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Self-Reliance: The Problem We Face and Refuse to Face

“Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power.”
Benjamin Franklin

I endeavor to discover the path back to virtue, but virtue, like liberty, is hard to hold. Anger makes us intemperate. Frustration makes us impatient. Hopelessness makes us reckless. Yet, reality encourages these emotions and their consequents.

The ebb and flow of religious virtue in America is as uncertain as anything I’ve seen. The churches submit, rebel, and submit again. Everything is political. Sparks fly in brief moments and in random places, but what is that to those who are searching for something more fundamental to hold on to?

Wealth and power are the idols of our age and we can’t even remember the men who warned us of their sirens’ song.

Virtue exists in the presence of principle. Principle is born of thought – deep, intelligent, purposeful thought. Without thought there are no principles and without principles there is no virtue and without virtue there is no freedom.

As I endeavor to discover the path back to virtue, I continue to face the undeniable reality that virtue cannot be stirred with words or leaders. They exist or do not exist within the minds of the people and are strengthened or weakened in direct proportion to the framework of the intellect behind the minds of Man.

Is thought at the foundation of our nations’ education? Or is it memorization? Is it agreement?

Is virtue considered wise? Or do we live in a nation of submissive suiters who’s minds are bent to the will of the mob – and what does the mob want? In all its’ desire, does the mob believe in any end or ultimate purpose to their desire?

See, I do not believe that freedom is the end or purpose of our culture, or our desire. I do not believe that virtue is truly a consideration. Instant gratification, security, and emotional sedation seems to be the purpose of our people, and no such people have ever sustained freedom or virtue on Earth.

We’re all gripped by fear; and in our fear, we seek power, as power is the shield we depend upon for our survival. Yet, power over others, over nature, over reality, is the most inept of all Mans’ idolatries. There will never be enough power or control or security for individuals without the virtue and skill to survive on their own in Nature.

Self-Reliance is the key. It is what we lack. It is what we fear to depend upon. Until we embrace it, all our tricks, our clever economies, and promising ideals will produce nothing – nothing but government and the fruitless pursuit of power and control over ourselves and our neighbors.

This, I believe. This, to me, is certain. This is the problem we face and refuse to face.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “Self-Reliance: The Problem We Face and Refuse to Face”

  1. Mr Green Jeans

    “The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed.”
    AUTHOR: Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)
    QUOTATION: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.
    ATTRIBUTION: THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to William Stephens Smith, November 13, 1787.—The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, ed. Julian P. Boyd, vol. 12, p. 356 (1955).

    A related idea was later expressed by Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac in a speech to the French national assembly, January 16, 1793: “L’arbre de la liberté… croît lorsqu’il est arrosé du sang de toute espèce de tyrans (The tree of liberty grows only when watered by the blood of tyrants),” Archives Parliamentaires de 1787 à 1860, vol. 57, p. 368 (1900).

    And much earlier Tertullian had said: “Plures efficimur quotiens metimur a vobis; semen est sanguis Christianorum (We multiply whenever we are mown down by you; the blood of Christians is seed),” Apology, trans. T. R. Glover, pp. 226–27 (1931).
    SUBJECTS: Liberty


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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