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The Politics of Compassion

From Communism, to Socialism, to American and European Liberalism, the adherents and practitioners of these ideologies are excused the depth and breadth of the suffering they cause, because they are thought to be motivated by compassion. The politics of compassion are grotesque. Responsible representatives cannot balance our budget because they might have to cut funding for the department of education, which would mean that they do not care about children. Or they might have to cut funding from the EPA, which means that they don’t care about the environment. Or they might have to cut funding for Medicare, which means they don’t care whether Man lives or dies. Or they might have to cut funding for Food Stamps, which means that they don’t care whether or not people starve to death.

Rational, responsible people cannot do anything at all, without risking destruction at the hands of the compassion peddlers and the tyrants of good intentions. The narrative for every department is predicated upon this strange string of reasonings. If you support the 2nd Amendment, then you don’t care about the victims of gun violence. If you support the right to life of every living human, born or unborn, you are thought to hate women. If you oppose Welfare, you are thought not to care about the poor, you are thought to be racist, and you are thought to be a selfish, anti-social scoundrel more concerned with your own wealth than with the suffering of others.

How is it possible that such strange, weak, irrational, and catastrophic reasoning survives in a modern civilization? This politicization of compassion is so easy to defeat, so simple to argue against, and yet here it is and there it stands, a monolithic foundation of American Governance. The tragedy is, that responsible and reasonable people have become afraid to be responsible and reasonable, because they do not wish to be thought uncaring. In fact, I think that they have been convinced that they actually are selfish, even though their conscience cannot discover a reason for guilt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, compassion is not a justification for action. Compassion is merely a motivation TO ACT. The action itself must be the result of intelligent human thought.

When intelligent people call for cutting education spending, they aren’t talking about cutting teachers or books or computers; they are talking about cutting administration and administrative costs. Most of the money we pour into education NEVER MAKES IT TO A CLASSROOM!

When intelligent people call for cutting Welfare, or Food Stamps, or subsidized housing, it isn’t because they don’t care about the people dependent on these programs; it’s because they DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO FOREVER BE DEPENDENT ON THESE PROGRAMS! They want these people to work and be independent. Independence is a virtue of free men. Cattle are dependent. Crops are dependent. Human Beings desire to be free and independent. You aren’t helping people by making it possible for them to exist in permanent poverty. That’s cruel! It’s insulting. It’s offensive.

I would be humiliated if someone told me that the only way I could survive was to survive as a parasite; and if I ever believed that, what sort of self-esteem would I have? What sort of value would I place on other human beings? Would I be able to believe in the virtues of honor, or respect, or honesty? Could I value the liberty and independence of others? Could I value the property of others? Could I even value their lives?

The Politics of Compassion are a truly dark and inhumane thing, best met with disgust, offense, and pity. How broken and empty must one be to believe that simply by caring, they are doing good? So disconnected are the communists, socialists, and liberals; so obsessed with their own bizarre feelings are they, that they justify oceans of human suffering and misery, poverty and death, to satisfy their own sense of self-importance. They do not need to see results from their programs. Their programs do not exist to create results. They exist to empower them, to make them feel better.

I detest murderers and rapists and thieves and Boko Haram; but I pity communists, socialists, and liberals. I pity people who have no sense of self-worth or independence or sense of liberty. They are like cattle, driven by a herd instinct manufactured in Washington DC and Hollywood, and in the inner sanctums of a high schools’ girls lavatory.

Caring isn’t intelligent action. #ICARE!

Caring… that is, compassion, is intended to push us toward intelligent action. If your children are having trouble in school or hanging around a bad crowd, you do not subsidize their behavior. You work furiously to try to get them on the right track, because you care. Compassion results in charity, in tough love, in the creation of foundations and community groups, Big Brother/Big Sister, missionaries and bake sales at the local church. It doesn’t result in command and control economics. It doesn’t result in the bankrupting of an entire nation, or civilization.

No amount of compassion can excuse incompetence or authoritarianism. Period. End of discussion.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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