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STOP Medicaid Expansion: We Must RE-ELECT Delegate Buddy Fowler

Last night, in Beaverdam, Virginia, the Patrick Henry Tea Party hosted a fantastic candidates forum with Delegate Buddy Fowler, Jr and his Democrat opponent Toni Radler for Delegate, 55th District. Many issues were discussed: Higher Eduction, Taxes, Sludge, the 2nd Amendment, local Food Freedom, Common Core, the troubling behind-closed-doors meetings of the Hanover Board of Supervisors leading to the end of Proffers, Education Funding, Coal Subsidies, a new Nuclear reactor in Lake Anna, Campaign Donations, and the Convention of the States. But the most important difference between these two candidates is their positions on Medicaid Expansion.

Expanding Medicaid in Virginia is Toni Radler’s central plank. Radler argued that Virginia loses 2 billion dollars a year by refusing to expand the entitlement, adding that Medicaid Expansion would also bring thousands of new, high paying jobs to Virginia. Increasing education spending was her second biggest issue, arguing that future job growth in Virginia depends on higher spending on Education by our State government.

Delegate Fowler remains committed to preventing Medicaid Expansion in Virginia, arguing that it would end up consuming our State budget in the years to come. When Toni Radler confirmed that she would not vote for tax increases, Delegate Fowler argued that she would have to if she expanded Medicaid in Virginia. Mr. Fowler also demonstrated that increasing education spending is only half the battle. The most important focus, and his focus over the last two years in Richmond, has been to get more education dollars into our classrooms.

Buddy-FowlerWhile Delegate Fowler represents my interests on the vast majority of issues, it is his opponents promise to bankrupt Richmond with Medicaid Expansion that makes this election crystal clear. We cannot afford to lose a single vote in the House of Delegates on this issue. We all know that Governor McAuliffe is committed to finding some way to expand Medicaid, and putting Toni Radler in the House of Delegates would do exactly that.

Therefore, not only do I endorse Buddy Fowler for Delegate, it is absolutely imperative that the citizens of Caroline, Spotsylvania, and Hanover in the 55th District get out to the polls on November 3rd, and cast their vote against Medicaid Expansion and reelect Buddy Fowler to the House of Delegates.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

33 Responses to “STOP Medicaid Expansion: We Must RE-ELECT Delegate Buddy Fowler”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So if I think Medicaid should be expanded, should I definitely vote against Mr. Fowler then?

    • Wilson Stavely says:

      Yes you should vote for Toni Radler for Delegate and end the Hargrove Dynasty in the 55th District.

      The voters have figured out Developer- Real Estate Investor Dale Hargrove Alderman is really controlling that office. Fowler is just her bench warmer. They didn’t elect Fowler in 2013, they elected the Hargroves to control the seat and the money for their special interests: Insurance Lobby and real estate Development.

    • Phyllis Goldmann says:

      Middle Resolution Pac worked very hard to STOP MEDICAID EXPANSION IN VIRGINIA IN THE last GENERAL ASSEMBLY.


    • Anonymous 2.0 says:

      The control of the state senate is going to fall to the Democrats in November. Medicaid expansion is coming to VA. So the Delegate election in the 55th is no longer a matter of Mr. Fowler’s vote.
      The real issues in the 55th are getting rid of the Developer’s control of that seat.

      The Hargrove Family is invested in real estate development in Hanover- ties to speaker Bill Howell and the state treasury. Dale Alderman actually told one land owner in Henrico that her father could have a bridge built across the Chickahominy River to connect Henrico and Hanover Counties. And you thought Buddy was your delegate? That bridge would cost more than Medicaid expansion Mr. Tucker.

      That is reason enough to elect Toni Radler to the House of Delegates.

      • Anonymous 3.0 says:

        When will the voters of Hanover County wake up to the conflict of interest of Clerk of the Court Frank Hargrove Jr and his family’s ties to real estate development?

        The Clerk has insider trading access to divorces, probated wills, tax liens, bankruptcies, etc.

        Martha Stewart went to prison for less insider trading than these folks.

      • Steven Brodie Tucker

        That’s the 8th or 9th different name you’ve used to post on this thread.


    Yes, the funds to expand it would come from the Federal government which has run up an $18,000,000,000,000 debt. $9T under Obama. Please wake up before it’s too late & ALL is lost!

    • Hal Simmons says:

      If you take Medicaid Expansion off the table as a reason to vote for Fowler because ObamaCare is now the law of the land, are FOWLER’S ties to the Developers ( HARGROVES AND SPEAKER HOWELL) a reason to vote for Radler? LOOK UP SPEAKER HOWELL- HE’S ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF ALEC- AN AGENDA 21 LOBBY.

      Or…. the fact that Fowler is a RINO Republican who supported George Allen over Jamie Radtke and Eric Cantor over Dave Brat? Fowler and his wife Patsy were delegates for Linwood Cobb over Fred Gruber for Chairman of the 7th District Republican Party.

      What is ironic about Mr. Tucker’s uninformed political rants is that he hates establishment GOP candidates yet endorses Fowler who is ESTABLISHMENT GOP over a Delegate who would actually work in the GA for working class families and represent all of the constituents of the 55th not just the RINO donors. Fowler hates Democrats- even his own constituents.

    • Calvin Streeter says:


      Is Mr. Tucker secretly advocating for the candidate who supports his precious COS Agenda by misleading readers with his Anti- Medicaid Expansion Rant?

      I attended the Patrick Henry Tea Party Forum Tuesday evening where Mr. Fowler stated he supports the Article V Convention of States which Mrs. Radler opposes.

      Mr. Tucker is a microphone for Middle Resolution’s agendas: COS and anti- Medicaid expansion platform.

      Now you know the rest of the story. How is the CON CON Pro Liberty?

    • Kalleigh O'Brien says:

      Note significant developer donations to Fowler’s campaign. The same people you rail on for overdevelopment of Hanover County…….

  3. VA Right Mom says:

    Delegate Buddy Fowler supports SLUDGE in Virginia and the ANNUAL importation of 5 million tons of out of state waste into Virginia to be DUMPED into our waterways and streams via farm land.

    That’s the reason to VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

    Newsflash for you Mr. Tucker— ObamaCare is the law of the land.
    Medicaid expansion is coming to Virginia whether Delegate Fowler likes it or not.

    You are WRONG on FOWLER.

    • Shelby Wright says:

      Kudos to Mom.

      We are all reminded of how Republican 12th District State Senate candidate Sioban Stolle Dunnivant ran on a platform to repeal ObamaCare in Virginia- stating she would vote against it. She won the nomination and a few days later the SCOTUS voted to uphold OBAMACARE- it’s the law of the land.
      And the GOP is stuck with yet another Tax and Spend RINO in Stolle thanks to the Hargroves and Walter Stosch who worked for her campaign. Sioban Dunnivant is no conservative. Supports Planned Parenthood and will vote for the Hospitals who want medicaid expansion in Virginia to boost their bottom line ( her employer is for profit HCA Hospital Corporation of America – which supports medicaid expansion in VA)

      Medicaid expansion or Virginia Marketplace or whatever name the State of Virginia comes up with must be implemented.

      Buddy is just trying to get elected. Pick another issue. Medicaid is coming.

      • Steven Brodie Tucker

        Lol, you just replied to yourself under a different name. Again lol. What in the world? You don’t have to comment on your own comments. I try hard to respond to as many comments as possible.

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Well, that’s a lie. He supports phasing out the bad sludge and Obamacare is a disaster. I’ll work tirelessly to stop anyone in Virginia from bankrupting our state with irresponsible entitlements. A vote for Medicaid expansion is a vote for economic catastrophe.

      • Shannon Westbury says:

        You are Absolutely wrong Mr. Tucker.

        Delegate Fowler absolutely supported sludge and the DEQ control of the permits in Virginia.

        He only changed his talking points when he and Mrs. Hargrove Alderman who runs his campaign realized many of his voters in the rural 55th were opposed to SLUDGE and BIOSOLIDS and supported Mrs. Radler.

        At best Fowler is a fllip flopper on the issue pandering to voters to win. He won’t do anything to STOP sludge. HE doesn’t do anything now. He’s dead weight in the GA and the good people of the 55th want to elect a delegate who will work for them on meaningful legislation.

  4. Dillon R. says:

    Mr. Tucker-

    You wrote your blog entitled We must re-elect Buddy Fowler to stop medicaid.

    You showed up at the Tea Party supported candidate Forum Tuesday night and you think Buddy Fowler is going to stop medicaid? Without investigating Delegate Fowler’s backers and his Hargrove Stolle Dunnivant Walter Stosch team?

    Let me remind YOU of the GOP led support for Medicaid Expansion in the General Assembly last session: Republican RINOs John Watkins and Walter Stosch supported medicaid expansion. It wasn’t until the Tea Party Federation got involved that Bill Howell and the others stepped in to “pander” to the Tea Party voters and voted against it.

    Stosch absolutely supports Medicaid Expansion for his DONORS- the Hospitals. That is why Stosche endorsed Stolle Dunnivant for Senate to replace him. The Hargroves Supported Stolle Dunnivant. Worked for her in the Primary. Stolle will vote for and support some kind of medicaid expansion in Virginia because her DONORS ( The Hospital and Health Care Lobby) Want it.

    You are out of your league. Stop writing about issues and politicians and their motives you don’t understand. Better yet- go to the General Assembly and read the bills and the sponsors. It’s all about following the money.

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Buddy Fowler will not vote to expand medicaid. And it won’t pass the House. It’d be the end of Howell. So, it doesn’t matter what the Corporatists in the Senate want.

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      This is the fifth name you’ve posted under in one thread. Why do you do that if not to hide the fact that you don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about?

      • Delta Delta Delta says:

        It is you Mr. Tucker who is clueless about Who Delegate Fowler is- who he represents and why he is in that seat. He’s for the developers- VDOT contracts and bridges and roads, and water and sewer lines for the developers. Agenda 21 which VA Right opposes but you can’t see that because then you would have to admit you are wrong which you will never do.

        Go back to Libertarian Issues and stay out of local races- which you know nothing about.


    For the record, RADLER is on the Board of Directors of PLANNED (un)PARENTHOOD.

    She therefore supports the spreading of “human sludge” for profit.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, this is what you call “SICK” w/ a capital “S”.

  6. Kalleigh O'Brien says:

    Note Significant Donors to Fowler’s campaign:

    Middle Resolution founders Bob Bailie and Frank Bradley.

  7. Kalleigh O\'Brien says:

    Mr. Tucker-Why don\’t you research Republican Speaker Bill Howell\’s position on the Board of Alec and the money flowing into the GA to keep garbage and sludge pouring into VA? Hmmm?

  8. Kenneth Hawk says:

    Hey Kalleigh,

    Maybe I’m missing something here but I only see small donations from Baile & Bradley going to Fowler? Explanation?

  9. Paul Jones says:

    For all of you rightly pushing for ethics reform I must ask, do you really want an ultra corrupt person like fast Terry McCaulliffe leading the charge?


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