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Slating Thwarted in Henrico with Strong Grassroots Turnout. Cantor Suffers Significant Blow


Slating. If you don’t know what this is, it is a tactic the establishment Republicans are using this year to silence the Conservatives in the party in favor of the Big Government Progressive Republicans like Eric Cantor.

They were successful in Virginia Beach and several other areas as well.

Henrico County was next on the list as Eric Cantor sent his Young Guns Virginia chief Michael Lowery (a long time and still friend of mine) as well as his Campaign Manager Marty Ryall (as far as I know he still serves in that position) as well as several others I know from my days of being an Eric Cantor Zombie supporter. Nice folks, just working for a person who no longer serves the interest of Virginia’s 7th District, instead serving Speaker Boehner.

And a certain Mr. Allen was reportedly also in attendance. This would be the man with the firm Marcus-Allen that saw Boyd Marcus become a traitor and sign on to help get Terry McAuliffe elected. (And would someone please explain why Cantor is still using this now Democrat firm???)

And of course Mike Thomas, Mr. Slating 101 himself was also there.

Note: I got a call from Mike Thomas a little while ago and he was not there last night. A case of mistaken identity. But the good news is he is mending nicely from a fall a short while ago. I was glad to hear that!

So the tables were all set to disenfranchise Conservatives and allow Cantor to cheat his way to another term without facing Dave Brat in a fair election. They were all set to rig the vote before the Convention.

And a funny thing happened on the way to the slating.

A biomass the size of some small countries showed up with No Slating stickers and explained to the potential delegates what was in store for them inside the Henrico Government Complex Board Room. They were about to get rolled.

I tried to get in with my media credentials (yes, I have a Photo Media ID that identifies me as a member of the Media) and the “guard” at the door stopped me and I showed him my ID. He told me to stand there at the door and he would check with “the boss”. After a few minutes a man with a name tag on identifying him as “Don Boswell” looked at my Media Credentials and then glanced at my “No Slating” sticker and “Dave Brat” sticker I was given as I walked in the door and made a remark about media was supposed to be unbiased. And I said “You mean like the Washington Post and the New York Times?”

And Don Boswell refused to allow me to enter saying there may not be enough seats. I offered to stand in the back of the room and take video. Still no.

I was sort of wishing I had worn a wet suit because locking the media out of the room is a sure sign to me that Mr. Boswell was going to do something he didn’t want a record of. And blood was about to fly. Or at least fur.

So I was forced to stand in the entrance area outside of the meeting room and all I had was the overhead speakers.

Then a man came over the microphone and called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and identified himself as Don Boswell.

Hummm. There was something about him I didn’t like. What was it again? Oh, yea. He was the “No media” guy.

I was, as I said, outside in the lobby, unable to gain entry. An altercation at the door got a bit heated when the “guard” allowed a gaggle of people wearing Cantor and Cobb stickers in without a glance, but insisted on seeing delegate stickers from anyone wearing the “No Slating” or Dave Brat stickers. There was a bit of shouting and  I was not able to hear what was going on through the speakers. And at that point, I pointed my video camera at the door and on the guard (who I am told is just good buddies with Boswell). The camera stopped the altercation as I made sure the guard knew I was taping his outburst and the people coming and going.

A comment below by “Tom” (not me) and a subsequent listening to the audio clearly shows a low down tactic by Boswell to prevent anyone from taking over as Chairman, although the rules clearly state there must be a vote. Tom’s comment:

The thing that really doomed the establishment was Boswell’s petty antics with the nominations for temp chair.

Someone clearly nominated Moulton. Boswell said it was not time for for chairman nominations. Then seconds later, Boswell recognized O’Bannon for a nomination. He then refused to allow any other nominations other than himself, in spite of someone clearly nominating Moulton again.

That switched a number of votes. Thankfully just enough to doom the establishment.

So one of the first items for consideration was who would be the person running the show? Boswell was large and in charge, but his only power at that point was to call for a nomination from some random person in the audience to nominate someone to take over for Mr. Boswell.

So Boswell picks out Delegate John O’Bannon to toss out a name to run the show. Now Low and Behold, I wrote a piece about John O’Bannon a few hours earlier. What was that title? Oh, yea. “Delegate O’Bannon Joins Fight to Disenfranchise and Silence Conservatives“.

No other nominations were considered. It was probably a bit like an election in North Korea or the recent one in Crimea where Putin allowed only his personal choice on the ballot.

Boy was this starting to stink.

And guess who O’Bannon picked? Don Boswell!!!!

I wish I was allowed in the room to see the expression of surprise on Donnie’s face when he was nominated. I admit that I got a mental image of Miss America blushing and waiving her hand in her face to push cool air in to hide the flushing. And a big bouquet of flowers and a crown being handed to him by a smiling Eunuch. If only the media were allowed in the room we could have recorded what was to be the first of several touching emotional displays of the evening.

Still on the emotional high, a vote was called.

Do y’all want Donnie Boswell to have and to hold…? And there was a decent chorus of Aye’s. But the Nay’s reverberated off the speakers in the ceiling in the hinterlands to which I was banished.


And that was the first real glimmer of hope that we could stop the Cantor machine from steamrolling yet another County. That every vote would actually count. We were skeptical, but cautiously optimistic when a show of hands was ordered to verify the outcome.

And when the hands were counted, the vote was closer than the decibels had indicated, but Boswell was rejected 164 to 170. So no roses for Donnie. (I account for the difference in volume between the Ayes and the Nays as a physiological one. Eric Cantor Zombies don’t have the lung capacity they did when they were alive and able to think for themselves.)

I looked around the room and saw the aforementioned Cantor employees, lips pursed in an obvious effort to pinch off the oral flatulence that was trying to escape, violently tapping on their Smart Phones like my kids do when they are either mad or breaking up with someone. I felt a twinge of empathy for my friend’s loss, but not so much that I had to purse my lips.

So we needed a new fearless leader. A fellow by the name of Russ Moulton was placed into nomination and as soon as his name was mentioned, the entry area I was in exploded with cheers, overshadowing the speakers in the ceiling that was my only window into the proceedings. And as the cheers died down, the speakers faded in and the cheering was still ongoing in the board room.

But we still needed a vote.

And the final tally showed Moulton winning either 178 to 170 or 178 to 173. The cheers in the room again drowning out the ceiling speaker sounds.

And to paraphrase Charlie Daniels “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” lyrics, “When Donnie finished, Russ just said, “Well, you’re pretty good ol’ son, But sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it’s done.”

And Russ Moulton proceeded to play Fire on the Mountain as Cantor’s folks screamed “Run boys run”.

It was clear to the grassroots supporters of liberty that Cantor had failed. There was still a risk, but with a fair person in charge that risk was minimal.

There was no slating. There was no gnashing of teeth and there was no blood spilled. In Henrico County, one of Cantor’s largest constituencies, every vote will count. Russ Moulton handled the rest of the meeting quickly, efficiently, fairly and without malice. When Moulton asked for the nominations from the nominating committee, there was a bit of a delay. It was obvious that the committee was hastily rewriting the slating nominations as planned and ended up nominating every delegate that had filed to serve and have their vote counted. At that point, it was crystal clear that the grassroots Conservatives and – dare I say “TEA Party” – had turned out en masse, not to hijack the process, but to bring trust and integrity to the Republican Party whose “establishment wing” disdains them so.

It should be pointed out that the Conservatives had the numbers and the ability to slate the Delegates in their favor tonight. And some advocated turning the tables on the Cantor minions to even out the score. But slating is the wrong thing to do. And with the exception of a few in the wings of the board room, there was never a serious notion to do such a thing.

But it is comforting knowing that the ability to counter the slating exists within the Conservative faction of the Republican Party.

And the loss to Eric Cantor cannot be overstated. He had his ass handed to him in Henrico. This was Cantor’s Waterloo. And it is prophetic to note that Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo by the Seventh Coalition. And it was a coalition of Conservatives in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District that handed Cantor this Waterloo.

This was an important and significant event in the internal struggle within the Republican Party of Virginia. Perhaps even the turning point in the turmoil.

The Republican Party of Virginia, lead by people like Eric Cantor, is flat broke. And I can tell you, myself and many of my friends are not giving a dime to the party that has shown such a propensity to disenfranchise Conservatives, use us to try to elect unelectable Milquetoast Rino’s like Romney and McCain and then toss us like yesterday’s Washington Past.

But the good news is, Conservatives are winning the battle for the party and control 53 out of the 83 seats on the Central Committee. The scales have tipped and the Rino’s are on the outside financially. So withholding financial support from the RPV may be a tactic that needs to expire. The good guys are in charge. Tonight was another victory. And it was big. (More on the Financial Support here)

Henrico proves that Conservatives can mobilize and achieve the numbers necessary to prevent the Cantor’s of this world from rolling over us. Many of the people there were from my home county of Hanover where slating is not even a possibility. they passed out stickers and explained slating to the Cantor Zombies. And not a single person wearing a Cantor sticker was in favor of slating. Not one.

The Hanover County GOP Canvass scheduled for 3/27/2014 was cancelled and every person (including myself) that filed will be a Delegate – and our votes will all count. And for those that don’t know, Patrick Henry was a Hanover County product. And he must be smiling tonight.

And as I was leaving, I got into a couple of conversations about Dave Brat, who was allowed to speak thanks to Russ Moulton serving as Chairman. And these people were severely impressed by Brat. So if you are Eric Cantor, you will be tossing in your bed tonight knowing that your efforts to thwart Democracy failed and you must stand or fall on your record.

And Eric Cantor is running for reelection, but he is running from his record.

And I can’t resist gloating a bit and invoking Saul Alinsky’s 5th rule with this video I wrote, performed and produced a couple months ago:

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

48 Responses to “Slating Thwarted in Henrico with Strong Grassroots Turnout. Cantor Suffers Significant Blow”

  1. William Evans says:

    Best b*tch slapping I’ve seen in a good long while. Glad you could make it.

  2. Tom says:

    The thing that really doomed the establishment was when Boswell petty antics with the nominations for temp chair.

    Someone clearly nominated Moulton. Boswell said it was not time for for chairman nominations. Then seconds later, Boswell recognized O’Bannon for a nomination. He then refused to allow any other nominations other than himself, in spite of someone clearly nominating Moulton again.

    That switched a number of votes. Thankfully just enough to doom the establishment.

    The only mistake the TEA party made was not having someone properly filed to be permanent chairman of the Henrico GOP. Boswell was the only one who filed and thus automatically became the County Chairman for the next year. He will be playing some more petty power games all year.

    • Keith says:

      btw…I NEVER received notice of the opportunity to file, even though I have an active membership in the Henrico County Republican Party. I believe that I could have actually made a difference.

      Earlier in the day, I had told my wife that I was NOT looking forward to last night’s meeting due to the fact that efforts were clearly underway to only pave the way for the establishment and the solidifying of the same old faces as representative of the conservative citizens. She asked me point blank…”then why bother”?

      I am so glad that I did go and have the opportunity to participate in affirming the right of everyone to have a chance in nominating who they want to represent them. Slating is equivalent to the Roman Senate in many ways in that only the elitists select the elite to represent them. No matter the outcome on May 10th 7th District Convention at Deep Run HS, then we must all unify after that and support the Chairman, whether that is Linwood or Fred.

      I am not a member of the Tea Party but certainly support many of their values, and candidates such as Dave Brat. Like many of you, in my own small way, I am trying to unify the conservatives across the Commonwealth, whether they are Republican, Tea Party, Independent, Libertarian or any other faction.

      Our real objective should be focused on upholding our values, educating and growing those across all nationalities, genders, religious and social preferences, getting them involved in the party AND taking back our country away from the progressive elitists trying to destroy our future!

    • Anita Hile

      “The only mistake the TEA party made was not having someone properly filed to be permanent chairman of the Henrico GOP.”

      That mistake won’t happen again. Being newbies of this whole GOP thing (TEApartiers since 2009)the inworkings are still a mystery to us. What regular, everyday citizen, including myself, knew what Slating was until reports of what happened in Virginia Beach surfaced. This happened to friends of ours. And that is what pissed us off and got the ball rolling on it NOT happening in Henrico. What sealed to deal to work to get the numbers out was the atrocity in Campbell County where longtime, faithful Conservative work horses were slated off. It was WRONG! And yes, we were approached to “fight fire with fire” and slate them off, but we said unequivocally NO! Nothing will thwart the integrity of the election and allowing ALL who wish to take part in the Convention process to do so. And finally, what fueled the fire in me to get the word out to everyone I knew to attend the Mass Meeting was the phone call for my husband (which I took the message for) from Eric Cantor (he hired outsiders to make the calls)on the importance of attending the meeting because of the “Extremist” group planning to “hijack” the meeting, and the LIES told about Mr. Gruber on that call was totally Alinskiesque. The identical emails about this being a Primaries issue from Jimmy Massie and John O’Bannon helped too, in a grievous way. Righteousness prevailed last night, the answer to our prayer.

  3. Keith says:

    For those of you who did not attend, you missed a heck of a meeting. I was on the very front row sitting between Dave Brat and Russ Moulton To the left of Russ sat Jimmie Massie…

    What Tom White could probably not hear or see is the sequence of activities leading up to the nominations.

    Jimmie Massie gave an update to yesterday’s activities at the Capitol only to end it by stating that some people last night were going to leave disappointed but should still only consider it as a family squabble and to remember who the real adversaries are.

    A reverend started his prayer by praying for those who were going to be disappointed, and once again praying for what our real cause was. Don Boswell on more than one occasion stated that there were going to be some that were going to leave disappointed with the outcomes.

    Plus Eric’s Young Guns had actually placed the same large slating boards (like 3X4 white magnetic boards) all covered with large white bags at the front on both sides of the stage. They quickly moved them out of the room at the end of the meeting.

    Linwood Cobb commented to someone that he had heard that Russ and the newly slated team would be only slating those for Fred Gruber (Linwood’s competition for the 7th Chair) and David Brat. That was never the case.

    Just a side note, I actually think highly both of Fred and Linwood. Both, when given the opportunity to speak, did so with unity in mind. Personally, we still have to remember that Linwood is the current chairman and should be treated as such. I do realize that we might not necessarily agree as to what has or has not occurred during his tenure. Personally, I had more respect for him after the event. He was nothing but a class act during the entire evening, even though things went completely the other way of what was planned.

    Dave Brat was given the opportunity to speak on his running for the 7th Congressional District. As always, Dave has excellent credentials and can represent the 7th and not just the Republican ticket. And once again, he spoke eloquently of the key issues and his commitment to resolve them, AND actually representing the citizens of the 7th.

    BUT…interesting side note…so even though Eric had countless resources in the room, and when asked by Russ, NO representative, including the Young Guns, was there to speak on his behalf. Eric is so confident in his solid footing in the 7th that he does not want to admit in having a race inside his own party with Dave.

    The good news is that the train wreck never occurred, except for the fact that the establishment did not even get a chance to slate their candidates.

  4. Cindy says:

    I was there as well. This was my first mass meeting and I was really dreading the probability that slating would happen.
    I was not a close as Keith was (I was sitting in the 5th row from the front). When Boswell started the shenanigans about the temporary chair, I really thought he would ram through his own nomination. Immediately after the show of hands a NUMBER of people called for division of house. I was one of them. I hope that Boswell realized how bad it would look if he didn’t follow Robert’s Rules and count noses. I do think he was shocked when he lost that vote.
    Cobb was ok throughout. But I think he was about to raise a ruckus about the number of votes for the temporary chair when the committee reported how many delegates from each district. He forgot that there were delegates from two districts present in the room and he was only counting 7th district delegates. But he quickly realized his error and backed off. It could have gotten ugly then but didn’t. So, maybe the establishment guys and the constitutionalists will eventually figure out a way to get along. Either we figure out a way to get along or only one faction comes out the winner. We can’t keep going down the road we’re on – the dems are sitting by as we eat our own, ready to sweep in and take over.

    I, personally, was appalled that Cantor did not bother to show up last night. This is his district and he was not there. Dave Brat stole the show and it definitely created an impression that Cantor thinks this seat is his for life and that his constituents don’t matter as much as his money guys, Boehner, et. al.

    Just a few of my observations, FWIW.

  5. Mort Coleman says:

    I used to be an Eric Cantor Zombie, but not the last 4 years, I will even vote for a democrat just to get him out of office.

    I’m supporting Dave Brat, who I’m praying, will just vote no to spending my children’s and my future grandchildren’s earnings.

    If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it. Didn’t you ever wake up with credit card debt and realize what it takes to pay it down? No magic, just hard work.

    do it.

  6. Mary says:

    Best line of the article. “I, personally, was appalled that Cantor did not bother to show up last night. This is his district and he was not there. Dave Brat stole the show and it definitely created an impression that Cantor thinks this seat is his for life and that his constituents don’t matter as much as his money guys, Boehner, et. al.”

    Cantor NEVER shows up for his constituents, only for the ones that serve him, or have money.

    Dave Brat is Eric Cantor’s Term Limit! People scream for term limits, well, We Are The Term Limits. It is up to us to vote them out. We must end Eric Ivan Cantor’s reign. Support Dave!

  7. Mary says:

    P.S. Great video! Sad, but true. Time for those Zombies to return to the real world.

  8. mike rothfeld says:

    This is a first-rate write up, but I want to point out a procedural point for the future.

    I have no doubt (former Sheriff) Boswell, set the table to elect himself and he and his team were stunned to fail. That said, what they did was NOT a dirty play, it is in fact exactly what is called for under Roberts; it’s just that few people know this.

    Under Roberts, the election of Temporary Chair is never contested; it is a straight up or down vote. Only if the first nominee is rejected, is another nomination in order. This is what happened.

    Remember for the future, so you are prepared to run meetings when you control (and the man/woman who calls a meeting to order may call on whomever they want for the all-important first nomination for Temporary Chair) and especially how to fight when the other side controls.

    Rock on.

    best regards

    • Anita Hile

      Mike….what was a problem was that Mark Hile FIRST nominated Russ Moulton to Temp Chair and was called out of order. Then after a few minutes of paper shuffling, Don Boswell called for the Nomination of the Temporary Chair and called on John O’Bannon, WHO HAD NOT EVEN RAISED THE NOMINATION YET! This can be found on the video. And if you look at Mr. Boswell as he reads off his paper, he is not even looking at Dr. O’Bannon, who was to his left. I was in the front row and saw it all go down. Again, righteousness prevailed and we won the Temp Chair, and well, the rest is history.

  9. Jack

    I attended as well & it was awesome! I overheard some of Cantor’s yes men say, “We usually have about 50 people at these, I wonder why a thousand people showed up?”

    I guesstimate over 2/3 of them were wearing Brat ( )stickers.

  10. Jenna Hawk says:

    I’m glad Mr. White reported on the shouting match b/c I witnessed it too. After the vote went against Cantor’s bunch I saw a bunch of young people jump up from the registration table and run in the meeting room yelling, “my vote didn’t get counted!”. And Cantor’s two door men let them run right in. He was checking everyone w/ Brat stickers.

    Someone asked the doormen why they didn’t check the young people and the doormen started yelling at them, “Don’t tell me what I didn’t and did do!”

    Thank God, The doormen shut up after they saw the camera on them.

    My first big meeting, what a MESS!


  11. Keith says:

    Did any of you receive the following from Speaker Bill Howell?

    The Virginia General Assembly convened yesterday for a special session to complete work on the state budget – which is now two weeks over due.
    I began the day hoping that Governor and Senate Democrats would be willing to compromise and let Virginia pass a clean budget, but then Senate Democrats did something unthinkable.
    They left town.
    The Senate took an extended recess. They aren’t returning until April 7, leaving the General Assembly with almost nothing to do over the next two weeks.
    The budget is already two weeks late. Now, local governments, school boards and the business community face another two weeks or more of uncertainty.
    The Senate’s decision to leave is the height of irresponsibility. It shows that they’re not serious about getting a budget done on time. They don’t care what it does to our teachers, firefighters, police officers and local governments.
    Will you forward this email to five friends and tell them they’ve got to sign the petition right now?

    Tell Governor McAuliffe and Senate Democrats to come back to the Capitol and pass a budget.

  12. Norma s Holmes says:

    Writer was understandably frustrated at being excluded from the GOP mass meeting, having somehow convinced someone somewhere that he was some kind of journalist. The anger and bias of his account do not prove his credentials, however. He loses credibility in direct proportion to his lack of objectivity.

    • Tom White says:

      Thanks for the kind words Norma. I consider myself a work in progress. I hope that with more practice Iwill some day learn to be as objective as the Mainstream Media – like The Washington Post, New York Times and MSNBC. But the fact is, the blog is called Virginia Right! because of the intentional right wing Conservative slant. And I believe I have a circulation greater than Ben Franklin had.

      I hope that you are not sore because I used so many of your friends pictures in my Zombie video. I’ll use your photo next zombie song. Promise!
      Tom White recently posted…Slating Thwarted in Henrico with Strong Grassroots Turnout. Cantor Suffers Significant BlowMy Profile

    • John Louis says:

      The writer was not the only one excluded, I personally witnessed at least a half dozen people w Brat stickers on get excluded mainly by Cantor’s doormen/Yemen.

    • CUT D.C. says:

      Norma, Plz wake up, this is NOT about the writer, this is about Mr. Cantor’s failed record and about saving America for the next generation(s) to come.

      Mr. Cantor, whether in the minority or majority or anywhere in between has contributed (directly or indirectly) to about 2/3 of America’s $18,000,000,000,000 debt which is going to have to be paid back by the next generations, mostly to China.

      And you are OK w/ that?

      Cantor’s debt on US is going to have devastatingly negative consequences on US for decades to come!

      And you are OK w/ continuing the status quo?

      Come ‘on Man!

    • Dawna Lee

      “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.– Thomas Jefferson

      “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation…
      One is by sword….. The other is by debt.”
      John Adams 1826

      Please forward these to Mr. Cantor.

  13. Gene Lefty says:

    Excellent coverage and blog Tom. Great production.

    One thing I would like to mention. I hope the Tea Party and other Conservatives, will take down the names of the State politicians in Cantor’s district who support him, and remember come November this year and next.

    Don’t let these Cantor supporting members of the Virginia GA’s tax and spend, big government, “whales” division hide. When they support the Cantor “cancer”, let it be known. Get even in the voting booth!

    Kick their butts out along with Cantor!

    Kick out the rat! Vote for Brat!

    • Sandy Sanders

      Glad to see Gene Lefty on the right side with Brat!


    • SouthPaw says:

      Good one lefty! Kick out the Rat, Elect Brat!

    • SouthPaw says:

      Good one Lefty! Kick out the rat! Vote for Brat! Love it!

    • William Evans says:

      You Betcha. All Tea Party & conservative leaders need to find candidates right now. It is time to start to primary all that are involved in this slating mess. Del. Massy & Del. O’Bannon caved to cantor’s rule. we will start with them. They should have stood on principal, but they did not want to rock the boat. Now then, we the people will rock the vote.

  14. Deb says:

    I wonder if the ‘establishment’ Republicans are now taking their own words to heart regarding the disappointments they may encounter?

  15. Mark says:

    Here is the link to the video of the Henrico County GOP Mass Meeting.


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