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Remember Policy? John Kasich Does

I’ve often been bothered by the lack of policy and experience exhibited by the Carson and Trump camps. They resonate with voters. They speak our language. Yet, they refuse to run on actual policy. I think this is why they are winning in the polls, however. Voters aren’t looking for policy or reason or thoughtfulness. They want contrariety and aggression and verbiage. Trump and Carson are speaking to the average voter. The average voter who doesn’t understand policy or political principles. They just want someone that talks like them and to them and who, in general, agrees with them. I get that. I really do.

I’ve long felt that this campaign ought to be Bush v. Cruz, because I think that Bush adequately represents the moderate Republicans and Cruz adequately represents conservative Republicans. However, Bush has disappeared. If you want a constitutional conservative, you want Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. You probably like Ben Carson, but who knows how he really feels about the Constitution? He doesn’t have a record. Neither does Trump, if you’re leaning in that direction. Yet, what about the establishment voter? They were told they had to be for Bush, but Bush hasn’t given them anything to vote for.

Kasich has.

In fact, in the real world of Republican Politics, we might be looking at a battle no one saw coming – a battle between Trump, Kasich, and Cruz, assuming Carson’s and Bush’s money don’t keep them in the game until the end (which it’s likely to, but humor me). We all know what Jeb Bush means for the Republican Party. It means the same thing we’ve seen for years. The same people in the father’s circle were in W’s circle, and will be in Jeb!’s circle.

The new establishment candidate may be John Kasich. He is a big government, pro-state candidate. His biggest failings have been on Medicaid Expansion in Ohio and on his quasi-pro-amnesty rhetoric. But, Kasich isn’t Bush. Kasich’s people aren’t Bush people. Take a look at his platform. Unlike Bush and Christie, Kasich is looking to return power back to the States. Yes, as Governor, he’s done things the grassroots can’t stomach, but he has backed it up with a fighting platform against the federal government.

Maybe Kasich is the Federalist-Establishment Candidate? Personally, after studying Kacish’s Presidential Platform, if it weren’t for his awful positioning on immigration, I would consider him to be heads and tails ahead of the rest of the establishment elite gunning for the GOP nomination. I can’t support him, because where he’s bad on policy, he’s really bad; but where he’s good, he’s really good.

Considering his policy proposals and experience, I am a bit surprised that the establishment, in abandoning Bush, have gravitated to Marco Rubio (a Pro-Amnesty TEA Party corundum with a fairly conservative voting record), instead of Kasich, who has much more experience and is rolling out bold plans for reforms that might actually make it through the current United States Congress. Yes! Even this Congress.

I won’t be voting for Governor Kasich, but my estimation of him has greatly increased. He is a serious candidate. Unfortunately, like Rand Paul, whomever is orchestrating the melody of his campaign persona has failed completely to grasp the mood and motivation of his target audience. Kasich needs more than just smart ideas. He needs to reach across the aisle to conservatives and offer them something they can latch on to – and being soft on illegal immigration is exactly the wrong tune to play. Kasich is a smart man, it would seem, with great ideas and bold policy initiatives – but his team miscalculated what it would take to win the Republican Nomination.

They have not, however, miscalculated how to make their candidate an outstanding Vice-Presidential Nominee (if an outsider like Trump, Carson, or Fiorina, or a constitutional conservative/libertarian like Cruz or Paul, win the nomination.






About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

6 Responses to “Remember Policy? John Kasich Does”

  1. Cathy says:

    Kasich may say he will fight the federal government but his actions in expanding Medicaid and adopting Common Core should be enough to make any conservative run the other way!

    • Paul Thiel says:

      Amen Kathy and after watching him in the debates he scares me-kinda like he hungers for power and claims more credit than due when he was in Congress ! He has no problem congratulating himself !

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    Didn’t you predict Martin O’Malley would win the Democrats nomination? Are you sticking by it?

  3. Steven Brodie Tucker

    I am, with less confidence. But I am.

  4. Steven Brodie Tucker

    I’ve also picked the Eagles to win the last 2 weeks.

  5. robert shannon

    Barron’s Newsmagazine ran a very good article 2 months ago picking Kasich as the “dark horse” favorite. They cite his experience and after the voters fascination with the celebrity element wore out ,they would settle on “experience” and he has plenty of it as the deciding factor. I think they are wrong for the reasons Steve has already stated, and regardless of how much experience Kasich has that very “experience’ is not finding the same favor today, given the mood of the electorate favoring outsiders.

    Kasich is a “inside the beltway guy”, no matter how smart or successful he may have been over the course of his long government career.

    A VP spot may help the GOP carry Ohio but not sure if he would be willing to serve in that capacity. It would help in adding a VP with such extensive legislative experience as did President Obama by picking Joe Biden in 2008.

    In any event, picking anyone this early is a fools pursuit. Immigration, foreign policy ( specifically the growing threat to our National security) and economic policy to get a laggard economy moving again favors Trump. Voters care very little about the ancillary issues, often times phony issues specifically intended to try and get voters to ignore the terrible mess the nation is in after 7 years of this President. Not many votes will move on the “war on women nonsense” and the appeal of giving away all of the free stuff is beginning to wear thin as Americans who can still do basic math are watching 17 trillion become 18, then 19…. Any international event relating to terrorism will highlight the folly of the course we have been on for two decades. Securing the Border , China and Russia’s expanding military threat, the sluggish economy–Trump , at least at this point in time is hitting all of the right notes.

    I can’t support him alone on the basis of Eminent Domain, and how he lambasted property owners and the position he took on shoving these people aside on the justification that their properties were dumps, and how much more revenue his projects would produce. Anyone that has that kind of history on an issue near and dear to the hearts of constitutional conservatives forces me to vote Independent if he is the nominee. Private property rights must be defended .

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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