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Not having got much sleep last night, allow for some misspelling and or typo’s as I bang away on the keyboard in a coffee reduced stupor.

The “ chance” that President –Elect Trump represents is just that, a chance to reshuffle the deck, starting with a quiet and diplomatic removal of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Anyone in Congress that treated the will of the average voter with such insulting disdain must go.  The Never Trump crowd in the political arena  were all part of the elitist inner circle, comprised of folks who had a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. From career pols who were/are milking the system, enriching their family members and political pals, to former elected and cabinet officials ( all with DC addresses) who were/are making a killing on K street, and /or political consultants,  to the ones who moved into comfy academia where the honey ( money ) flows,  they got as we used to say on 10st, a solid ass kicking.

kasich photo

Photo by marcn

The big blowhard from Ohio Governor John Kasich deserves particular vilification since he tried again and again to undermine what the average citizen across America clearly wanted. The Bushes…….what can you say except good riddens,  they are as much of the problem than they ever were part of the solution. I seriously thought I would throw up last night listening to Karl Rove try to explain how much Paul Ryan had helped Trump.  The rabid dogs have been all shot, we just now stand around watching as they fade into wherever rabid dogs go when they die.

I suspect Miley Cyrus, Robert DeNiro and Alec Baldwin are busy today loading their moving trucks. My schedule is flexible enough to help if they call. Just watching this morning Myka and Morning Blow comically try to explain how “ everybody got it wrong” along with their cast of despicables  wanting desperately to garner some small measure of redemption in their half baked morning after assessments. Pathetic bunch if there ever was .

Republicrats kept control of both Houses giving the new President what he should need to get started with his draining the swamp. From repealing ObamaCare to digging the footing for the new wall, to sending a clear message to the crony capitalist crowd,  a message that the days of raping the American economy  for the benefit of a select and small handful is coming to a close. I might add it is now the responsibility of the Patriot movement to HAMMER the republicrats with the message the days of the establishment controlling citizens, the repeated lies, broken promises and outright betrayal will no longer be met with whimpering silence, but a Lion’s roar you quietly heard last night around midnight.

Congrats President-Elect Trump. Best wishes for getting off to a successful start of your Presidency in January. I temper those words also with a warning. No Pardons for anyone. Restore the rule of law in this country, for that was one of the chores last night you were assigned.

Bob Shannon  King William


  1. Kylie Galesburg says:

    John Kasich, so confident Trump would lose and take the House and Senate with him, Is Focused On The Future Of The GOP and planned a major speech Thursday to reshape the Republican Party in his Image. Biblical.
    Denver Channel ABC News · 8 hours ago
    John Kasich … to give a major speech just a couple days after the election. The Cincinnati Enquirer says the former presidential candidate’s speech on Thursday …

    John Kasich meet the Alt Right- YOUR new Republican Party. LOL

  2. Dad of a Marine says:

    pray for our president and our nation: George Soros communists are rioting the past two days:
    California, New York, New Orleans. They like democracy as long as their candidate wins apparently.

  3. GEORGIA BULLDOGS '70 says:

    The Forgotten Man decided the election by Andrew Napolitano

  4. Gene Lefty says:

    Aren’t healthcare savings accounts nothing but government subsidization? When I ask anyone how they control the rising cost of health one little bit? All I get is a blank stare. The lobbyists will never give into free market healthcare, stop lying to yourself, as if you have wrestled control of D.C. out of the hands of big money, by putting a billionaire in office? How long before I see Mexican’s being bused out of this country?

    I will give Trump the benefit of the doubt. However, isn’t Trump already (12 hrs.)kissing Israel’s ass because his son-in-law is a rich Jew?

    • Love all God's Children says:

      You pinko commies on the left are so stupid.

      Hillary and Bill’s son in law is a JEW- which means Chelsea Converted- google their wedding pictures you fool. He’s a HEDGE FUND manager- the worst kind of Wall Street crook. His father went to prison for corruption Welcome to the Clinton Crime Family.

      what a racist YOU R GENE LEFTY.

      • Gene Lefty says:

        First off;
        1) The Clinton’s are nothing more than private citizens.
        2) Why does whatever the Clinton’s do, justify what Trump or anyone else is doing?
        3) Chelsea did not “convert” according to everything I can find online. Ivanka “converted” to Judaism before she even married, (that is fine with me) according to everything I can find. Get you lies straight, ok?
        4) There is no racism in my comment. However, there is Americanism in my comment.
        5) Just as Obama and Democrats have done for years, Trump has already called for massive infrastructure programs, with no way to pay for them. Other than raising taxes on the middle-class, (Republican Bob McDonnell style), borrowing more money from communist China, or, just plain printing money. Nancy Pelosi has wasted no time supporting Trump on this one. See online reports. What does that tell you?

        Bob won’t touch my comments. The truth is untouchable. No more honeymoons, Bob.

        PS- Why do you hide behind the Lord’s name to do your name calling?

        • Love all God's Children says:

          Like “Gene Lefty” is your God Given Name?

        • Love all God's Children says:

          YOU R CORRECT-





          • Gene Lefty says:

            Look, like it or not, all the people you and I mention are God’s children. I didn’t vote for Hillary. Name calling and hatred ain’t going to fix anything. I don’t like or trust either party, I didn’t like or trust either candidate, I don’t agree with the riots. I don’t hate anybody.

    • Orange is the New Black says:

      Chelsea Clinton’s husband is Marc Mezvinsky- a JEW. YOU Idiot anti-semite. His father is a crook- Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme type of crook.

  5. robert shannon

    I was wondering how long it was going to take until the folks who were absolutely convinced Trump didn’t have a chance to come out of hiding. It was just weeks ago when Gene took us all to task for even considering the possibility. Orange haired billionaire come to mind ? Maybe just having the comfort of the media pundits, or the political ruling class was a safer place for those views.

    As for health savings accounts…….where do I start. The money in my health savings account is my money. If I remain healthy then I can use it in a few more years to pay my medicare supplement premiums, use it to help fund my retirement or pass it onto my kids at my death The point is Gene, it is my money to begin with that was deposited into the H.S.A This valuable tool is used to help offset what is often large deductibles (mine is $10,000) utilized to keep monthly premiums manageable and to insure the money is there should a medical catastrophe occur, which was at one time what insurance was intended to be for anyway…..catastrophes. It also creates an incentive for me to remain healthy. What would your auto insurance cost Gene if it had to cover tires, oil changes, windshield wiper blades, broken taillights, or it had to give drivers with 5 DUI convictions the same rate as you ? Would that be fair ?

    Let Americans decide first if they even want health insurance, and open the market up for them to buy it anywhere they want, the same way we buy property & casualty insurance, or life insurance, or long term care insurance for that matter. I have often cited ( for those who are open minded ) the example of Lasik Eye surgery. Back in the mid 90’s when it first became available it was not covered by any insurance, private, Medicare or Medicaid. If you wanted it you paid for it and it was around $15,000 and higher. Today because of free market competition you can get the same procedure done for around $300 per eye. The government didn’t order insurance companies or eye doctors to lower the price……competition lowered it.

    My health insurance premium was $194 a month in 2010. I was okay with health insurance to cover catastrophes only. Today with mandated benefits I never wanted to begin with , that were shoved down my throat by the ACA, I now pay almost as much as my monthly mortgage payment. So much for bending the cost curve. Add to that the GAO and numerous other think tanks have calculated the costs of insuring the 20 million ( of which about half just went into Medicaid) and the per insured costs for every single person covered under this monstrosity ACA has been $90,000 per insured. Great deal

    As for Israel ????? Have you heard of this country named Iran next door, the ones President Obama assured us would act reasonably if only we set down and talked to them ? Do you understand the Chamberlayne /Churchill doctrine , or the parallel

    Bob Shannon King William

    • Gene Lefty says:

      Hold on a minute, Bob;

      1) You never address my comment that heathcare savings accounts (HSA) are government subsidized, via tax deductions. Why not? Let’s get the whole story out, Bob. Government subsidized just like Obamacare.
      2) You never address how HSA’s control rising healthcare costs, Bob? All they do is to justify those massive annual double digit increases, the ones we had before Obamacare.
      3) Congress/the establishment/Wall St. via lobbyists with corporate checkbooks, will never let heathcare insurance be what you want it to be, Bob. As for heath insurance being like auto insurance? You don’t mention what auto insurance cost high risk young people do you Bob? What is your answer for health insurance for high risk sick people, Bob?
      4) And, while you are at it, Trump and Pelosi are already in bed on infrastructure spending, with no way to pay for it. What does that tell you, Bob?

      You wondered how long it would be before people like me started to bark, Bob? Well, here is the answer to that;
      1) Longer than it took for Trump to call for massive, unfunded, Obama like spending programs. Of course, with Nancy Pelosi’s approval.
      2) Longer than it took for Trump to jump in the sack with Israel.

  6. Lyle says:

    First of all the Clinton’s are not private citizens. They haven’t driven a car in 35 years- chauffered driven limosines by Secret Service- costs taxpayers millions a year.

    They run the Clinton Global Initiative a 501c3 which collected billions of dollars from foreign governements used $3 million to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. How’s that a tax exempt expenditure?

  7. Brett G. says:

    Mr. Lefty’s political party: rioting in New York

    Is that the “Love Trumps Hate” campaign of George Soros and his Black Lives Matter communists you love so much Mr. Lefty?

  8. Mallory says:

    Eight years of George W. Bush’s Neocon Agenda gave America Eight years of Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim Marxist Agenda.

    The pendulum has swung back to the middle with a Populist in Donald J. Trump.

    We needed a Trump to save the USA from the Communists running the Democratic Party.

  9. Albert N. says:

    Then read this:

    Now you understand why Podesta and Hillary threw in the towel Tuesday night? Wiki Leaks is destroying them and the FBI covered this up.

  10. Gene Lefty says:

    Bob, in reading who is on the transition team, and who is being considered for key positions in the Trump administration, is this what you and your people anticipated? Many of the names I see on the list are part of exactly what is wrong with this country. Looks like a billionaires club??? What is in this for the little guy? Can this article be believed?

  11. Gene Lefty says:

    With Trump picking Reince Priebus as his Chief of staff, you all now know that you have been had. Not only have you been lied to, but you have been spanked. I suspect you knew it on Wednesday.

    To think a billionaire is a populist is beyond believable. And, he does have blond hair and could be a billionaire. About those tax returns?

    I told you that they were both trash.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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