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The Nature of Man: Why Folk Like Obama and Cantor Seem Invincible

I experienced an epiphany today while speaking with a gentlemen about the Benghazi scandal. He intimated that it was incomprehensible that we now know, as a nation and for a fact, that the White House and State Department willfully deceived the citizens of this country regarding a terrorist attack that left four Americans dead, including our Ambassador, and that there is no collective outrage. “I guess all the Democrats think what their government did was OK!”, he huffed.

So I asked him, “why do you think there should be a connection between what Democrats think and what you might know as right and wrong, or even true or false?” He looked at me bewildered; and then it occurred to me that people might still think that thinking and reality have anything to do with why people feel what they feel or believe what they believe.

The Philosophy Departments at every university from USC Berkley to Edinburgh have been arguing for a hundred years that what is real isn’t real and that what is true isn’t true, and that even if what is real was real and what is true was true, you certainly couldn’t know it.  This is the environment that I had to learn to think in, to stay connected to truth in a world without truth, and to base my beliefs on facts in a world without facts. I’ve just assumed ever since that when people believe crazy things that it is because, for them, the importance is on the belief, on holding that belief, and not on any discernible reason for actually having that belief.

There are still hundreds of millions of Americans that actually believe that President Franklin Roosevelt ended the Depression and was a hero for boldly leading America to war against the Germans and the Japanese. There are no facts to support these beliefs. There are some arguments, but not even many of those. It is just very important to these people to remember FDR this way. I can’t tell you why. I was accepted to Virginia Tech’s Psychology Department, but after discovering that just about everything could be cured with Ritalin, Prozac, and Viagra, I figured maybe Philosophy would be a more worthwhile study.

The reason why there isn’t public outrage over President Obama and his Justice Department selling weapons to criminals in order to “track” them, only to track them to dead Americans, is because they like President Obama and Eric Holder and simply do not wish to think ill of them. I mean, the reality is horrible, they’ll admit, but you can’t blame that on Obama and Holder. Yes, they may not be coming right out with all the facts, but you conservatives will just use the facts to impeach these guys and promote your own agenda.

The reason why there isn’t any real outcry over the Justice Department spying on journalists is because folks just kind of figure there must have been a good reason. I mean, if the journalists were threatening to reveal government secrets, then shouldn’t the government know what they intend to do? Obama isn’t spying on all journalists, after all. Just some of them.

The reason why there isn’t any collective outcry over the IRS targeting TEA Party groups, is because TEA Party groups are the enemy of Obama, and therefore the government, and therefore the IRS. Why should the IRS allow TEA Party groups that wish to abolish the IRS have tax-exempt status? That just doesn’t make any sense. You TEA Party people are hypocrites, they’ll say, you want to use the IRS to destroy the IRS. That’s just mean. You’re mean!

Now, if you follow the polls, the American People are not happy with ObamaCare. I mean, ideals are one thing, but the reality of higher deductibles, increasingly expensive policies that cover fewer doctors and operations, higher drug costs, and overwhelming systemic inefficiencies are realities that even liberals can’t quite ignore. They’ll try to, but maybe they like fishing and now they have less money to spend on fishing poles. Maybe they like golfing, but now the membership fee is more than what they can afford. Unlike the Federal Reserve, liberal citizens can’t just manufacture money and take on unsustainable debt. So, they are stuck, reality keeps slapping them around and they aren’t quite sure how to handle it.

This is not an intellectual condition that only affects Democrats. It infects most people, as far as I can tell. Truth, facts, something being right: these things aren’t important to people anymore. What is important is how people feel about what they believe (and maybe MORE importantly, how they feel other people feel about what they believe). Truth be damned.

The Atlantic

This is why there are still Republicans that support Eric Cantor. See, years ago, Eric Cantor was seen as this suave, smooth young conservative. A real up and comer. No one really knew anything about his political philosophy, but he said all kinds of good sounding things; and once a person believes something about someone, well, it’s damn near impossible to convince them otherwise. Why? Because then that person has to admit that they’d been fooled, that they were wrong. Feeling like a fool or feeling wrong doesn’t feel good. What feels better is to think to yourself that the people who are saying these things (factual and actual as they are, mind you) are just mean people with an agenda of their own. That feels better. We’ll all just go with that.

And these people won’t vote to throw Eric Cantor out of office, even though Eric Cantor is one of the worst things about the House of Representatives. To do that, they would have to have the humility and honor to admit that they were wrong about him, as uncomfortable as that might be.

But a lot of people aren’t humble and they aren’t honest, and they don’t care about the truth or about what is right and wrong. They just want to feel good about themselves and about their beliefs. They will get pretty irate at you when you interfere with their peaceful non-reality. As I’m sure, for most of you reading this, you are already comfortably aware. I just wanted to take the time to explain why they are the way they are, in case you didn’t already know it.



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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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