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The American Culture That Never Disappeared

Those of us trekking the trenches of universities, navigating the cubicles of corporate office buildings, or walking the bustling streets of busy cities, endlessly balancing the boons of corporate empires and the catastrophe of the modern Welfare State, may find it hard to believe that there is a thriving American Culture still beating in the heart of the nation.

This is a culture that has always existed in our country. It is a culture that the elitists, of every generation, have always resented and looked down upon. It is a culture which cultivates the values upon which families and communities have depended upon for centuries: Self-Reliance, Generosity, Faith, and Loyalty. It is a culture which seems to thrive amongst those who depend upon governments least, which always looks inward for sustenance, and seeks to take nothing from any person, people, or state.

This is a culture, an American culture, expertly tapped into by President Ronald Reagan and by Governor Sarah Palin. It is a culture which popularizes counterculture entertainment such as Duck Dynasty, God’s Not Dead, and 7th Heaven. It’s a culture that embraces American heritage and rejects the cold, cynical, meaningless culture promoted in our schools, by our governments, and by our entertainment industries. There is an America which never sold its soul for the self-satisfaction of feeling “current” and “politically correct”.

The Americans immersed in this culture aren’t rare, or peculiar, or strange – they are the majority. They are the families that take care of themselves and help their neighbors during tough times – families that eat meals together and go to church together and pray together and are always there for one another. They do not look at “others” as a means to an end. It doesn’t even occur to the average American that other people in other towns and states could or should be subordinated to them, to subsidize their lifestyles or opportunities.

Why is this culture so despised by the elitists of our society?

Elitists are not self-reliant. In fact, almost every elitist out there is subsidized in one way or another. Corporate subsidies for bankers and businessmen, politicians who depend on taxpayer funded salaries and political and corporate contacts, professors employed at government universities, and so on. They resent independent and self-reliant Americans. They don’t want you hunting or farming or doing anything without THEIR SAY SO. They want to make those activities you perform to take care of yourself dependent upon them and thus you are bombarded with registrations and licenses and fees.

Elitists are not Generous. In fact, they don’t give anything of their own to anyone. Everything they give they have taken from others. There is nothing noble or selfless in taxing the hell out of hard working Americans and turning it over to parasitic constituencies. There is nothing noble about corporate donations which are then used as write-offs on their quarterly taxes. There is nothing generous about theft, regardless of how nobly you redistribute that wealth.

Elitists despise Faith. Why? Because they don’t want you to have faith in anything but them. They want you to believe everything they tell you because they are “professors”, or because they are in government, or because they rule some empire of industry. Individuality (faith in yourself) and religious faith stand in the way of your unconditional loyalty (dependency) to The State.

Elitists are not Loyal. In fact, the elitists in this country have no virtues for which any of us would feel any loyalty toward. Loyalty must be commanded by force, as they see it. They aren’t interested in families caring for one another – what benefit is it that to them? They have sought to divide families in order to force dependence upon The State and while some of the American People, out of either laziness or ignorance, have fallen into their traps.

The American Culture that was born with America has never disappeared from America. Even if you don’t see it every day, when you do see it, you like it, even if the voice of your government is nagging you in the back of your mind, ridiculing your appreciation. Self-Reliance is the blood of Independence. The virtues upon which our self-reliance exists (generosity, loyalty, and faith) are under constant attack; but they are timeless virtues! They have not and will not ever be defeated in this great country of ours. Though it takes some of us, who are immersed in the cold culture of The State, a while to reconnect with it, it is still out there. The tools of self-reliance and community are free and easily earned by anyone willing to take care of themselves, to care for their families and communities, and to show loyalty to those that deserve it.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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