the poor with free food, phones, housing, and healthcare. And that’s too bad for us. Because the people that should be with us have been purchased by the federal government. They are owned, heart and soul, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Unless we defeat the Republican and Democrat Establishments, and elect men and women who will bring this government back to order and resurrect the rule of law! The rule of law, my friends, has vanished. Until it returns, our decline and this current climate of chaos will remain.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

3 Responses to “Policy is No Longer the Policy of Politicians”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Once again Steve Tucker nails it. As we watch this travesty unfold in utter bewilderment where are the elected officials , they stand on the sideline , avoiding all accountability with the often repeated refrain “it’s the mandates” as if they are powerless to rein in these mandates.
    The mandate Steve refers to is the unelected bureaucracies they appoint to do their dirty work, while providing themselves the veil of cover to stand back when confronted by their constituents and proclaim ” the EPA is out of control”

    Well, how about a novel idea …..oh let’s say the elected officials rein them in. Steve also correctly notes it is their paymasters, whether it be the Chamber of Commerce, or the Education establishment, Big Pharma, or the Legal Industry. Elected officials have mastered avoiding any accountability ( or so they think) by just these very measures of giving away real control to the unaccountable. Or so they think.

    We have a chance in the 7th District on June 10th to do something about this. I pray the low information voter either take a crash course in the next 26 days or stay the hell home.
    Bob Shannon

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Bob, you are 100% right on Brat. I’ve had several customers ask me, “Did you know Dave Brat worked in the Kain Administration and raised our taxes”. Cantors propaganda is working. We’ve got to get the word out that Cantor isn’t just a despicable politician, he’s a rotten liar to boot!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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