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Reinstate ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in 2012

Those legislators who view allowing behavior to be the new definition of what it means to be a soldier should vow reinstatement of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy. Those in the military who decide to “out” themselves will be discharged in 2012. Period.

One’s behavior, be it sexual preference, or various vices are luxuries that our military cannot afford to allow in the ranks. These luxuries, however, should be absolutely unrestricted in civilian society. While many may disagree with the morality of another person’s actions, it is the right of both to act on any personal belief – or lack thereof – that they choose in civilian society.

But the military is different.

Shortsighted liberals and those who think allowing behavior and individuality to define military life have done our nation a terrible disservice. DADT allows individuals to act as they wish in their free time. It only restricts allowing a behavior to define the soldier.

The promise to reinstate a good policy should serve to maintain discipline and keep individuality out of the uniformed services, and reserved for the time when these individuals return to civilian life.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

12 Responses to “Reinstate ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in 2012”

  1. D777denny says:

    I agree!


  2. Stuart says:

    Good Comments Tom,

    I am totally argued with you. In fact, sexual preference is a CHOICE and they shouldn’t grant any special right to their personal CHOICEs.

    In the Military, you have to follow the rule and regulation. However, the Gays activist did not want to play by the rule so they FORCE to change the rule. So they can’t be the right fit to become a good Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines….

    Anyway, skin color or race heritage is natural and can’t be change but sexual preference can.

    Anyhow, please kindly organize to get our proud Military back to the right track….

    Iraq Vet

  3. Sheila D, says:

    served in the Navy with many gay sailors and they did just as fine a job as anyone else. Why don’t small minded people like you just take your bigotry to the grave and leave people alone. Once again, bigots like you are on the wrong side of history, decency and common sense. Asking people to lie about who they are is not only unAmerican, but also spiritually and intellectually dishonest. And to the fool that says sexual preference can be changed, I wonder when he decided to be straight. Please, God gave you a mind…use it!

    • Tom White says:

      My only point is allowing the main mission of the military – National Security – take a back seat to unimportant issues such as the soldier or sailor’s sexual preference. Gays, under DADT are allowed to serve. If that were the real issue, why do they care about openly announcing their personal sexual preferences?

      People like you that think social experimenting with our nation’s defenses is a good thing are not only small minded, they are dangerous to America’s survival.

      I personally don’t give a damn who you have consensual sex with, within the limits of society such as age, that is your business. But I DO give a damn when one’s sexual preferences define their service.

      My position is STFU, do your job and protect our country, then enjoy diddling whoever you want when you get out. The JOB is far more important than anyone’s personal life. You have no personal life.

      When I was in the Navy, I had no need or desire to declare my heterosexuality. What I did in my off duty time was my business. Which is how it should be.

      The whole gay issue as far as the military is nothing but a flaming distraction our military does not need. And now, for the first time in our history, behavioral quirks will need to be protected in the military.

      And yes, being gay is a personal behavior and a choice. There is no “gay” gene and there is no blood test to predict one’s sexual preferences.

      A bigot is one who attempts to impose their views on others. I am saying check your views at the door because they are a distraction. You can pick your views up when you leave.

      You are saying I MUST conform to your way of thinking and your beliefs.

      I believe that makes YOU the bigot.

      • Alaina says:

        “But I DO give a damn when one’s sexual preferences define their service.”

        I believe you just inadvertently supported a real of DODT. With DODT, if someone’s sexual preference is made public (and they are gay) they are dishonorably discharged. Thus their preference does define their service.
        The repeal allows people to serve without being afraid that their sexual preference will get them kicked out.
        Also, even ISRAEL allows openly gay servicemen/women and it has been successful (i.e. has not caused low moral, etc). Thus this is not some huge social experiment as it can be seen working elsewhere.

        “And yes, being gay is a personal behavior and a choice. There is no “gay” gene and there is no blood test to predict one’s sexual preferences.”
        Oh, hey guess what? There is no “heterosexual” gene, either.

        • Alaina says:

          Oh, darn my computer. I meant to say “repeal of DODT”.

        • Tom White says:

          You said:

          “I believe you just inadvertently supported a real of DODT. With DODT, if someone’s sexual preference is made public (and they are gay) they are dishonorably discharged. Thus their preference does define their service.”

          Their preference defines their reason for discharge, not their service. And, by the way, there is no “dishonorable discharge”. Closest thing is OTH – Other Than Honorable. By the way, individuals separated for Homosexual Conduct receive Honorable, General or Entry Level Separation. Only in cases where some other conduct is also involved would one receive an OTH discharge.

          And comparing the massive size of the US Military, which is deployed all over the world to the IDF in Israel is like comparing Crabtree Grove, MS to New York City. Whole different world.

          Israel recognized homosexuality as a disease in 1956 and not a “crime”. The current policy is based on that court case.

          Heterosexuality is is the norm. Homosexuality is a deviation from the norm. There are no known genetic markers would indicate homosexuality is a physical condition rather than a psychological (or behavioral) condition. If there were a genetic marker that predisposes one to be homosexual, then it would be more than a choice, which would make a BIG difference, at least to me.

          There is no genetic reason for many of our behaviors. If one chooses to be gay, and also chooses to enter the military, where such behavior is not accepted, then that is on them.

          DADT has worked well. There is no lawful discrimination based on sexual preferences. What you do behind closed doors is your own business.

          Take the emotion out of the argument. Consider the behavior of smoking. There are a lot of places that do not allow smoking on their property. What you do at home is your own business. What gays want, to be “out” in the military is simply to exhibit their behavior whenever and wherever they want. Like smoking in the Mess Hall or barracks.

          For the military to begin allowing individualism in behavior – no matter the behavior – is a slippery slope.

          Now, I realize smoking and sexual choice are not the same thing, but it’s not like heterosexuals are free to perform sex acts in the mess hall. There ARE sexual restrictions on all.

          Now, in the civilian world, we are all allowed to be defined by our behavior. That is what freedom is all about. How one acts in public (within reason) is up to them. I have absolutely no issues with anyone’s sexual preferences. Legal, of course. But for those fighting to keep our freedom, it is understood that they must act in the best interest of the entire force.

          And anyone that says this is not a disruption is off their rocker – otherwise we wouldn’t even be having this debate.

          • Alaina says:

            How many gays have you talked to that say they want DADT repealed so they can ‘exhibit their behavior’ publicly? It is not like they are going to go around waving gay pride flags.
            They just do not want to be discharged in case their sexual preference DOES come out. You act like gays act so much differently from straight people and that is absolutely not true.
            Repealing this law protects them from being discriminated against. They want to serve their country, so let them no matter whom they love.
            I just do not believe who you love should depend on whether or not you can serve the country AND if your preference comes out then, oh well, you can stay in the military.
            I would love to hear from someone my age (20s) who is serving currently what he/she thinks about DADT rather than the older generation. I think it would be quite interesting.

  4. I owe the military everything I am today. It makes me sick that progressives could not be seen as outwardly attacking the military so they introduced the cancer of “sexual diversity”. Do you think Chesty Puller would belong to an organization that forces it’s members to sit through homosexual agenda classes? I don’t know what’s louder, our enemies laughing, or our fallen heroes spinning in their graves.
    Speaking of graves, that’s another nail in our coffin.

    Mark Leffingwell


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