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Say No to HR5: Do Not Reauthorize No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind was and is a failed experiment in further federalizing and centralizing education standards. This program has not served our students, our teachers, or our nation. The only group of people that seem to benefit from No Child Left Behind are those people working for those companies that write these tests, design these standards, and sell these products. Our schools have not improved, our teachers have become more stressed and less effective, and the entire educational process has become increasingly administrative.

I’ve read several excellent policy pieces on this debate – brilliant breakdowns and wonkish insight that I considered quoting in order to convince you to convince your Representatives to just say no to No Child Left Behind. However, the vast majority of you have children and grand children in government schools right now. You are witnessing first hand the futility, frustration, and utter lack of efficacy of this flawed experiment with standardized and centralized testing. So I don’t have to convince you that education isn’t what you want it to be, because this is a point of which you are already intimately aware.

400_F_31533519_VzulW3T8QiChP1mb4ckDteSGc0ypKUjfWhen you call your Congressman regarding HR5, tell them that you support School Choice and Curriculum Freedom. That the entire premise behind No Child Left Behind and the bureaucratization of education is a mistake. Tell them that Common Core and No Child Left Behind deprives your best teachers of reaching their potential and that it reduces education to its lowest common denominator. Tell them that teaching is a skill and that bureaucrats and corporations comprised of men and women who have never taught a day in their life simply lack the knowledge to instruct professional teachers in our classrooms.

Let our teachers teach! If you want to maximize your children’s education, then you need to unlock our teachers ability to maximize the classroom experience. Everything about the approach to education involved in No Child Left Behind and Common Core is antithetical to a quality education.

Education becomes increasingly expensive as it becomes increasingly administrative. The vast majority of the money we spend on education never makes it to the classroom. It doesn’t go into the pockets of our teachers and it doesn’t improve the quality of your children’s education. The money goes into the pockets of administrators who’s only job is to ensure that your children can pass federally mandated standardized tests that have not proven to improve anyone’s ability to succeed in college, in the workplace, or in the economy at large. So while the people who make the most money in your schools, whose jobs depend on the bureaucratization of education, support No Child Left Behind, the two most important groups of people, our teachers and our students, do not!

No Child Left Behind is a bureaucratic boondoggle. If you oppose crony capitalism and resent a national education policy that helps the corporations who sell their products to the education industry (your schools), but does nothing to further the education of your children, then you need to ask your Congressman to oppose No Child Left Behind. If you oppose Washington bureaucrats regulating and micromanaging every aspect of your life, then you need to ask your Congressman to oppose No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind is about big dollars for big companies and about more power for your politicians to peddle, not about education.

Please, contact your Congressman today. Contact Congressman Brat, and Congressman Wittman, and Congressman Goodlatte, and Congressman Rigell, and tell them not to reauthorize (HR5)No Child Left Behind.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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